雲霓海灘度假村 (Yooneek Beach Resort)

Santa Fe, Poblacion, 班塔延島, 宿霧, 菲律賓 (在地圖上標示位置)


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雲霓海灘度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 雲霓海灘度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 雲霓海灘度假村 宿霧 - 內部裝潢/設施 雲霓海灘度假村 宿霧 - 沙灘 雲霓海灘度假村 宿霧 - 餐廳
所在區域: 班塔延島 客房數: 7


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所有住宿評鑑 (28)
Philip D. 1~2人自助行 Philippines, 2015年5月8日

Location, staff, price
Stayed for 4d3n and it was good. Would have given a perfect score except that: 1. Bathroom is flooded. I stayed in Vista Del Mar room. 2. Water pressure is really, reallybl weak 3. Position of TV makes it hard to watch when lying down in the bed
Justine V. 1~2人自助行 Philippines, 2015年3月17日
Great place for solo travelers

Service, location, vibe
I loves my stay at Yooneek. The service was exceptional - the staff was helpful, attentive and friendly. The location is great - it's right at the beach and walking distance from most restaurants downtown. The rooms were basic but clean and the view from the room was great. Would recommend this resort for everyone looking for a quiet resort with a laid back vibe.
Andrew U. 1~2人自助行 United Kingdom, 2015年2月27日
Awesome location, staff and vibe.

The sunset, atmosphere and Joie de Vivre of the place.
Room was basic with noisy aircon but perfectly adequate, clean and with hot shower. Food, drinks and beach along with atmosphere of venue made it difficult to leave. A great resort.
Melissa M. 情侶/ 夫婦 Philippines, 2015年2月11日
convenient location

what we like most about the hotel is the location.it is walking distance to almost anywhere you's want to go
our stay was very good.my partner and i felt peaceful and relaxed during our 4 day stay~wished we had more time to extend for few more days~.the beach was superb~water and condition. yooneek offers very affordable rate for island hopping compare to other resorts~the owner is very nice..definitely gonna come back someday~^^ thanks yooneek!
David M. 情侶/ 夫婦 Australia, 2014年6月20日

Staff, Location, Value
Fantastic, suited our needs.
Tadahiro Y. 情侶/ 夫婦 Japan, 2013年9月20日
good beach front affordable resort

kind staff, good location
this is the second time to stay in this resort. i stayed in vip room on 3rd floor roof top. it is very big room has one bed room and one living dining kitchen room. i found this room is for family, too big for couple. there is aircon only in bedroom, so living room area is hot even though they have electric fan. you cannot cook at kitchen, you can only boil water. nice view from balcony.
John W. 1~2人自助行 New Zealand, 2013年9月19日
A bit of a shambles

Clean room, location close to the beach, quite a good breakfast included
Yooneek is right on the beach. The staff were friendly but inefficient. The room was not cleaned daily unless requested. Meals took quite a while to arrive. Cold showers, no hot water. There was a refridgerator in the room but drinking water was not provided. The garden is a shambles with tacky ornaments and bits of lawn in strange shapes. The dining/bar area is messy and is in dire need of renovation. On arrival I was shown to the wrong room, unpacked my case then was asked to move. I was charged for the breakfast on the first two days and was then given a refund. This could be a great hotel but it gives the appearance of being run down even though there is some renovation or rebuilding work going on in one or two rooms. The resident motor cycle taxi is very good value and will give a half day tour of the whole island for 700PHP.
Greg B. 有幼兒同行之家庭旅遊 Canada, 2013年7月14日
Relaxing and fabulous beach

1) Next to the beach 2) Excellent location and close to Santa Fe 3) Simple clean rooms
Our stay at Yooneek was very nice. We stayed at this hotel for 9 days. The sandbags and the blue plastic barrels, however, in front of the resort make the place look cheap. I don't like it. The barrels and sandbags are necessary because the tide can sometimes be very high. If you like to be next to the beach and close to Sante Fe this is the place to be. Sante Fe is a very nice community. The people are super friendly. There is also a school behind the resort. You'll be surrounded by Filipinos. The staff at Yooneek was very nice and they can speak English very well especially Mark and Amy. They were very nice to our 8 year old boy. I was sick one day and they went to the drug store for me and got me some aspirin. The old lady, the owner's mother, gave me some tiger balm. Very nice people. There was one problem though. If you plan a trip to Virgin Island, make sure Raymie makes a list of all the food items and tells you the total cost. The total cost can be very confusing and costly. Raymie, however, was a very good cook.
Sergeant Y. 情侶/ 夫婦 South Korea, 2013年6月9日
very good resort

beach front / bar / few people island
Jeffrey W. 情侶/ 夫婦 United States of America, 2013年5月22日
Best Beach Bar

Bar, Beach, Comfortable



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