Music Festivals 2020 | Hottest Concerts, Dates & Tips on Where to Stay

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Music lovers can get ready for their favorite time of the year as music festivals 2020 start up all over the world. With so many great music festivals to choose from, all travelers need to do is figure out which ones will best suit their musical and entertainment preferences. From the trendiest jet-setters at Coachella in Indio, California to the midnight sun fun of Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, pick from 10 of the best 2020 music festivals, all full of fun times, great music, and experiences in top destinations around the world!

Music Festivals 2020-Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival – Indio, USA

Seen as the official start to the summer music festival season in the United States by many, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual festival that the young and trendy attend in the hopes of seeing their favorite celebrities, to enjoy the music, and to brag about attending the event on social media. Celebrities from Los Angeles, California, and all over the world, attend the event that’s held at Empire Polo Club in the desert of Indio, California. Attracting big-name celebrities and musicians, Coachella is so popular that the event is held twice on back-to-back weekends to accommodate the demand for this event.

Coachella is also located near Palm Springs, so many festival-goers can find great accommodations in the nearby city, with event shuttle busses that can take festival-goers to and from the festival. With amazing art installations, its iconic Ferris wheel, stunning live performances, and gorgeous desert backdrop, Coachella is an experience that attendees aren’t soon to forget.

Festival Dates: Typically, Coachella is in April. For 2020, Coachella will be held during the weekends of October 9, 2020, and October 16, 2020 due to concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Accommodations available nearby:

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Music Festivals 2020-EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC: Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas, USA

Electric Daisy Carnival, also known as EDC Las Vegas, is North America’s largest electronic dance festival and is held annually at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For lovers of electronic dance music, this is one of the top festivals to attend. Showcasing many styles of dance music, from techno to drum and bass, house, dubstep and more, and bringing in some of the top DJs and headliners from around the world, if travelers are looking for an event where they can dance the day and night away, this is for them.

With multiple stages, decorated with glowing lights, and with amazing art, pyrotechnic displays, and other entertainment to enjoy, EDC Las Vegas isn’t just a festival, it’s a sensory experience. Located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s also in one of the top entertainment cities in the world – from shows to gambling, amazing resorts, and more, if attendees are looking to extend their festival vacation, the Las Vegas Strip is the perfect place to visit.

Festival Dates: May 15th to 17th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-The Governors Ball Music Festival

The Governors Ball Music Festival – New York, USA

The Governors Ball Music Festival takes place on Randall’s Island, near Harlem in New York and showcases musical talents that represent all sorts of genres, from rock to hip-hop, indie, Americana, folk, and more. With four stages and over 70 performing artists, this is a festival that gets to the heart of what it is to be a New Yorker, with an ambiance like no other festival out there, and a festival that provides a platform for artists from New York and around the world. With art installations that include massive murals, structures, and amazing inflatable creations, there is always something wild happening at The Governors Ball Music Festival. Step into this 2020 music festival, and experience a world of sounds, sights, and people that is sure to make memories that will last forever.

Festival Dates: June 5th to June 7th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival – Budapest, Hungary

Sziget Festival is one of Europe’s largest festivals and brings together over 1,000 acts, on 60 stages, in an event that runs for seven days! This is one of the ultimate festival experiences and sees visitors from all over the world. Sziget Festival is a place where people from different backgrounds can come together and enjoy music, entertainment, and amazing experiences on the Island of Freedom – or Óbuda Island (Óbudai-Sziget), a 108-hectare island situated on the Danube river where the festival is held.

With art installations, a circus, theater, museums, and much more, festival-goers can enjoy how Sziget Festival brings a world of entertainment to one place, where attendees and performers can create art together. Sziget Festival also offers boat parties where visitors can sail around Budapest and discover the city from the water. The festival takes place in Budapest, a beautiful, culturally rich city that has amazing food, people, restaurants and bars, and much more to enjoy.

