5 All-Inclusive Holidays – Serviced Apartments & Family-Friendly Hotels

Forget the hassle of multiple bookings. Now, your entire family or group can sleep under one roof with all-inclusive holidays in more than 32 countries! Apartments and homes range from one-bedroom duplexes to four-bedroom villas that sleep up to 10+ people. Full kitchens, individual bedrooms and multiple bathrooms take the work out of traveling and allow you to live like a local, worrying less about comfort and more about fun!

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Trek 2 Thailand Tripoints: Golden Triangle & Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park

Trek 2 Thailand tripoints, and see three countries at once! While about half of the world’s 176 tripoints occur in rivers, lakes and oceans, both of Thailand’s landmarks are located on land – and on gorgeous land at that. The Golden Triangle in northern Thailand attracts more tourists, but The Emerald Triangle in eastern Thailand offers blissful excursions away from heavy crowds. Both areas have plenty to do for a day, so we recommend seeing both and deciding for yourself which you like best!

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Bangkok to Isan: 5 Grilled Thai Foods & Where to Find Them

Thailand streets are full of curious smells, but one of the most prominent is grilled Thai foods! From the streets of Chiang Mai to the beaches of Phuket, a hot snack is always around the corner, and you can usually buy it with the change in your pocket. While some snacks are specialties in certain regions, these featured goodies can be found nearly anywhere in the country. Just follow your nose, and then savor the flavor!

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Where to Shop in Bangkok: 5 Popular Zones with Markets & Luxury Malls

If Bangkok is known for one thing, it’s shopping. Discover where to shop in Bangkok to find local markets and luxury shopping centers that flaunt the latest fashion trends, designer brands and unbeatable bargains. Pick up designer handbags, custom-made jewelry and local souvenirs at any of these favorite shopping zones in the City of Angels.

AGODA EXTRA: No matter where you go in Bangkok, you’ll be surrounded by people taking selfies! Locals are so into social media that in 2013 they helped Siam Paragon claim the title of the world’s most Instagrammed place, beating the number of posts for New York City’s Times Square building and California’s Disneyland Park.

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5 Popular Things to Do during a Day Trip Outside of Bangkok

Strap on a backpack, grab a water bottle, and prepare to inhale some fresh air during a day trip outside Bangkok! Thailand’s capital city’s access to transportation and local tour guides makes it a great launching point for loads of day trip destinations. Explore historical landmarks, or chill with locals in the countryside. Whichever direction you choose to go, rest assured that these treks around Bangkok are perfect for solo travelers, families or groups of any kind.

AGODA EXTRA: Take part in one of the wackiest celebrations in the world, according to The Guardian newspaper, during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival at Phra Prang Sam Yod (Monkey Temple) in Lopburi Province. On the last Sunday in November, locals honor the more than 3,000 long-tailed macaque monkeys who are credited with boosting the region’s economy by attracting visitors to the temple. Festival-goers don monkey masks and celebrate the event as the furry guests chow down on more than 4,000 kilos of vegetarian dishes, fruit sculptures, sticky rice and traditional Thai desserts – all prepared by local chefs, for the monkeys only!

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6 Scrumptious Burmese Salads & Places to Visit in Myanmar

Salads play more than a bite-sized role in traditional Burmese cuisine, and if you’re thinking lettuce leaves, think again! Whether they are eaten as an entire meal or a light snack, Burmese salads are jam-packed with unique ingredients that bring out every salty, sour and spicy flavor in the mix. You’ll find an assortment of salads on about every local menu in Myanmar, but start with these most popular dishes to discover Burmese bites that are way more satisfying than any average appetizer!

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Travel Jakarta: 5 Can’t-Miss Landmarks & Religious Centers

Travel Jakarta to discover links to early-day spice trading – like a water canal system, fortresses and warehouses – and then learn how the city became the nation’s capital, finally, in 1949. This popular Indonesian destination has survived periods of Dutch, British and Japanese occupation, and the remnants that remain from these eras give the city a unique depth of history like few others. From its 4th-century origins of a Hindu settlement to its modern-day independence, Jakarta is a national treasure waiting to be explored.

AGODA EXTRA: Jakarta is the city of many names. In the fourth century under Sundanese rule, the settlement was called Sunda Kelapa. It was renamed Jayakarta 1,200 years later, after being conquered by the Banten Sultanate. The Dutch called the city Batavia, and nationals chose the name Jakarta, meaning “victorious deed,” when the country (sort of) gained its independence in 1945.

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Where to Go in Singapore: 4 Popular Places to Visit in 24 Hours

Just 24 hours to spare? Discover where to go in Singapore and the best places to visit during a whirlwind tour of this upscale, coastal capital. It’s no secret that this tiny island is packed with enough food, attractions and activities to keep you busy for a week, but 24 hours is plenty of time to give you a true taste of Singapore – and tempt you to return for a much longer stay!

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