藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 (The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites)

Batiancilla St, Talisay, Santa Fe,, 班塔延島, 宿霧市, 菲律賓 (在地圖上標示位置)


原名 : Bamboo Oriental Beach Villas and Suites
藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 咖啡店 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 接待處 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 外觀/外部設施 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 陽台 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施
藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 衛浴間 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 陽台 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 外觀/外部設施 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 大廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 大廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 接待處 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘 藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 娛樂設施
所在區域: 班塔延島 客房數: 6







所有住宿評鑑 (84)
Jerry C. 1~2人自助行 Taiwan, 2014年8月24日

Pang J. 1~2人自助行 China, 2013年7月23日

Mary L. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Philippines, 2014年11月27日
It was the most relaxing place with warm staffs

I called the hotel an hour before our arrival, They had free rides to and from Bantayan port. the staffs were very accomodating to our needs. The hotel was cozy and the food was great, sulit!;)
Giovanni G. 情侶/ 夫婦 Philippines, 2014年11月22日
perfect idea for relaxation!

ambiance service food
Upon checking in, the hotel staffs was accomodating, the room where we have stayed was unique and relaxing. And the food, it was scrumptious! Our over all stay was relaxing. The hotel is perfect for couples.
Jolene H. 情侶/ 夫婦 Singapore, 2014年11月17日
Fantastic view of the sea

Beachfront location, all rooms have a great sea view from the balcony, lots of privacy as all rooms are in their own separate elevated huts
Nice location, perfect for catching the sunrise, awesome dining right by the sea. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Very quiet though so go there to chill and relax, not have a beach party.
Marc B. 情侶/ 夫婦 Germany, 2014年11月2日
Great place to relax

Lovely Staff, fantastic location, nice rooms
Has been a great place to get out of stress. Beautiful place located exactly on the beach. Even the staff is not really well organized they are very lovely and try their best to make you feeling comfortable and happy. The location is great and the rooms are spacious, clean and equipped with everything needed. I absolutely can recommend this place as a quite getaway.
Sunshine E. 情侶/ 夫婦 Philippines, 2014年10月26日
Best for couples

Very big villa, accommodating staff
It was okay, though i find the A/C not enough for the size of the villa.
Izzet N. 情侶/ 夫婦 Malaysia, 2014年9月5日
Overall was great

Clean, strategic location & nice people
Overall was great about the hotel and the people incharge and reasonable except for the snorkling package...I dont blame Blue Coral but the people who incharge at the Virgin Island.....left the two alone, no body guide us, we have to crawl by ourself to get to the little hut to snorkel and the worst part was we got struck by jellyfish....very bad day for us...went back straight to hotel
Constancio J. 情侶/ 夫婦 Philippines, 2014年8月14日
Quiet, Good and relaxing beach front view

Native design, Clean toilet and bathroom, & balcony is facing the sea.
Stayed only for 1 night but everything is just ok to relax and enjoy being away from the city.
Fred W. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 United States of America, 2014年7月23日
Absolutely Wonderful Stay at Coral Blue

Friendly Staff, Quality of Accommodation, Value
Absolutely loved our experience at Coral Blue. The staff is extremely helpful and nice, and bent over backward to assist us during our stay. This is a little tucked away gem which is perfect to bring small families looking to escape for a few days of relaxation. We stayed in the family suite, which takes up the whole upstairs of the facility. This was a perfect location if you want to have a good balance of privacy, great accommodations, and cottage feel. Close walking access to a store, some nice restaurants, and banking. Bantayan is a little less known for a big night life and craziness of some of the other beach destinations in Philippines, so if you are looking for non-stop music all night, this probably isn't the place for you. On the other hand, if you want to relax in a very quaint spot, spend some down time with the family, and get away out of the beaten path, this is the place for you... with a beuatiful morning view and plenty of beach to walk immediately outside of your Coral Blue room...and a beautiful view! Coral Blue; great price, great staff, air conditioning, good food, hot water, private beach location, what more could you ask for...? I will be back.



藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 咖啡店藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 接待處藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 外觀/外部設施藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 陽台藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 客房藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 內部裝潢/設施藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 衛浴間藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 陽台藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 外觀/外部設施藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 大廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 大廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 接待處藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 餐廳藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 沙灘藍珊瑚東方別墅及套房 宿霧市 - 娛樂設施