Festival Dates: August 5th to 11th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Mawazine

Mawazine – Rabat, Morocco

Mawazine is an annual music festival that is held in Rabat, Morocco and features both local and international musical performing acts. Mawazine is one of the most highly attended festivals in the world, with over two million attendees. Mawazine translates to “rhythms of the world,” which is a great name for a festival that spans different musical genres and experiences while bringing together millions from all over! But Mawazine is also a great festival to attend if festival-goers are looking to experience a piece of Moroccan culture as it also features Moroccan performing artists and traditional musical performers.

Set in the stunning, UNESCO World Heritage Center of Rabat, visitors can enjoy the music festival and then spend some time exploring this amazing city with its Islamic and French-colonial history.

Festival Dates: June 19th to 27th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival – Somerset, England

Glastonbury Festival is the quintessential festival in the United Kingdom. Taking place in Pilton, Somerset over five days, Glastonbury Festival attracts the best and brightest contemporary performing artists, from big hit headliners to up-and-coming favorites, Glastonbury Festival has plenty of music for just about everyone. Glastonbury Festival also features dance performance artists, comedy, theater acts, and many more performing artists. Enjoy the gorgeous English countryside while wandering from area to area in the festival, exploring each new spot while listening to music or watching contemporary performers – there’s even late-night access available for night owls looking for fun.

Festival Dates: June 24th to 28th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Sónar Barcelona

Sónar Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

Sónar Barcelona is a music, creativity and technology festival held in Barcelona. What’s different about this festival is that it is a city festival, and it does not take place in a field or area where people can camp. Visitors will need to find accommodations in Barcelona, which is great because it’s a world-class city that offers a variety of hotels and accommodation options for attendees to choose from. With the world’s top DJs and performers, attendees can look forward to a lot of dancing and great times at Sónar Barcelona.

Sónar Barcelona has two different festival sites, one for day time events and one for the night. Generally, Sónar By Day is held in a site near the city center, and Sónar By Night is held a little further out of town. The Sónar Pass, tickets for the event, provide entry to both daytime and nighttime events. Generally, festival-goers will need to use the Metro to get to the events or walk if their accommodations are close enough. Fortunately, the Metro in Barcelona is inexpensive and relatively easy to use. Attendees can also opt for a taxi for transportation, and rideshare options are also available in the city.

Festival Dates: June 18th to 20th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Secret Solstice

Secret Solstice – Reykjavik, Iceland

Secret Solstice is a culture and music festival that’s held just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. What’s noteworthy about this festival is that, during the time of the event, Iceland experiences its midnight sun during the summer solstice, meaning it’s bright throughout most of the day and night! Featuring amazing local and world-renowned talent, attendees can expect to hear music from a variety of genres as Secret Solstice prides itself on being an eclectic mix of genres. Surrounded by the stunning Icelandic countryside, festival-goers can dance through the day and night as they experience this amazing festival.

Festival Dates: June 26th to 28th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival 2020 – Mikuni Yuzawa, Japan

Fuji Rock Festival is an annual rock festival that takes place at Naeba Ski Resort during summer. This festival features over 200 Japanese artists, as well as international acts, and is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in Japan. With seven main stages and other smaller stages around the event, attendees can be sure that something fun is always going on at Fuji Rock Festival. Because this event takes place on a ski resort in the mountains, festival-goers are also able to appreciate the beautiful Japanese countryside as they walk to and from different events on short hikes. The festival also features different genres of music, including pop, hip-hop, world music, and more. With beautiful views and amazing acts, Fuji Rock Festival is worth the trip!

Festival Dates: August 21st to 23rd 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Good Vibes Festival

Good Vibes Festival – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Step into Malaysia‘s premier music festival that features a diverse array of Indie music that takes place over three days in Genting Highlands. Music lovers who are looking for a great music festival where they can enjoy amazing indie, electronic, pop, and hip-hop music selections, with amazing acts from all over the world, should love this festival. And not only are the acts amazing, but the venue is stunning as well. Situated north of Kuala Lumpur, in the mountains of Gohtong Jaya, festival-goers can immerse themselves in nature as they enjoy the sights and sounds of the Good Vibes Festival.

