Taiwanese Food Guide: Taipei’s Most Irresistible Snacks & Famous Markets

While it’s true that Taiwanese food draws a lot of influence from central and southern China, this island nation’s most popular dishes possess distinct flavors of their own. The country’s most famous dish is beef noodle soup, but you’ll find that most Taiwanese favorites contain seafood, pork, tofu or chicken.

AGODA EXTRA: Your throne awaits at Taiwan’s most bizarrely-themed restaurant, and you’ll find nothing but good, clean fun at both branches of Modern Toilet Restaurant. Enjoy a gourmet meal while seated on an actual toilet, and flush it down with a drink served in a mini urinal. Ice cream is served in tiny squat toilets, and it’s perfectly acceptable to lick your dessert bowl completely clean! Find one branch near Shilin Night Market and another by Ximending Night Market.

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Where to Stay in Taipei: 6 Areas that Guarantee a Happy Holiday

Location. Location. Location. The best-planned holidays are based on location, and knowing where to stay in Taipei is the secret to success. Culture buff? Book a hostel in Zhongshan. Foodie? Da’an is the district for you.

AGODA EXTRA: Taiwan provides free public Wi-Fi to its citizens and tourists, and service is available at all metro stations in Taipei and New Taipei City. Even if you venture outside the metro, you’re covered, as more than 5,000 hotspots are available in public areas throughout the country.

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Shopping in Taipei: 5 Places to Visit with Malls, Markets & Major Discounts!

Keeping up with the latest styles and fashions is a full-time job in Asia. Fortunately, a day of shopping in Taipei is all you need to learn the tricks of the trade. Find the boldest fashion statements in Xinyi, and relish a non-stop parade of culture in Ximending.

AGODA EXTRA: While window shopping down the streets of Taipei, you might notice two things: 1) The streets are really clean. 2) There are no garbage bins! What? Five nights a week, garbage trucks flip on Beethoven’s Für Elise and begin circling the city to collect trash. Having residents hand deliver their trash not only cuts down on the number of rodents and cockroaches roaming the streets, but it also promotes community wellness, as this is a favorite time for locals to strike up neighborhood chats.

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Visit Taipei: 5 Large Landmarks Camera-Wielding Tourists Can’t Pass Up

It’s go big or go home when it comes to Taipei landmarks. Launch to the top of a bamboo tree-inspired tower at Taipei 101, or try to count the number of spirit tablets at the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine. Significant places to visit in Taipei aren’t always the oldest, but each are guaranteed to be steeped in Chinese beliefs and ancient traditions.

AGODA EXTRA: Once the world’s tallest building – and still the world’s tallest “green” skyscraper – Taipei 101 was built to withstand typhoon winds and life-threatening earthquake tremors. Good thing because the tower stands just 660 feet (200 meters) away from a major fault line!

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5 Places to Visit in Taipei that will Soothe Your Sightseeing Soul

When you’re nestled between the mountains of Yangmingshan National Park and the banks of the Tamsui River, finding places to visit in Taipei is easy. Deciding which ones you want to see first is the challenge! Discover centuries-old temples alongside modern wonders in this capital city that makes an effort to honor its past while soaring into the future.

AGODA EXTRA: Maybe you’ve never put a bookstore at the top of your “things to see” list, but you should make an exception for Eslite Dunnan Store. Not only does the branch contain more than 230,000 books, but it also never closes. Join a workshop, shop for stationery, or have lunch at the food court while flipping through the pages of your latest finds.

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Where to Eat in Singapore: Best Street Food & Notorious Hawker Centres

Discovering where to eat in Singapore is almost as fun as learning what to eat when you get there! Ditch the long wait and steep bill at a frilly restaurant, and make your way to the real deal. Singapore’s most popular eating districts have all the authentic eats you want at prices any backpacking foodie can afford.

AGODA EXTRA: The Singapore Food Festival, organized by the Singapore Tourism Board, takes place annually during June or July. Restaurants across the city take part in the event by setting up pop-up restaurants, hosting competitions and conducting culinary workshops.

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Singapore Sightseeing: 5 Day Trips with Tourist Attractions Galore

Being in a country that’s small enough to be a city sometimes warrants a day trip, and Singaporeans do love their sightseeing and weekend getaways. Follow their lead to nearby islands, cultural hubs and popular holiday hangouts.

AGODA EXTRA: Singapore is home to the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. The Night Safari, located on Mandai Lake Road near the Singapore Zoo, might not technically qualify as a day trip from Singapore, but you could realistically spend an entire day (and evening) exploring nature trails and getting up close and personal with the nearly 900 animals being protected in the park.

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Singapore Shopping: Where to Buy Louis Vuitton Tote Bags & Handmade Jewelry

Singapore shopping extends well beyond Orchard Road, but that’s one heckuva place to start! After you’ve seen Singapore’s most famous strip, plan an epic bargain hunt in Chinatown and Little India.

AGODA EXTRA: Most of the world has recognized Orchard Road as a heavenly shopping district since 1958, when Tangs department store opened its doors. But before luxury malls and hip boutiques took over the area, the street contained three cemeteries and the Orchard Road Railway. Before that, nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards lined the street, and that’s how Orchard Road got its name.

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7 Places Aussies Like to Winter, With and Without Other Aussies

Agoda coupon_awesome deals

When the sun beats down on Australia during winter, Aussies head to the northern hemisphere for cold-season fun! For some Aussies, it’s a chance to enjoy snow sports with their fellow mates, for others, it’s a mission to find some alpine pleasures without being surrounded by their Down Under neighbors. We’ll let you decide which group you’re in. However, if you’re looking for thrills – and a few frills – follow their lead because, let’s face it, Aussies totally know how to travel!

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