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Kyaikhtiyo is located in southeastern Myanmar, near the city of Yangon. The best way to reach the town is by bus or train from the nearby Yangon, arriving at Golden Rock Base Camp. A picturesque small town, Kyaikhtiyo is a favorite destination for mountain trekkers and travelers who enjoy camping and mountain climbing, as well as being a pilgrimage site for many religious visitors.

The biggest attraction in this town is the large golden rock that seems to be balancing on a cliff by some miracle. The Golden Rock, as it is commonly known, is the most important landmark of this area, and even the mountain leading up to the peak is named after this golden rock. There is a Buddhist pagoda that hangs precariously over the rock, and the site is an important pilgrimage for devotees of the Buddhist faith. The religious belief is that the rock is being held in place by a single strand of Buddha’s hair.

Although there’s very little else to this town, international travelers have figured out that it has a lot to offer to the patient and active traveler. For this reason and because of the religious significance, the town sees a large number of visitors every year. There are several hotels near the Golden Rock, and around the town. Travelers looking to save some money on accommodations will find their most affordable options are clustered around the small Kin Pun Sakhan Village, while the more expensive and exclusive hotels are located along Golden Rock Mountain Road, at a higher elevation.

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