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  1. Повече за Моламяйн


This small city in southeastern Myanmar is the capital of the state of Mon, and although it’s one of the largest cities in Myanmar, it’s easy enough to get around on foot or motorbike taxis. The city is accessible from most parts of Myanmar either by bus or car, and the local Mawlamyine Airport does serve a few domestic flights a week, mostly from Yangon.

While in Mawlamyine, don’t miss a chance to take part in some meditation at Hpa Auk Forest Meditation Center, which is often full of religious and spiritual people with the odd western tourist thrown in for good measure.

The beautiful, hilly town of Mawlamyine is best seen from the top of the hill on which can be found Kyaik Tan Lan Pagoda.

There’s much more to see and do in Mawlamyine, and the interactive map on this page is a great way to explore where the attractions and hotels can be found in this exciting city.