Festival Dates: August 14th to 16th 2020


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Music Festivals 2020-Teenagers having fun

Festival Preparation – What to Expect at Music Festivals 2020

First-time festival-goers will probably make the mistake of packing too much with them, but many think that it’s better to over pack than to forget something they need at home. There are plenty of things to consider when preparing for a 2020 music festival, and here are some key things to think about when choosing accommodations or before starting to pack.


If festival-goers decide to camp at the festival site, if camping is available, this adds more to consider about what to pack. While the festival site probably has access to food, water, and other drinks, travelers will have to remember that they will probably be charging for much of what they offer, so the expense can add up if music festival attendees are planning on only eating and drinking what the festival provides. Hotels can help make the festival experience much easier for travelers as they will not have to pack camping gear for the trip, but it will probably be more expensive than staying at a campsite or than what it would cost to camp on the festival grounds. Here are some pros for festival-goers to consider when deciding whether to stay in a hotel or to camp at the festival grounds (if available).

Pros for Camping for Summer Music Festivals 2020

  • Festival attendees get to stay close to the event and can be among the first to enter and the last to leave at the end of the night, without having to worry about travel times, busses, or having to drive to a hotel.
  • Festival fans who love to party can bring that energy back with them to the campsite and some campsites may even feature after-hours events.
  • It is easier to keep accommodation costs down when sharing a campsite between friends, as hotels will generally be a bit more expensive.
  • Campers can save money on food by bringing their own, instead of having to rely only on the festival to provide food for purchase.
  • Campers get extra time in the festival atmosphere as many arrive a day early, which means more time to have fun with friends and other festival-goers before the party gets started.

Pros for Staying in a Hotel for Music Festivals 2020

  • A clean place to go back to after a long day of enjoying music and entertainment.
  • Hotels are generally quieter than campsites, so festival attendees can rest well back at the hotel.
  • Hotels provide amenities, such as shampoo, soap, showers, in addition to Wi-Fi, pools, restaurants, and other eateries.
  • Hotels offer a private place to return to and a safe place to keep their valuables, as some hotels provide safes to store things in.
  • Not having to line up for showers or to use amenities on the campground site.

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Music Festivals 2020-Camping area

Packing Tips for Music Festivals

Festival-goers should plan for how many days they will be at the event and should be certain to check the weather forecast before heading out so that that last-minute changes can be made for clothing. It’s key to remember that most festivals will be outdoors, which means festival attendees will be exposed to the elements – which means lots of sun and maybe some rain. Planning to avoid getting soaked by a surprise shower, or to avoid getting burnt by the sun, is key to ensuring that attendees have a great festival experience.

  • Campers will have to make extra considerations to be sure they have enough gear, food, and adequate blankets/sleeping bags to keep warm at night.
  • Campers are also reminded to only pack what they need as, at some events, like Glastonbury Festival, they will need to carry all of their items in with them and, the more they have, the harder that will be.
  • Travelers who are opting for hotels will need to be sure that they have transportation arranged to and from the venue and will have to factor in travel time at the end of the day.
  • It’s always a good idea to expect to budget for a little more than attendees expect to spend, and this means pack extra cash to use at the festival to avoid standing in lines (and paying fees) at the ATMs.
  • Writing down necessary items on a list to ensure that attendees don’t forget to pack something is a great way to make sure that festival attendees have everything they need. Whether travelers are staying on the festival grounds in a campsite, or have decided to stay at a hotel, there are always some essential items that travelers seem to forget.

Music Festivals 2020-Friends having fun

Top 10 Items People Forget to Pack for Their Music Fest

To help visitors plan ahead and avoid being annoyed (or getting a sunburn), here are the top 10 items that festival-goers forget to pack for their music festival adventures.

