Bicycle Tours in Europe | 6 Bike-Friendly Cities & Fun Summer Vacays

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly cities-Featured photo-Copenhagen bike path

Cycling adventures are a fun way to spend a summer holiday, and bicycle tours in Europe are some of the most scenic – and stress-free – ways to see the most popular European sights. Rent a bike in Amsterdam and pedal through Vondelpark and along the famous canals, or opt for a DIY bike tour in London, where you can ride along the River Thames from the Tower of London all the way to Big Ben!

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly cities-Amsterdam-canals

1. Bicycle tours in Europe | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Biking is a popular way to travel in Amsterdam, so tourists can find plenty of help from locals while pedaling around the city. Riding aimlessly around Amsterdam’s famous canals is an excellent way to spend a day, and admiring windmills and tulips in the countryside is a must-do bike tour in Amsterdam. Bike rental stations are located throughout the city and planning a self-guided bike tour to popular attractions like Anne Frank House and Dam Square is simple. Travelers wanting a more rounded sightseeing experience, however, should check out Amsterdam’s reputable bicycle tours. Bike tours are a great way to meet other travelers, find the coolest neighborhoods and see Amsterdam like a local.

Best bike tours in Amsterdam

  • Yellow Bike Tours & Rental
  • We Bike Amsterdam
  • Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam
  • Joy Ride Tours

Nice places to cycle in Amsterdam

Check In to Hotel Vossius Vondelpark, Step Out to Vondelpark

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly cities-Hotel Vossius Vondelpark


Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Copenhagen-Inner Harbor-Nyhavn

2. Bicycle tours in Europe | Copenhagen, Denmark

Biking is not just a popular activity in Copenhagen, it’s a way of life. More than one-third of Copenhagen’s residents ride bicycles to and from work each day, and bike rental stations are plentiful throughout the city. Copenhagen is so bike-friendly, in fact, that most every street in downtown has a bike lane, and the Havneringen Ring route lets cyclists explore the entire Inner Harbor (Inderhavnsbroen), Stroeget and Nyhavn areas, where travelers can find Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the National Museum of Denmark and Amalienborg palace.

Best bike tours in Copenhagen

  • Cycling Copenhagen
  • Bike Copenhagen with Mike
  • beCopenhagen Sightseeing & Bikes
  • City Bike Adventures Copenhagen

Best places to cycle in Copenhagen

Check In to Copenhagen GO Hotel, Step Out to Amager Strandpark

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Copenhagen GO Hotel


Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Antwerp-Belgium-bikeshare station

3. Bicycle tours in Europe | Antwerp, Belgium

The city of Antwerp’s steps to become one of the most bike-friendly cities in Europe has paid off big time. Antwerp is now recognized as one of the best places in Europe for bike tours, due to the city’s network of modern cycle paths that allow tourists to explore the harbor area as well as the outskirts of town. Rent a bike from dozens of bike stations in Central Antwerp, and explore attractions like ZOO Antwerpen and The Rubens House.

Antwerp’s historic harbor region is scenic on its own, but it also is chock-full of museums, quaint cafes and plenty of shops. Take a hop-on, hop-off bicycle tour and visit Plantin-Moretus Museum, which houses some of the oldest printing presses in the world, or check out the medieval art showcased at Museum Mayer van den Bergh. The Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp, known for its magnificent architecture, also is a must-see Antwerp landmark.

Best bike tours in Antwerp

  • Antwerp Bike Tours
  • Antwerp by Bike
  • Cyclant

Places to cycle in Antwerp

Check In to Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen, Step Out to the Port of Antwerp

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Leonardo Hotel Antwerpen


Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-London parks

4. Bicycle tours in Europe | London, UK

Cycling is taking off in London, and summer is the perfect season to breeze through the city’s stunning parks on two wheels. Bikeshare stations can be found in popular areas like Westminster and all around Hyde Park, making it easy to take a spin past Buckingham Palace and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. Some favorite cycling parks in London are Battersea Park and Dulwich Park, and on the first Sunday in June, cyclists can join Bikefest during the Camden Green Fair in Regent’s Park.

Best bike tours in London

  • London Bicycle Tour Company
  • Brakeaway Bike Tours
  • Fat Tire Tours
  • Alternative London
  • Tally Ho! Experiences

Best scenic bike rides in London

Check In to Bayswater Inn Hotel, Step Out to Hyde Park

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Bayswater Inn Hotel


Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Malmö-Sweden

5. Bicycle tours in Europe | Malmö, Sweden

The city of Malmö encourages residents to live car-free, and as a result, “bike houses,” or apartments with no parking spaces for cars, are popping up across the city. Malmo’s eco-friendly bike attitude extends way beyond modern living, too. Cycle enthusiasts now can take a bicycle ferry from Malmö to Copenhagen to explore the bike paths there. There’s no need to go all the way to Denmark, though, to enjoy a bike tour in Malmö. Pedal past the iconic Turning Torso and then make your way to Malmo Castle. St. Peter’s Church, built in the 14th and 15th centuries, also is a popular Malmö attraction.

Best bike tours in Malmö

  • Malmö Bike Tours
  • Malmö by bike
  • Nova Fairy Tales Malmö

Places to cycle in Malmö

Check In to Grand Hotel Lund, Step Out to Lund

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Grand Hotel Lund


Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Strasbourg-Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

6. Bicycle tours in Europe | Strasbourg, France

A summer holiday that includes a bicycle tour along the Rhine River might just go down as one of the best vacations ever! Look for a Velhop bike sharing station and join Strasbourg’s vast biking community, which holds the record for the highest number of rental bike users in Europe. Strasbourg is so bike-friendly that cyclists can explore much of the city on dedicated bike paths, and they also can visit neighboring towns! Swing through Petite-France for lunch at Maison des Tanneurs, a former tannery turned to an upscale Alsatian restaurant, and don’t forget to see the most popular attraction in Strasbourg, the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg.

Best bike tours in Strasbourg

  • Cyclorama
  • Strasbourg bike tours

Places to cycle in Strasbourg

Check In to Hotel Ettenheim, Step Out to Petite-France

Bicycle tours in Europe-bike-friendly-cities-Hotel Ettenheim


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