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أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل


أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل

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أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل

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  • النظافة 6.2
  • الموقع 6.9
  • الراحة / المستوى 6.7
  • الخدمة 4.9
  • القيمة مقابل المال 6.7
  • الطعام / العشاء 5.6
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  • النظافة 5.0
  • المرافق 4.2
  • الموقع 4.2
  • الراحة / المستوى 5.0
  • الخدمة 4.2
  • القيمة مقابل المال 4.2
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الفرز عبر


THONG من سنغافورة
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يوليه, 2015
Guilin Overseas Chinese Mansion
hotel location not that good, the towel is dirty and got stain
تاريخ التقييم 15 يوليه 2015


Michael من استراليا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في سبتمبر, 2014
Good Place to stay - close to the train station
Location, staff and the scenery around Guilin
Close to the station and restaurants Staff spoke reasonable English Hotel was value for money Room was large and clean
تاريخ التقييم 30 سبتمبر 2014


Gary من نيوزلندا
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في مايو, 2012
Great Hotel
Clean tidy and roomy
The stay was great the room was above average, internet access via cable but was good. Shower was good etc it leaked into bath room and there was no dry area to get dressed.For a large hotel it does not supply towels so having your own is a must. Overall a great stay.
تاريخ التقييم 12 مايو 2012


Fong من ماليزيا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في أغسطس, 2011
Nice Decorated Hotel
Nice sink for wash hand
Decoration look so nice but seem facility do not have good care about, especially the bath area leaking, aircond sometime cool sometime not cool, very near train station and bus station, but not so convenient to go to city center if not familier with the transport area, train noise when train passby
تاريخ التقييم 02 سبتمبر 2011


Leon من الولايات المتحدة
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 5 ليلة/ليالٍ في مايو, 2011
This location could not be better for me!
Quiet, easy access to shops and sights.
the room was comfortable and fairly good size. the bathroom needed a higher watage light! the shower was glassed in and it did leak around the base both in the bathroom and onto the carpet in the room. the air conditioning worked great and the maid service was very obliging. the room did need to be detailed. but all in all with the price of the room i was very happy with it! i found a very good restaurant right next store with reasonable prices and is well worth trying! some of the desk clerks speak good english but others do not!
تاريخ التقييم 07 يونيو 2011


Annie من سنغافورة
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في يناير, 2011
Great location & service with a smile...nice deco
Nicely decorated rooms with modern fittings
being able to speak mandarin, i found that the reception and room service's staff were great. they were able to assist in their personal way. furthermore, they accommodated our needs during our short stay. thumbs up for that!! great job! overall, i should comment that it was a very nice & cosy hotel though our room view wasn't great.
تاريخ التقييم 11 فبراير 2011


CHINNY من ماليزيا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في أكتوبر, 2010
too far from city area
hotel must changing the servicesmust provuded breakfast to all customer and shold have one good dining places for customer having breakfast & dinner
actually hotel is not very convieniance
once we arrived to check in the room they have some problems with the tv , hotel staff is quite good . hotel area is really not convenience and need to taking a taxi out to shopping area. taxi charging is with meter with rmb7.
تاريخ التقييم 23 أكتوبر 2010


Jan من هولندا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يونيو, 2010
No value for money
Bus stop in front of the hotel (bus 11 to city centre)
Very bad service, staff was not friendly at all. Room smelled of sigarette smoke
first of all there is no service, the guy who was supposed to bring our bags to the room was asleep in his chair so we had to find out ourself where our room was. rooms are ok but i am sure you can find something much better closer to the city centre. automatic lock of our door was broken so we heard all kind of funny noises the whole night.
تاريخ التقييم 25 يونيو 2010


Emanuel من الولايات المتحدة
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في يونيو, 2010
a great stay in guilin
Clean, great value, convenient location. Beautifully decorated rooms. Very conscientious maids. Given late check out until 2 PM. Left jacket in our room- hotel is going to mail it to us.
Rather slow in checking in albeit we were the only ones at the moment registering. Carpets on the elevator should be replaced.
We were highly satisfied with our two day stay at the Overseas Chinese Mansion Hotel. We arrived at 7:30 AM and our room was ready. The room was beautifully decorated, excellent shower and bathroom amenities were provided. The hotel was immaculate and well situated near the train station. We would definitely stay there again when visiting Guilin.
تاريخ التقييم 21 يونيو 2010


ENG من ماليزيا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في مايو, 2010
A short 1-nite stay experience
Nice staff
Mixed with other commercial office floor units, and sharing lifts as well, which were slow.
I called few times from overseas to arrange transport directly with the hotel manager, Mr. Zhou, which was very fast and helpful. The check-in counter staff was equally helpful. The standard single-bed room is large. However, the mixed use of lift with other commercial floor units could not serve well as security purpose, and slow down the access to/fro room. Separate lift should be arranged for other purposes.
تاريخ التقييم 31 مايو 2010


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