Tokyo Attractions: 5 Things to Do During a Vacation in Japan

Tokyo attractions can be found in every nook and cranny of the world’s most populous metropolitan area. With a history that dates back to the 3rd millennium and a modern transportation system that can take you anywhere in the city, Japan’s capital is a solo backpacker’s dream and also a spectacular place to take a family holiday.

AGODA EXTRA: Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensō-ji, in Asakusa dates back to the year 645 AD. More interesting than that, however, the ancient landmark draws in more than 30 million visitors annually, making it the most widely visited religious site in the entire world.

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Tokyo Tour? 5 Best Places to Stay with Attractions & Hotels Nearby

Knowing where to stay while planning a Tokyo tour can be puzzling, for sure, but the city is easier to navigate one suburb at a time. Each district has a distinct feel, so locals advise to choose your favorite attractions, and pick accommodations nearby. But don’t stress thinking you might miss out on the rest of Tokyo. The world’s most populous metropolitan area also contains one of the most comprehensive transportation systems on the planet, and it can take you almost anywhere you want to go!

AGODA EXTRA: Take the train in Tokyo during rush hour, and you’re likely to get pushed aboard! Oshiya, or train “pushers,” have been helping to cram passengers into subway cars for decades. Shinjuku Station was the first to employ the pushers, but nowadays, you’ll find workers pushing passengers into doorways at several busy terminals throughout the city.

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Travel HK: 5 Quick Getaways & Day Trips from Hong Kong

Day trips from Hong Kong range from tranquil hikes on remote islands to group tours down boisterous casino strips. Whether you prefer wandering around nature reserves or fast cars and Chinese shopping sprees, these getaways from Hong Kong will get you out of the city.

AGODA EXTRA: Hong Kong contains more than 7 million people who live in almost 8,000 high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. The total combined height of the buildings equals more than 330 kilometers and makes HK the tallest urban agglomeration in the world. Still, almost 40 percent of HK’s territory is comprised of public parks and nature reserves.

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Hong Kong Shopping: 5 Places to Stay Near Markets & Luxury Malls

Shopping in Hong Kong is serious business and should be approached one zone at a time. Spend one day hunting down a perfect designer handbag, and spend the next day at local markets filling it up!

AGODA EXTRA: Visit Hong Kong anytime between July and February, and you’re bound to find some excellent bargains. Summer sales begin in July and end in September. Winter sales take place each year from December to February, particularly before Christmas and Chinese New Year. Download a currency conversion app, and don’t get confused: prices are in Hong Kong dollars, not USD!

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5 Thai Seafood Favorites & the Best Places to Eat Them in Thailand

Seafood plays a major role in Thai cuisine, and whether it’s deep-fried, steamed, curried or roasted, ocean favorites get even tastier with Thai spices. Thai seafood specialties might include salted fish on the street or a plate of steamed clams in a sit-down restaurant, but you won’t find this distinct fusion of spicy, tangy, sour and sweet flavors anywhere else on earth!

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Hong Kong Food & Drink: 5 Popular Dining Areas & Restaurants

Cantonese cuisine rules in Hong Kong, but traditional dishes from Hakka, Teochew and Shanghainese cultures are just as easy to find in the more than 14,000 restaurants packed side-by-side throughout the city. Local markets are the best places to find authentic Hong Kong food, but this gourmet city has a fantastic choice of fine dining options as well. Keep an eye out for some of the city’s most celebrated foods, like wife cake, abalone and Hong Kong-style milk tea.

AGODA EXTRA: Stinky tofu is a staple street food in Hong Kong. Created from a fermented brine of milk, vegetables, meat and shrimp, stinky tofu is a rank example of a food that requires an open mind and an “acquired taste.” Find it deep-fried and drenched in hoisin sauce in Hong Kong, and don’t forget to stash a pack of napkins or tissues wherever you eat, because in HK, diners are expected to provide their own!

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HK Landmarks: 5 Top Things to See during a Holiday in Hong Kong

While standing in awe of Hong Kong’s lavish skyline, it might be hard to believe that hidden amongst some of the world’s most incredible skyscrapers are some of the city’s most noted landmarks. Dive into the history of this Special Administrative Region of China to unearth Hong Kong landmarks drenched in Chinese and British colonial heritage.

AGODA EXTRA: The Tsing Ma Bridge, which connects the islands of Tsing Yi and Ma Wan, is the largest suspension bridge in the world. The six-lane, double-decker bridge carries both rail and automobile traffic and serves as a vital element to the Lantau Link, which connects mainland Hong Kong to Lantau Island and Hong Kong International Airport.

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HK Attractions: 5 Places to See during a Holiday in Hong Kong

Discover an intense mix of British and Chinese savoir-faire during a holiday in Hong Kong, which flaunts as much tradition as it does modern culture. Uncover the personality of this Special Administration Region in its five distinct districts, which contain more than 16,000 people per square mile and enough sightseeing adventures to keep everyone on the go!

AGODA EXTRA: Wealthy and stealthy, Hong Kong’s elite residents own more Rolls Royce luxury vehicles per person than anywhere else on earth. The Peninsula Hong Kong contributes to the total by keeping a fleet of more than a dozen Rolls Royce cars on hand to transport guests.

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Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur: 5 Best Places to Stay & Attractions Nearby

Deciding where to stay in Kuala Lumpur can be tricky! While the city’s humble beginnings is rooted in a name that means “muddy confluence,” KL has been proving to the world since the 19th century that it is far more than just a spot where two rivers meet. KL is the sole city in Malaysia that directly influences the global economy, and it also is home to the tallest twin towers on the planet. It was named in 2014 as one of the New7Wonders Cities, and it claims the highest safety ranking of any developing country. Need more reasons to visit? The city’s impressively modern transportation system allows easy access to all of these popular districts in town!

AGODA EXTRA: Pineapple Hill, or Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, is one of Malaysia’s oldest and smallest nature reserves, and it lives right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! Visitors are welcome to explore the rainforest, now known as KL Forest Eco Park, which features a canopy walk, an herbal garden and timber gallery, as well as hands-on activities and a museum.

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