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White House Guest House
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ديلوكس بسرير كينغ (Deluxe - King Bed)
  • الإطلالة: جبل
  • 25 متر مربع
  • سرير مفرد و سرير مزدوج
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غرفة عادية درجة ثانية (Second Class Standard ...
  • الإطلالة: نهر
  • 25 متر مربع
  • 3 أسرّة مفردة و سرير مزدوج
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    • District Base Hospital Dickoya
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    • Pharmacy
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    • ATM

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  • النظافة 5.8
  • المرافق 6.4
  • الموقع 8.3
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 5.5
  • الخدمة 7.0
  • القيمة مقابل المال 6.5
  • النظافة 6.7
  • المرافق 6.0
  • الموقع 8.7
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 6.4
  • الخدمة 7.8
  • القيمة مقابل المال 7.5
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  • النظافة 5.0
  • الموقع 9.0
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 5.0
  • الخدمة 5.0
  • القيمة مقابل المال 6.0
  • النظافة 6.0
  • الموقع 10.0
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 8.0
  • الخدمة 8.0
  • القيمة مقابل المال 10.0
  • النظافة 5.2
  • المرافق 2.0
  • الموقع 8.0
  • مستوى الراحة في الغرفة وجودتها 6.0
  • الخدمة 7.6
  • القيمة مقابل المال 6.8
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  • غرفة عادية درجة ثانية
  • ديلوكس بسرير كينغ

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  • مسح الكل

Zachary من سنغافورة
ديلوكس بسرير كينغ
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في يناير, 2017
No frills place, with questionable cleanliness”
Location is great if you're climbing to Adam's peak. Just walk up to the start point. Room has no air con but that is okay since it is cool in the mountains. WiFi at the lobby is hard to come by. The bathroom was quite dirty, and definitely a turn off. I also spent a few sleepless hours listening to rats scramble across the thin roof continuously. Was tough.
تاريخ التقييم 16 فبراير 2017
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
dussantha من سريلانكا
ديلوكس بسرير كينغ
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في ديسمبر, 2016
Some rooms are not good”
There was dust in and around rooms due to painting works were going on. Buffet is not worth for the price. Some rooms are too small.
تاريخ التقييم 24 ديسمبر 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Todd من الولايات المتحدة
ديلوكس بسرير كينغ
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في ديسمبر, 2016
Good place, shady people”
The stay in itself was fine. I don't need much, a bed and a shower (after Adams Peak). Wifi didn't work but other than that, the place was ok. But the reason for this review is to warn other guests. The staff here will tell you that the buses aren't running or you missed the bus, but all they are doing is lying to your face to try to get car transport business. I figured this out and called them on it and refused to pay for the car ride (well I offered to pay a fraction of it - closer to the bus fee). I saw tons of buses and talked to people who caught buses after me, so I called the guy and said he was a liar. Since he lied to me, now I was going to lie to him and not pay the 2500 rupees I had agreed to. We argued and he threatened to call the police. I surrendered because my driver didn't work for him but his own service so I didn't want him to get screwed. Long story short, they are swindlers. I hope people don't stay there because of this review. To guy: I told you I'd write this!
تاريخ التقييم 11 ديسمبر 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Candice من استراليا
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في نوفمبر, 2016
Nice Place to Stay”
This place is around 10mins walk to the shops and around 15mins walk to the start of Adam's Peak. You get some really nice views from the balcony and the restaurant. You also have a nice river right next to the Guesthouse that you can take a dip in. The room and bathroom are spacious and are quite new. Unfortunately the construction finishes were messy and made the place looks unclean. They have a restaurant that serves delicious food with quite large portions. The WiFi is good from the balcony and restaurants. Would recommend this place.
تاريخ التقييم 04 ديسمبر 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Sabrina من الدنمارك
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في أكتوبر, 2016
Nice for a short stay ”
We had a room for 1 night where we should climb Adam's Peak at 2 AM. The staff is friendly and helpful about the route to Adam's Peak. The room is okay compared to the cheap price. It was with clean linen and with mosquitonet around the bed, which was good because of some bugs in the room. We had hot showers! (But a bit bad smell in the bathroom). The included breakfast is basic, but good for the price. We had dinner here which was also good enough. We would stay again if we should climb Adam's Peak again.
تاريخ التقييم 15 أكتوبر 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
eva من اسبانيا
غرفة عادية درجة ثانية
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في أغسطس, 2016
Vert nice place, the staff are very good and the food too! Very nice place and quietly! ”
Very nice place, clean, and very quietly, good place for stay near adam's peak!
تاريخ التقييم 25 أغسطس 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Alexandre من فرنسا
مسافر منفرد
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في أبريل, 2016
Ok for one night ”
The advantage is the location, closed to adam's peak , so perfect to start to climb at 2 am. It surrounded by tea plantation which is nice to walk in. Otherwise nothing really special, ok for one night I would say.
تاريخ التقييم 19 أبريل 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Nathan من المملكة المتحدة
ديلوكس بسرير كينغ
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في فبراير, 2016
I wouldn't stay again ”
Food is good
We booked and paid through agoda. When we were shown to our room we were told it was a luxury room and it would cost us $33 more if we wanted it. We declined and asked for the room we had booked but were told the guests from the previous night had decided to stay. When we refused to pay more the manager came and said we could stay in the luxury room. The room was damp, the sheets were dirty, the shower didn't work, the toilet was disgusting and there was no toilet roll. If this is luxury, I hate to think what the standard rooms are like. The food was decent and the staff are helpfull (apart from when they're trying to make a quick buck! Lol)
تاريخ التقييم 03 مارس 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Christopher من كندا
ديلوكس بسرير كينغ
مدة الإقامة ليلة واحدة في فبراير, 2016
Good place for the one night you need. ”
Good buffet. Nice environment. Helpful staff.
Since you only come to Dalhousie for Adam's Peak you only need a place for one night. White House is a good option since the environment is peaceful while you chill and nap before leaving for the hike up the mountain. Would recommend but if you want to save money you could find somewhere cheaper, you're basically paying for a room to hold your stuff for the night.
تاريخ التقييم 12 فبراير 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |
Roger من المملكة المتحدة
مدة الإقامة 2 ليلة/ليالٍ في يناير, 2016
Great staff”
New rooms being built although some snagging needed. Ours was v comfortable with a small verandah looking up to the mountain. At the start of the village so a good walk to get to start point. Food basic but good, could have done with fresh fruit . No real choice Staff very good
تاريخ التقييم 23 يناير 2016
هل وجدت هذا التعليق مفيدًا؟ |


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