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أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل


أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل

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أظهر المزيد إظهار أقل

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  • النظافة 8.2
  • الموقع 7.5
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 8.4
  • الخدمة 8.1
  • القيمة مقابل المال 8.0
  • الطعام 7.3
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  • النظافة 7.6
  • المرافق 7.6
  • الموقع 7.7
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 7.5
  • الخدمة 7.9
  • القيمة مقابل المال 7.2
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  • قياسي
  • غرفة سوبريور
  • غرفة ديلوكس
  • جناح ديلوكس

الفرز عبر


ENKE من الصين
مسافر بغرض العمل
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في فبراير, 2015
nice place and good service level
service, food, location
تاريخ التقييم 01 أغسطس 2015
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KUN من الصين
غرفة سوبريور
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في فبراير, 2015
wonderful hotel
good service, comfortable environment and arrange suitable room according to my requirements.
very good
تاريخ التقييم 03 مارس 2015
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Brian من أيرلندا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 10 ليلة/ليالٍ في يوليه, 2013
comfortble and hassle free
friendly staff, good food, very relaxing
My stay at the Jianguo hotel was a very enjoyable, from the moment I checked it to when I checked out the staff could not have been more friendly or helpful. they arranged day trips for me and organised my transportation to the airport. I would have no hesitation in staying there again!
تاريخ التقييم 01 أغسطس 2013
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


Brigitte من استراليا
عائلة من أطفال كبار
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في يوليه, 2013
3 generations travel
The Lobby, friendly staff, nice pool
Our stay was pleasant but the bathroom needed a good scrub with some "Green" tile and grout cleaner (see on the Internet), the floor tiles needed to be replaced with some nonslip tiles and the drainage improved.
تاريخ التقييم 15 يوليه 2013
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


Ilkan من الولايات المتحدة
عائلة من أطفال كبار
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يونيو, 2013
Clean, comfortable
Clean room, international breakfast buffet (although expensive), Internet in room
Only issue at checkin. Requested nonsmoking room. Were told the don't have nonsmoking rooms in the hotel. Luckily we had our guide with us and after speaking with them for a longtime, we got nonsmoking rooms. In fact, the hotel has an entire nonsmoking floor.
تاريخ التقييم 14 يونيو 2013
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


Sheila من كندا
مدة الإقامة 3 ليلة/ليالٍ في نوفمبر, 2012
Nice hotel, comfortable beds, good location
comfortable beds and good location
The hotel is very nice and the rooms are spacious with soft, comfortable beds (hard to find in China). The food in the western restaurant is not too bad and prices are not bad for a hotel restaurant. There are a lot of small local restaurants nearby as well. They have a pool as well as billiards and ping pong. Unforutunately when we were there, the pool was closed for repairs and the billiards and ping pong areas were not open because of another event. Disappointing as we had chosen the hotel for these features for the kids in our group. Service was very good!
تاريخ التقييم 24 نوفمبر 2012
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


Terrence من كندا
عائلة من أطفال صغار
جناح ديلوكس
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يونيو, 2012
Not sure I call this a 4 or a 5 star
Restaurant was descent.
I would not stay here again, front desk staff barely spoke any english and it took 20 minutes to check-out. We were given a smoking room even when we asked for non-smoking. Old Decor, shower head sprayed harder toward the roof than anywhere else. Yeah, not a good hotel.
تاريخ التقييم 29 يونيو 2012
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


martha من كندا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في مارس, 2011
OK hotel
good food
the hotel was ok,
تاريخ التقييم 02 أبريل 2011
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Nicholas من الولايات المتحدة
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في ديسمبر, 2010
Helpful staff and a comfortable room
Mattress in room was much softer than other Chinese hotels, good pool, great sauna
jacuzzi/hot tub was NOT hot - it was the same temperature as the pool, not near much (but not far either))
We were satisfied with our stay at the Jianguo Hotel. We chose the hotel because of the pool, which did not disappoint. We learned after our arrival that an airport shuttle bus leaves from the hotel almost every hour. Lobby was frequently smoking, but the rest of the hotel was excellent. The front desk was very helpful and reminded me twice to speak with Agoda regarding getting a refund for something I was mistakenly charged for.
تاريخ التقييم 26 ديسمبر 2010
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟


Djundi من أندونيسيا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في أكتوبر, 2009
A bit off the city center
A good place for conference. Concierge was very helpful.
Hotel is far away from places of attraction. People are smoking everywhere, regardless there is non smoking area. Swimming pool opens only from 10 am.
Hotel is located at the east part of Xi'an city, outside the ancient city wall, on the city 2nd outer ring road to be exact, which is far away from places of attraction and shopping areas. It has a modern 80s architecture style. The rooms facing the pond are more quite than those which are facing the street. Some have private balcony. Funnily, in some rooms, there are no extra drainage on the bathroom floor, if you spilled water out of your bathtub, the only way to get rid of it is to soak it dry with the floor towel. Since it's located far There will be no place to have breakfast or dine outside the hotel in the walking distance proximity, unless you take a cab. A cab ride to Xi'an eastern wall entrance or shopping center will cost around RMB 12-15. The only way to get to the airport from the hotel is to ask the concierge to book a cab for RMB 160,- Since the price has included the toll tickets, usually the driver would drive on alternative small dusty and jammy roads in order to save the toll as much as possible. Allow more travel time to the airport in this case. Caveat: I booked and paid this hotel through Agoda and settled my bills upon check-out, but when I got home, I was surprised to get an extra charge on my credit card for an amount that I do not recognize and have never authorized. Therefore, I have filed a dispute through my credit card.
تاريخ التقييم 31 أكتوبر 2009
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