Colline Di Firenze Suite
عرض 24 صورة/صور
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عرض 24 صورة/صور
عرض 24 صورة/صور
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عرض 24 صورة/صور
عرض 24 صورة/صور
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عرض 24 صورة/صور
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  • البيت/الشقة بالكامل
  • 6 النزلاء
  • العدد - 2 غرفة نوم
  • 120 متر مربع/1292 قدم مربع
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إظهار المزيد إظهار أقل
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jati من أندونيسيا
مدة الإقامة 4 ليلة/ليالٍ في أبريل, 2017
stellar. just amazing”
if i could give this place 7 stars i would. it is a very classic barn-converted-into-farmhouse sort of thing, big wooden beams and massive parlor with a stone courtyard and majestic views down the hill where you can really feel like being in an italian fashion film or something. romantic, and incredibly beautiful. this unit has two bedrooms, one with a loft in it, one just massive with a very spacious bathroom where I would just soak, with the window open and read a book while listening to the breeze and the birds. the pool was closed as it was just starting of spring and a little too cold to soak anyway, but i found it in one of my walks around the farm, and cant wait to give it a try next time. I thought getting to the city would have been a little difficult since it is a little way out, but actually for people who likes walking in the italian countryside, you could get to the train station in about 15 -20 minutes, and reach center of florence in 12 minutes. otherwise, Andrea, a very generous host, would always be there to pick you up and take you down to the station. which was excellent, because we had an accident with our rental car and everything here in this place just about save the entire trip for us. he is an exceptional piano player and a recording classical artist, and listening to his sessions in the afternoon was one of the highlights of our days there. we had the chance to see his studio and words escape me on how it felt there. just beautiful. no food services, yet there is a very capable kitchen there with all you need to make anything you want. from grilling to stir frying whatever we bought from the co-op, it was more than we ever needed. we definitely will be a repeat customer. maybe we will try the smaller apartment next time just for the two of us, it was integrated to an etruscan wall that was there before everything else, and i still remember my chat with Andrea about the italian people and its culture and history, and couldn't wait to do
تاريخ التقييم 24 يوليو 2017
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