Agoda reveals Japan market survey results on “Travel Trends for Golden Week 2019” Young adults and short breaks set to dominate travel

With extra holidays to mark the ascension to the throne of Japan’s new Emperor on May 1 providing an unprecedented ten-day national holiday this Golden Week, young Japanese adults are taking heed of the advice to take a well-earned break, with 49% of 18-24 year olds and 39% of 25-34 year olds planning a trip according to Agoda’s Go Further and Do More survey. Those aged 55-64 are least likely to go traveling over this period, with only 19% set to do so. Also, 37% of people from the populous Kanto region (dominated by the megalopolis of Tokyo and its suburbs) are travelling this year and almost one third of respondents in Kanto are exploring neighboring cities during Golden Week.

Agoda has launched a campaign to encourage more travelers to “Go Further and Do More” this Golden Week.


The new Agoda survey, looked at Japanese attitudes to the coming Golden Week holiday and how the extended break would impact Japanese travel plans.  The survey found that two-thirds of all traveling this Golden Week (66%) are opting for one to three day breaks, while 29% will spend four to seven days away. This reflects an increased propensity for shorter trips; in previous Golden Weeks, 40% of all respondents opted for short breaks and 11% went on a trip between four to seven days.


About travel period


Research findings showed Millennials are the most potential age group to travel in this Golden Week and 92% of Millennials will travel 1-7 days. Almost half (45%) of young adults plan to travel for one to three days, with the same age group (18-24 years) also more likely to take trips for eight days or more than other age groups too. On the other hand, seven out of 10 travelers aged 55+ will take 1-3 day holiday. Also, when traveling with friends, most likely to stay four days or more.


About travel companion


In addition, they are most likely to be traveling with friends (27%), or extended family (21%), while the 65+ age group were the most likely to be traveling with their partners only (46%).  The data also suggests that those aged 55-64 seem most likely to travel solo. The survey also showed that 9% of those traveling solo are millennials and 5% of Millennial travellers will be taking their first solo trip.



About travel planning


When it comes to planning trips – whether traveling internationally or domestically – 94% of Japanese travelers like to research and plan well before their trip, with only 6% doing no planning prior to going. Over one third of travelers (37%) plan a full itinerary in advance, while 57% select one or two ‘must-do’ activities. In addition, the Agoda survey suggests that 41% of men plan their full itinerary, compared to one third of women, who tend to decide one or two “must do” things on their holiday list.


Who you travel with changes how you plan 


Those respondents traveling with a partner and kids were the most likely group to plan a full itinerary (43%), followed, surprisingly, by friends (41%).  In fact, traveling with friends has the biggest impact on spontaneity with no respondents claiming to do no planning in advance of arrival.


Solo travel is the most spontaneous and varied, with only 19% of travelers planning a full itinerary.  Solo travelers are also most likely to not make any plans before they arrive (13%), and plan just one to two “must do” activities at their destination (69%), leaving the rest to chance.


This year’s Golden Week offers a unique opportunity for Japanese people to have a real break from routine and do something more with their time off.  Travelers are looking to get the best out of their trips – whether domestically or internationally – with our data showing 70% of people have made the same or more effort in their planning for this extended Golden Week than usual,” said Thomas Lee, Senior Director, Japan, Agoda. “Today, with technology in our pockets, we can afford to be more spontaneous, booking same-day trips via apps, or making alternative last minute arrangements due to weather or simply our mood.” and the Agoda App helps travelers to go further and do more, offering the chance to discover popular attractions, shopping areas or places to eat within reach of their prospective accommodation before booking, as well as ideas for things to do once they arrive. The Agoda app’s ‘Things to do’ feature provides access to thousands of inspiring excursions and activities across the globe. These include sightseeing tours by foot, bike or boat; top museums, art galleries or amusement parks; as well as hands-on local experiences such as cooking classes.


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