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Oasis Resthouse
Soriano,Soriano - View on map
  1. Pets allowed
  2. Car park
  3. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!
  4. Restaurants
  5. Wi-Fi in public areas
  6. Family room
  7. Smoking area
  8. Beach
"Upon our arrival room is already prepared. Staffs are very friendly, accommodating and welcoming. "

Very good

4 reviews

Garden Villa in Tagbina
Soriano,Soriano - View on map
  1. Pets allowed
  2. Car park
  3. Check-in [24-hour]
  4. Swimming pool [outdoor]
  5. Balcony or terrace
  6. Buzzer/wireless intercom
  7. Kitchen basics (cookware, oils, condiments)
Avg price per night
$ 77
Klub Safari Inn & Lounge
Soriano,Soriano - View on map
  1. Airport transfer
  2. Car park
  3. Shuttle service
  4. BBQ facilities
  5. Coffee shop
  6. Laundry service
  7. Restaurants
  8. Room service

Fast facts about Soriano, Philippines

Accommodations3 properties
Popular areaSoriano
Nightly rates from$40

Frequently asked questions

What are the best properties in Soriano for couples?

Places to stay in Soriano that are exceptionally rated by couples include Oasis Resthouse.

What are the top places to stay in Soriano for families?

Places to stay in Soriano that are widely ranked by families include Oasis Resthouse.

What resorts around Soriano are exceptionally rated regarding location?

A property found in Soriano that is very highly rated for location is Oasis Resthouse.

What places to stay in Soriano are exceptionally rated regarding service?

An accommodation found in Soriano which is highly rated with regards to service is Oasis Resthouse.

What are the ideal places to stay in Soriano offering free parking?

Hotels that includes free parking in Soriano which are highly rated include Oasis Resthouse, Oasis Resthouse and Oasis Resthouse.

What are the ideal places to stay found in Soriano with restaurants?

Resorts with restaurants in Soriano which are well rated include Oasis Resthouse, Oasis Resthouse and Oasis Resthouse.

Where can I find rooms in Soriano that has free cancellation policy?

Yes, you’ll find most hotel rooms provide free cancellation rates, in which you can expect to receive a full refund if you cancel before the deadline. Filter your search by free cancellation to find flexible hotel deals in Soriano.

What are some upcoming holidays in Soriano?

The forthcoming holidays in city_name include All Saints' Day (Araw ng mga Namayapa) on 11/1/2023, Additional Public Holiday on 11/2/2023, and Bonifacio Day (Araw ni Bonifacio) on 11/27/2023.

When should I travel to Soriano?

Last year, Soriano garnered its most visitors during the month of April. Nevertheless, make sure to consider other months during which there are fewer visitors, as the most popular sights will be less crowded.

Are foreign travelers allowed into Soriano?

Foreign travelers are allowed into Soriano, based on our most current information. Due to changing restrictions, we advise you to visit here for additional details.

Is quarantine expected for fully vaccinated foreigners to enter Soriano?

Quarantine is not required for fully vaccinated visitors to enter Soriano from outside the country. For up-to-date and detailed information on travel restrictons, please have a look at the official websites of the travel authority or government of the country you wish to visit, or go to here.

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More about Soriano

Discovering Soriano: Fun Facts and Travel Tips

Soriano is a small, charming town located in the province of Nueva Ecija in the Philippines. While it may not be as well-known as other tourist destinations in the country, Soriano has a lot to offer to travelers looking for a peaceful and authentic experience. Did you know that Soriano is known as the "Rice Granary of the Philippines" due to its fertile land and abundant rice production? In fact, the town holds an annual Rice Festival to celebrate their main crop. Travelers can also visit the Soriano Rice Terraces, which are considered as one of the most beautiful in the country. If you're planning to visit Soriano, it's important to know that the town is located about 3 hours away from Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The easiest way to get there is by private car or van, but there are also public buses that go to the town. Once you arrive in Soriano, you'll find that the town is quite small and easy to navigate by foot or tricycle.

Top Reasons to Visit Soriano, the Hidden Gem of the Philippines

Soriano may not be as popular as other destinations in the Philippines, but it's definitely worth a visit. One of the top reasons to visit Soriano is its natural beauty. The town is surrounded by lush greenery, rice fields, and mountains, making it a great place for nature lovers. The Soriano Rice Terraces, which were built by the Ifugao tribe, are a must-see attraction in the town. Another reason to visit Soriano is its rich culture and history. The town has a number of historical landmarks and museums that showcase its past. One of the most popular is the Soriano Heritage House, which is a well-preserved ancestral home that dates back to the Spanish colonial era. Soriano is also a great place to experience the local way of life. The town is home to friendly and welcoming locals who are happy to share their culture and traditions with visitors. You can visit the local market to see the fresh produce and sample some of the local delicacies.

Traveling to Soriano: How to Get There and Where to Stay

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to get to Soriano is by private car or van. If you're coming from Manila, you can rent a car or hire a van to take you to the town. There are also public buses that go to the town, but they may not be as comfortable or convenient as a private vehicle. When it comes to accommodation, Soriano has limited options, but there are still a few good choices. One of the most popular is the Oasis Resthouse, which offers comfortable rooms and a peaceful atmosphere. The resthouse is located in the heart of the town, making it a convenient base for exploring the area.

10 Fun Things to Do in Soriano: A Guide to the Best Attractions

Soriano may be a small town, but it has a number of interesting attractions that are worth checking out. Here are 10 fun things to do in Soriano: 1. Visit the Soriano Rice Terraces 2. Explore the Soriano Heritage House 3. Learn about the town's history at the Soriano Museum 4. Go on a hiking or trekking adventure in the nearby mountains 5. Take a dip in the cool waters of the Bongabon River 6. Visit the local market and try some of the local delicacies 7. Attend the annual Rice Festival 8. Visit the nearby town of Baler and go surfing 9. Go on a birdwatching tour in the nearby Pantabangan Dam 10. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay at the Oasis Resthouse

Why is the Best Way to Book Your Soriano Hotel

If you're planning to visit Soriano, it's important to book your hotel in advance to ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient stay. is the best way to book your Soriano hotel for a number of reasons. Firstly, offers a wide range of hotel options in Soriano, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxurious resorts. You can easily compare prices and amenities to find the best hotel for your needs and budget. Secondly, offers a secure and hassle-free booking process. You can book your hotel online in just a few clicks, and you'll receive instant confirmation of your reservation. Finally, offers great deals and discounts on Soriano hotels, so you can save money on your accommodation and have more to spend on your trip.

The Best Time to Visit Soriano: Tips for Planning Your Trip

The best time to visit Soriano is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. During this time, the weather is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The rainy season, which runs from May to October, can be quite wet and humid, so it's best to avoid this time if possible. When planning your trip to Soriano, it's important to pack accordingly. Bring lightweight and comfortable clothing, as well as a raincoat or umbrella in case of rain. You should also bring sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as any medications or other supplies that you may need.

Soriano Travel Tips: What to Eat, How to Travel Around, and More

If you're visiting Soriano, there are a few travel tips that can help make your trip more enjoyable. When it comes to food, Soriano is known for its rice-based dishes, such as sinangag (fried rice) and lugaw (rice porridge). You should also try the local delicacies, such as tupig (sticky rice cake) and pancit cabagan (a type of noodle dish). To get around Soriano, you can hire a tricycle or take a walk. Tricycles are the most common mode of transportation in the town, and they're an affordable and convenient way to get around. Finally, it's important to respect the local culture and traditions when visiting Soriano. The town is home to friendly and welcoming locals who are proud of their heritage, so be sure to be respectful and courteous during your stay.