Travel Thailand : Why I love Bangkok (by Nas Daily)

Nas Daily Goes to Bangkok


Why I love Bangkok – by Nas Daily

SAWADEE or “Hello” in Thai are likely the first words you’ll hear when you land in Bangkok! This city is the most visited in the world for a reason: Good hospitality, good food, good prices! That’s why out of all the cities in the world, this was where I took my Mom!

Nas Daily-Bangkok travel-mom

Nas Daily-Bangkok-welcome-2
The Nas Daily Bangkok Meet Up! Everyone came out even in the rain!

My first viral video was made in Bangkok, about a cheap noodle place with a delicious bowl of noodles for .35 cents! I was so impressed that I bought them for everyone in the restaurant. Now fast forward a couple years later, I wanted to take my mom to experience this unique city, especially because my mom loves food and saving money!

Why I love Bangkok by Nas Daily-noodles-market

So we took a 1 week trip to Bangkok together! Let’s see how it went !

Bangkok tuk tuk
Tuk Tuks are fun for everyone!

Why I love Bangkok (by Nas Daily) | Where we stayed

We booked our hotels via Agoda since we are working with them on this project! I wanted to find really impressive hotels for my Mom (she deserves the best!), which honestly was pretty easy since the prices in Bangkok are very low compared to hotel prices where I’m from in Israel. Here in Bangkok it’s not uncommon to book that 5 star dream hotel for $100!

Movenpick BDMS Wellness Resort Bangkok (5 Stars)

movenpick BDMS wellness resort
Movenpick Bangkok Nas daily

This hotel my mom LOVED. It’s not only a hotel but a spa, so she could get treatments and relax. It caters to people of all ages with amazing room service food, wellness centers, and a huge gorgeous drone worthy pool! As expected in Thailand the customer service was flawless. Everyone was so kind and helpful and made her experience unforgettable. The rooms themselves were very spacious with bath tubs and sitting areas. I don’t think my mom ever wanted to leave!

Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 (4 stars)

solitaire bangkok sukhumvit 11 hotel
The pool of our hotel!

Okay so this gorgeous hotel has a sleek modern design mixed with a bit of tropical flair. It has a lap pool with beautiful trees all around and tanning beds to relax on. It has a bit more of a modern business vibe than Movenpick and is better for professional visits or for people who want a great hotel but plan to be out exploring more. The gym is pretty big with a pool view and the breakfast buffet is tropical fruit paradise!

Why I love Bangkok (by Nas Daily) | What we did:

Maeklong Railway Market
The train is coming!

Maeklong Railway Market

This is one of the most insane places I have ever seen. It is literally a market where people sell their goods, fruits, vegetables…and then a TRAIN BARRELS THROUGH IT. It’s been around since 1905 and is around an hour from Bangkok. You can see the train pass through a few times a day. The market sellers all pack up the front of their stalls and lift the umbrellas back when they hear the train coming. Everyone crowds to the side to take photos. It’s crazy!!

THE CHEAPEST NOODLE SHOP (Baan Kuay Tiew Ruathong)

This amazing noodle shop is where I made my first viral Nas Daily video! Every bowl of noodles is fresh made and they’re so cheap that $1 can buy you three! Friendly service is a hallmark of this unique local eatery that will give you the real Thai experience. We wanted to show how affordable the noodles were by buying 100 bowls for everyone around!

Why I love Bangkok by Nas Daily-noodle shop

SUMMARY: Bangkok has prices and places to entertain everyone!

My Mom and I really enjoyed all of the activities and found things we could BOTH love! All of the food, people, and gorgeous hotels really made the trip an enjoyable time for us to spend together. It was the perfect place for a family trip!

Why I love Bangkok by Nas Daily-mom-fountain