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جيد جدًا 7.5
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أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل


أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل

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جيد جدًا
  • النظافة 8.4
  • الموقع 7.3
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 7.5
  • الخدمة 8.0
  • القيمة مقابل المال 7.6
  • الطعام 6.4
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من واقع 3 تقييمات
  • النظافة 9.2
  • المرافق 8.3
  • الموقع 7.5
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 8.3
  • الخدمة 7.5
  • القيمة مقابل المال 6.7
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Le من جنوب أفريقيا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في نوفمبر, 2014
over priced
bed. whirlpool. quiet
Our stay was ok. The whirlpool could fit 2 people of ave size but lying was a bit uncomfortable. I did feel that it was way over priced for what we got and that is why I wont go back there again.
تاريخ التقييم 04 نوفمبر 2014
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Siu من هونج كونج
مسافر بغرض العمل
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في أكتوبر, 2013
Is a love hotel. Not suitable for family
Clean, Tidy & Budget Hotel
Is a love hotel. Not suitable for family to stay. No breakfast provided in this hotel. Only Korean TV provided. Actually the hotel is clean & tidy. Easy to find restaurants around the hotel.
تاريخ التقييم 29 أكتوبر 2013
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YONG من ماليزيا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في سبتمبر, 2012
Good Hotel service with smile
Jacuzzi with spacious room
The room is consider spacious with facilities, computer, wifi, hair dryer, coffee maker all are together with the room. Not to mention the Jacuzzi.. Clean neat and tidy. The location is quite far from the railway station about 15 - 20 minutes walking distance. Convenience store are just in front. Restaurant are almost anywhere and easy to locate. Reception are helpful and resourceful too. Coffee machine are at the lobby for your convenience even though their lobby are small though.
تاريخ التقييم 03 أكتوبر 2012
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Jieun من كندا
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في أغسطس, 2012
A Decent Stay
convenient location, prompt service from the front desk
The bed is a bit too firm, but I have noticed that this is the case for most of the hotels (or glorified motels) in Seoul. The room is OK overall, but there was this oversized jacuzzi right in the middle of the room which makes the large room seem much smaller than it actually is. For those people who like to use oversized bath tubs in hotels or motels, it would have been a nice feature, but I never use them so it added no value to my stay personally. Cell phone chargers didn't work in the room, but the staff brought one that works very promptly. Also, the internet didn't work on the computer and they sent someone up to the room to fix it asap. So on to the housekeeping...on the second day of the stay, we went out for a couple of hours from 5-7pm and when we came back the front desk staff informed us that the room was not ready yet. We went and got some coffee and snacks and came back in an hour and when we went up to the room, the door was wide open and the room was nowhere near ready. There was no housekeeping staff in the room. So it was basically unattended with the door wide open for who knows how long. Since we were staying for 2 nights, we had left most of our belongings in the room to go out for a few hours. Shocked at the scene, I immediately called the front desk and they said the room was not ready and if we were going out for a few hours they will tell the housekeeping staff to make the room. Well, but we were just out for 3 hours! Not to mention the fact that our stuff could have been stolen as they decided it was ok to open and leave the room door open! Few minutes later, the housekeeping staff just walked right into the room and seemed very confused to see me in the room but I told them to clean the room and that we will be back in an hour or so. At the end of the day, nothing was stolen and the overall stay was pretty decent but watch out for the way they do housekeeping if you are staying for multiple nights.
تاريخ التقييم 01 سبتمبر 2012
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David من ماوريتوس
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 5 ليلة/ليالٍ في أغسطس, 2012
Nice Hotel
Love the bathroom with jacuzzi
I stayed 5 nights in this hotel and it is closed to the subway station about 5min walk. The room is big and clean, love the bathroom with Jacuzzi. There are many nice restaurants with good foods and not expensive compare in the others places. The only issue that i didn t like that the room was a bit too dark,not enough lights and the corridor as well. Overall, the hotel is good and reasonable price.
تاريخ التقييم 30 أغسطس 2012
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Qing من سنغافورة
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يوليه, 2012
Great hotel with friendly stuff
Great location
Staff are friendly and location are great. Just an over night stay for transit.
تاريخ التقييم 16 يوليه 2012
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Guan من ماليزيا
مسافر بغرض العمل
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في يونيو, 2012
Good location, small room, noisy air-conditioning
Comfortable bed
the hotel is in a great location. lots of shops around the hotel. airport bus station is a 5 minute walk away. subway station is 10 minutes away. although many shops people cannot speak english. i was lucky that some of the shop had chinese workers so i could order food by speaking in mandarin. the hotel is not actually a hotel, it is a love motel. you can see lots of couples coming here for their "business". walking to your room you can hear a lot of "sound effects". they also use those cheap airconds and they are freaking noisy.
تاريخ التقييم 03 يوليه 2012
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Bert من بلجيكا
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في يونيو, 2012
Clean and modern hotel (love hotel in adult area)
Clean. Modern. Cheap.
pro: clean and modern room, equipped with a large flatscreen tv, 2 desktop pc's (korean windows xp), free high-speed wifi, jacuzzi and separate shower, free mini-bar, located nearby 24/7 shops and restaurants, friendly (korean speaking) staff. con: lack of daylight in the deluxe room (1 tiny window facing a wall), typical love hotel in a love hotel area, located nearby several roomsalons/gentlemen's clubs, missing some essential hotel amenities, no safety deposit box available, no wardrobe in the room, small and dark lobby.
تاريخ التقييم 30 يونيو 2012
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Robert من الولايات المتحدة
عائلة من أطفال صغار
مدة الإقامة 4 ليلة/ليالٍ في يونيو, 2012
Fantastic room if you don't mind a love hotel
Great location and Jacuzzi Tub
my wife and i stayed in a deluxe double with our almost 2 year old son. the bed was large enough for the two of us and we had our son sleep on the sofa which we pushed right next to the foot of the bed for our baby. the flat screen tv was great as was the jacuzzi tub which we used as a family several times. the complimentary drinks were a nice bonus. make sure you ask to have the room cleaned if you stay more than one night. normally they clean the room after people stay for the 4 hour rental and they forgot to clean our room since we didn't check out after the first day.
تاريخ التقييم 25 يونيو 2012
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Marcus من النرويج
مدة الإقامة 5 ليلة/ليالٍ في مايو, 2012
Good hotel in a nice area
Stay for nearly a week in Hotel A Seven. It is actually not a hotel, but a motel (different from the US term). Mostly couples come here for a private night, but it still functions well as a hotel. There is not really much service to speak of, however it somehow works if you are only after a place to sleep. Some staff speak a few words of English, but mostly do not. All in all a good stay in a fantastic city. Make sure to try one of the BBQ restaurants one block up the road, fantastic. One last point is the limited amount of day light comming into the rooms due to the private nature of the hotel.
تاريخ التقييم 31 مايو 2012
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