  1. First Aid Kit – From adhesive bandages to antiseptic wipes, to medications, it’s better to plan ahead than to be caught without something to use during an emergency.
  2. Rain Poncho – Festival attendees might expect only sunny times during their 2020 music festival, but the rain can surprise visitors. Get an emergency rain poncho from the camping gear store and come prepared.
  3. Sensible Shoes – While some love to look fashionable at festivals, it’s good to remember to pack sensible shoes, as feet might start to hurt after many hours of standing and walking around.
  4. Portable Charger for Electronic Devices – Whether it’s a cellphone that needs charging, a camera, or something else, being able to charge in the middle of a festival will make sure attendees stay connected, and can photograph all their adventures.
  5. Flashlight – Preferably a flashlight that festival-goers (especially campers) can strap to their head or wrist. Not only is it a good way to see around the campsite or the grounds as festival fans make their way back to their accommodations at night, but it’s also a great way to stay visible while walking with friends in crowds.
  6. Refillable Water Bottle – Unless attendees want to spend a lot of money of bottled water, it’s a good idea to remember to pack a refillable water bottle that can be used at water stations that most festivals provide.
  7. Sunglasses – They’re small, they fit in a purse or a bag, and they often get left behind. Festival fans should protect their eyes and remember to pack some cheap sunglasses that they won’t be afraid to lose as, when people start dancing to the music, the sunglasses are the first thing to fall off.
  8. Hats – Some people want to show off their fancy hairstyles, but during the day when the sun is high, keeping cool is important. Festival goes should bring a hat and keep the sun from burning their heads and a hat should help make it easier to see by keeping the sun out of their eyes.
  9. Proper clothes – Festival-goers often forget that the temperature can drop significantly after the sun goes down. Also, during the day when the sun is at its hottest, it is important to have a light, airy clothing to help keep from getting a sunburn. Remember, light and covered during the day, and warm clothes and pants (maybe even warm socks) for at night.
  10. Sunscreen – This is a big one and very important. Having fun with a terrible sunburn is very hard, so don’t forget to pack the sunscreen, and then pack a little more.

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Music Festivals 2020-Food at festivals

Music Fest 2020 – Food at Festivals

Some festivals will allow people to bring in outside food, but there may be certain restrictions about bottles and many will require that bottles be empty before entry – which means festival-goers can feel free to bring reusable bottles or water packs for backpacks but should leave the soda and other drinks in their hotel room or back at the campsite. Festival attendees will need to check online for specific guidelines about what they can bring for food and drinks before entry, otherwise, they may end up having to throw out food or drinks on entry.

  • Some festivals won’t allow attendees to bring their own food, which means people have to purchase the options that are available for them inside the venue. Festival attendees should check ahead of time to see if this is the case for their festival and should budget money accordingly. Generally, attendees can eat before entry and then plan to purchase food inside for the rest of the day.
  • For some events, ins and outs are allowed as long as proper entry procedures are followed (many festivals now have attendees wear special wristbands that can be scanned on entry and exit), but this may not be the case for all venues. If ins and outs are allowed, then campers may wish to return to their campsite to eat. However, this may cost attendees time as they will need to walk back to their site, cook, and then line up for re-entry.

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Event Considerations and Postponements Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As music festivals around the world start getting into peak festival season, many will have to contend with coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. Many will have noted that Coachella was postponed until October 2020 due to worries about the virus. While this is an unfortunate turn of events, it is great that festivals are keeping the health and safety of both their performing acts and festival attendees as the highest priority.

For individuals who are planning to attend a festival or concert during this time, if an event is canceled or rescheduled, most likely attendees will either be able to carry their tickets over to the new dates, or if they cannot attend, refunds should be issued, as is the case with Coachella. For visitors who are planning on traveling to events from out of town, be sure to book accommodations that have flexible reservations policies and the same for flights (flexible options for ticket dates, or tickets that allow for date changes). Festival-goers should be able to keep up to date with all the latest festival information by subscribing to festival newsletters or by checking the main websites of individual festivals for information about events and FAQs.

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