South Korea Travel: Discover the 5 Best Places to Stay in Seoul

Getting the most out of your South Korea travel experience means knowing where to stay in Seoul. To be in the center of the action, book a hotel near Myeongdong. If you don’t want to be tied to one district, use the Agoda app to book a guesthouse in Gangnam one night and a backpacker hostel in Itaewon the next!

AGODA EXTRA: Not only does South Korea have one of the fastest Internet connection speeds in the world, but the government works diligently to enhance the public’s access to the World Wide Web. Wi-Fi is available for free in most subway stations and in more than 1.2 million locations in the country.

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5 Day Trips from Seoul with Popular Attractions Near Cheap Hotels

Seoul’s awesome transportation system makes for some easy sightseeing both inside and outside the city. Many day trips from Seoul are less than an hour away from the metro, allowing you more time to savor a hike in Bukhansan National Park or enjoy one more roller coaster ride at Everland theme park.

AGODA EXTRA: It’s been called the scariest place on earth, but the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) still manages to attract more than a million visitors every year. The zone serves as a buffer between South Korea and North Korea and basically divides the Korean Peninsula in half. During a day trip from Seoul to the DMZ, tourist attractions include everything from infiltration tunnels, Freedom Bridge and the Odusan Unification Tower.

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Shopping in Seoul: 5 Best Districts to Find Korean Fashion & Clothing

Shopping in Seoul can mean browsing through antiques at a flea market or pricing designer handbags in a world-renowned boutique. Many of Seoul’s shopping areas stay aglow 24 hours a day and feature everything from art galleries to rock concerts. For cheap deals brimming with culture, take your earth-friendly shopping bag to Insadong. Want to make more of a fashion splash? Glitzy Apgujeong is your home away from home.

AGODA EXTRA: South Korean teenagers love their plastic surgery! In fact, most students entering university have already had some work done, and Korean parents are all for it. Because plastic surgery is such a popular “pastime” in Seoul, procedures are affordable and easy to book. You’ll probably even find a pamphlet in your hotel room offering the best prices at the nearest cosmetic center!

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Seoul Sightseeing: 5 Historic Landmarks with Cutting-Edge Surprises

The best thing about Seoul sightseeing is that most landmarks are just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other. Get to know Seoul’s transportation system, and you’ll be Snapchatting from places like Bongeunsa and Bukchon Hanok Village on the same day!

AGODA EXTRA: The number 4 in Korean is the same character as the word for death, so you’ll often see elevators with floors 1, 2, 3 and F. If you don’t suffer from tetraphobia, though, you can score some pretty sweet deals on hotel rooms and properties containing multiple fours in their addresses!

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Seoul Attractions: 5 Places to See on a Tour of South Korea’s Capital

Seoul attractions embody ancient tradition and modern culture, and sometimes, they are all rolled into one! Tour ancient palaces equipped with Bluetooth at the National Museum of Korea, or visit a Korean Folk Museum in the largest indoor theme park in the world at Lotte World.

AGODA EXTRA: Babies born in South Korea are considered to be 1 year old at birth. This means that babies born in December get to celebrate their second birthdays on January 1, when they are just a few days – or sometimes just a few hours – old!

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Taiwan Travel Guide: 6 Places to See During a Day Trip from Taipei

A day trip from Taipei can mean traipsing through a former gold mining town in Jiufen or photographing sun-kissed rocks at Yehliu Geopark. If a short getaway doesn’t satisfy all your cultural curiosities, book a longer bus ride to Sun Moon Lake or Taroko National Park.

AGODA EXTRA: Indigenous people make up about 1.8 percent of Taiwan’s population. The country contains 14 recognized aboriginal tribes that are believed to have occupied the island 8,000 years before the Han Chinese immigrated to the area in the 17th century.

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