Tony & Francesca Tuscany Apartment
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Can't ask for anything more”
I stayed at Tony & Francesca's apartment when we visited Tuscany for a wedding. I booked the place about 6 months prior to the date, and dealing with Francesca was a breeze through email that early on (regarding a mistake in the reservation, how many beds to a room, etc) I usually travel alone, but this time I was staying with my friend, her husband and their children aged 3 and 4. They were to have a room for themselves while I had the other room. Initially, I was worried we wouldn't fit, but the bigger room had a king-sized bed plus an extra single, and my room had a queen, which was more than enough. There were plenty of fresh towels plus kitchen and household items. Water pressure in the shower was strong. There was even a little step in the bathroom for kids to step on so they can reach the sink/toilet (love little touches like that). The pantry had olive oil, pasta, milk, cereals, beer, even a bottle of proseco! The house is air-conditioned but when we were there in mid-July, we didn't need it as it was pretty cool at night. The living room has a couch with a tv and some dvds/games which the kids appreciated (though I think they appreciated the Wi-Fi more!). The apartment is located in a pedestrian-only area in the town center, but is right next to the car zone, so we could drop off our luggage (and the kids), and then park the car in the nearby free parking area. We were woken up everyday by the aroma of fresh pastries baking downstairs (the bakery, Pan di Zucchero di Giulia, is just a few doors down and they make great cappuccinos and even greater croissants!). The town center is less than 5 minutes away (ATMs, osterias, gelato shops). The neighborhood park is also less than 5 minutes away, and is worth checking out for the view over the Tuscan countryside alone. We were immensely pleased with the apartment, but what made the stay truly memorable was the hospitality of Francesca. She went above and beyond what was needed to make our stay pleasant. We follow
تاريخ التقييم 04 أغسطس 2016
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