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  • الخدمة 10.0
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Ryoko من اليابان
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يوليه, 2015
Best value in Thamel! Stay here!
Fast wifi, Strong hot shower, clean room..... Pretty much everything!
We were not so sure how it's gonna be after the earthquake, but Thamel area is totally back to normal just without tourists. Our Stay in Hotel Norling has been awesome! Airport pick up was smooth and we were welcomed by staffs. Our room is very clean and the shower here are the best during our 3 months stay in India/Nepal. Nepal has electricity cut out but hotel seems to have their own generator so we had electricity and very strong wifi fro 24 hours. Clean linen, big fan, it was spot on for what we needed to relax from India trip and catch up with some work. We were actually able to work online unlike other part of Nepal and India. Only thing is that since we stay long, it will be great if hotel offers water refill with some cost, since we had to buy all plastic bottles to get drinking water from shops outside. Thank you so much for all staffs and especially manager Mr. Raji! I highly recommend to stay at this hotel.
تاريخ التقييم 25 يوليه 2015


Maria من شيلي
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في مايو, 2014
Very bad served
Quiet area, good location, good price
Bad staff. First they gave us a room without a/c, knowing that we have payed for one with. Then, each time that we wanted to use the computer located in the reception, they put us a problem: that nobody knew the password, that it was no working, etc. Lies. Very unpolite and disgusting people.
تاريخ التقييم 11 مايو 2014


Alexandre من كاليدونيا الجديدة
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في نوفمبر, 2013
Lonely travelling to discover Nepal
Awesome rooftop garden and terrace
Service was OK, but after extending my stay for one more night, they wanted to charge double price, so I left quite disappointed and paid finally for one night (at a higher rate !!!). Apart from that, the Norling team was acceptable (in fact 3 employee out of 4 were really nice). My room was very noisy, beware of that...
تاريخ التقييم 08 نوفمبر 2013


joanne من نيوزلندا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يوليه, 2012
Nice staff, clean room, top floor good
Location, safe place, restaurant on site
Amenable staff stored our gear and were very helpful. We took top rooms quiet and clean enough for thamel
تاريخ التقييم 05 يوليه 2013


Valerie من المملكة المتحدة
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يونيو, 2013
Helpful and attentive staff make the stay
Situation, food and helpful staff
It was fine for one night. Bathroom needed to be upgraded. Electricity cuts were a nuisance but not the fault of the hotel.
تاريخ التقييم 09 يونيو 2013


wai من سنغافورة
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في مارس, 2013
good place for a stopover.
central location, airport pickup service,
it is located right beside the main road in thamel where all the restaurants and shopping are. for the price dont expect much. it is a good place to stay if you just want to stop over for a night.
تاريخ التقييم 30 مارس 2013


Madeleine من السويد
سوبر ديلوكس
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في نوفمبر, 2012
Clean, airy hotel downtown
Clean with nice and helpful staff
This is a fairly airy hotel just off the main street. Nice staff. However some of the rooms are a bit on the small side so check a few before deciding.
تاريخ التقييم 26 يناير 2013


idit من إسرائيل
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في سبتمبر, 2012
nice hotel in the thamel area
location, service
Very nice hotel in jyata st., 5 minutes walk from the thamel. Great location outside of thenoise... Great helpful staff, free room service from the hotel's restaurant.
تاريخ التقييم 04 أكتوبر 2012


Andrew من نيوزلندا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في سبتمبر, 2012
Nice place
wifi, comfortable bed, quiet area of Thamel.
Clean and comfortable rooms, friendly staff, good food and good location. The hotel is located near a quieter area of Thamel with little street noise.
تاريخ التقييم 29 سبتمبر 2012


PO-JEN من تايوان
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في أبريل, 2012
Great location
Friendly service
the location of this hotel is really good. from here it is so convinient to go to some important old buddhist sites and hindu temples, such as "bagawan baha"(3mins walking), where you can see a sanskrit sutra written in gold, "kathe shimbu" stupa(7mins), "janabaha" (10mins walking), where you can see the white avalokitesvara, and the world-class heritage site "hanuman dokha" (15mins), where you can see mahakala statue and so forth. the service in this hotel is friendly. wifi is working well 24 hrs a day in the room for free. people here are willing to help and try their best to provide with infomation you need. food is just ok, but the tap water is a bit dirty although it is pretty hot, which can be a concern about health issue, maybe that's why they offer chargable hot bath on the rooftop. you can easily find nice restaurants and cafe nearby. it is a place you feel safe and comfortable on the overall basis.
تاريخ التقييم 14 أبريل 2012


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