甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 (Rama Shinta Hotel Candidasa)

Jalan Raya Candidasa, Dusun Samuh, Bugbug, 坎迪達薩, 峇里島, 印尼 (在地圖上標示位置)


甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 客房 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 游泳池 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 客房 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 衛浴間 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 衛浴間 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 餐廳 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 餐廳 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 接待處 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 餐廳 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 庭院 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 周邊環境 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 周邊環境 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 周邊環境 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 周邊環境 甘地達薩拉瑪辛塔飯店 峇里島 - 周邊環境
所在區域: 坎迪達薩 客房數: 15







所有住宿評鑑 (116)
Cheng H. 1~2人自助行 Taiwan, 2013年1月28日
離海邊很近 可惜小地方不乾淨

便宜 離海邊近
從小門出去走不到五分鐘就到海邊 不過沒辦法游泳 可以請服務生幫你訂隔天的浮淺 隔天會有人在門外直接帶你包船 不過注意標準配備沒有救生衣 要另外租 缺點在於 枕頭發霉 跟旅館反映 卻推說這是正常現象 可是明明很明顯就發霉了 也不願意換 還有床單也不乾淨 有血跡也不更換新的 其實沒很推薦 住的人也不多 兩晚只有我們一組客人
Hotel Feature Tip: 不推薦這間 如果可以選擇 下次不會再選擇這間
Hewe L. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 China, 2012年1月29日

旅行須知: 酒店后面有海不过不能游泳,坐穿到岛上可以潜水还可以,就是离库塔乌布很远要二个小时,不过老板人很好是个老外,此外泳池也很小早餐就是套餐炒饭或者炒面
Sun J. 3人以上團體旅遊 China, 2012年1月26日

总体是不错的。 优点:建筑很古色古香,泳池看着很漂亮(还没时间使用),露天的浴室,最后一天早上6点check-out赶飞机的时候,值夜班的人还帮我们泡了茶准备了面包黄油当作早餐,这个很贴心。服务的人都蛮nice的~ 缺点:如果晚上10点多回来开空调的话,夜里会有蚊子。我和另一个朋友有两天没睡好。 最后一天晚上发现床头墙壁上有一排小小的虫子,后来值夜班的帅哥帮我们喷了驱虫药水。 第一天晚上check-in的时候就和前台说我们最后一天晚上要取消怎么办,他们说帮我们去和agoda沟通,结果第2天晚上换了个人值班说不知道,后来和主管(?)沟通了下,也让我们自己和agoda沟通。于是没有办法退掉最后一晚的住宿,只好住了下来。
Juliane T. 情侶/ 夫婦 Germany, 2015年3月7日
Hotel ok - too expensive for low season

Very nice hotel crew, the little garden with pool
For low season the prices (around 36 euro/night with breakfast) are far too high, because Candidasa is like a cementery in march! Free shuttle service to a (white sanded) beach (6km away) would have been nice. The room was clean. Food was only ok-ish, too much garlic everywhere - just my opinion. But: There are enough Bars on the street. Went to Vincent's many times! Very nice staff though. Big Minus: Laundry service was a joke. Shirts must have been in water for 2 seconds. Beside the unpleasant soap/perfume smell the sweat was still strong. They definetely need a washing maschine!!!
Sola K. 1~2人自助行 South Korea, 2014年12月4日
good location

atmosphere, clean room, reasonable price
this hotel is located in central of candidasa. you can go any famous restaurants within walking distance. there are vincents or joglo or the others near the hotel. If you like parties, you can choose another area. candidasa is really calm and quiet. the people who you can meet on the street and restaurants are so polite and kind.
Matthias K. 情侶/ 夫婦 Germany, 2014年11月3日
relaxing hotel in calm area

hotel garden, friendly staff, clean rooms
When we arrived we were shown all available rooms and we could chose the one we liked best. We took the room above the reception which was only recently refurbished and had a completely new bathroom. Everything was very clean. The room is decorated in an appealing composition of Indosian and western elements with safe, fridge and AC. The bed also features moscito nets. The garden of the hotel is very beautiful and is carefully maintained with a lot of colorful flowers. Service was generally very good and friendly. However, we had to leave early on the last day and asked for an early breakfast. For some reason this information was not passed on to the restaurant which was quite suprised by our early appearance. The restaurant was able to deal with our unexpected request anyhow and provided the breakfast without any trouble. Candi dasa is a very calm little village on the coast. It does not have a lot of sand beach, so take a ride to blue lagoon for example into consideration if you want to go the beach. The surrounding of the hotel looks authentic and a short walk to the hill brings you into an authentic village. However, the people there seem to be relatively poor which is no problem, just dont be surprised. Overall a stay in this hotel can be reommended but dont expect exciting action in Candi dasa.
Lori M. 1~2人自助行 United States of America, 2014年9月28日
Great location

the location, the staff and the pool
Olle B. 情侶/ 夫婦 Sweden, 2014年8月19日
Small small village, be sure to do some activities

Beautiful, calm and close to boat trips
We had a good stay here, the place is like a small oasis with flowers and green everywhere. The pool is very beauiful and just outside the hotel premises is the famous pond which you ofcourse should take a walk around. Candidsa is a small place with not so many things to do if I should be honest. So be prepared to just stay in the hotel area and read a book and relax or go and do some activites. We went out with the local boatsmen (100 meter down from the hotel they stay at the beach) and did some snorkeling and then went to white sand beach. Its a half day jaunt and much recommended.
Maria H. 情侶/ 夫婦 New Zealand, 2014年7月26日
Rama Shinta

The staff friendliness and willing to please. Comfortable bed. Good fresh food.
We enjoyed our stay very much. Candidasa is an easy going village with some great restaurants. You don't get the hawkers and hasselers like the bigger places. You do get asked by taxi drivers and the occasional sunglasses seller. They are all very polite and take no for an answer. They are only trying to make a living after all. Make sure you check out the fishing and snorkeling guides at the beach - if you don't spot them, they will definitely spot you! Jon, Slippy, Alex, Made and the team will make you a good deal after a bit of negotiating. The pool and the gardens are beautifully maintained. The staff were an absolute delight. Something that did trouble us was the abruptness of the man who owns the Hotel. He was most unfriendly and we witnessed him being rather mean to the staff in the restaurant. We were there for a week and never once did he even say hello. Just the small things sometimes make a huge difference.
Jon K. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2014年2月2日
Good value. Super clean. Comfortable bed.

Comfortable bed. Clean room and linens. As reported some smell initially in bath from shower drain but went away after running water. Brkfst adequate. One meal very good - one so-so. Staff good
Overall all nice place. Room not too small and in center of town.



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