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This is Amsterdam’s medieval center, and it houses the city’s world-famous cafés and museums. It divides into old and new districts, but the latter is still several centuries old. It’s a remarkably popular place for international tourists to be based while visiting the Netherlands.

Religious freedom and, later, the Holocaust, had a great impact on the old Jewish Quarter. The Jewish History Museum and Anne Frank House testify to the highs and lows of this community. In fact, the city is full of cultural sites, including the Rembrandt House Museum, Het Muziektheater and the Holland Experience. The latter offers a high-tech tour of the country and its people.

Hotels in Amsterdam-Centrum are especially popular because they’re situated in an incredibly dense attractions district. Historic buildings such as Da Waag or Weeper’s Tower (Schreierstoren) are timeless and always worth visiting. The old district also supports a phenomenal performing arts scene, with opera, classical music, dance and theater staged in venues that include Theater Carré, Theater De Rode Hoed, Nes Theaters, Theater De Brakke Grand and many others.

Amsterdam-Centrum has many canal piers, and it has much more than its fabled nightlife on offer. Guests here have immediate access to shopping at complexes like Magna Plaza and a vibrant café culture, and there are many green spaces to explore, including Artis Zoo and Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

There are more museums around the hotels in Amsterdam-Centrum than most visitors can see in a standard holiday. Those in the Jewish Quarter are some of the most-loved, but the list goes on to include the Amsterdam Historical Museum, the Bible Museum, Rockarchive and the FOAM Museum of Photography. Historic churches of Westerkerk and Waalse Kerk are also good places to admire historic art, architecture and artifacts.

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