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Home to one of the world’s biggest stock exchanges, Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and certainly the financial capital. However, Zurich is much more than just banks and financial centers. The city is rich in culture, impressive in architecture, and stunning in its beauty set against the shores of Lake Zurich. The city is served by Zurich Airport, which is located within the municipality of Kloten, just over 10 minutes from the Zurich city center.

Zurich is divided into numbered districts, each district home to distinct neighborhoods offering something to see or do. District 1, or the Alstadt, is the old city with neighborhoods like Rathaus, Hochschulen, and Lindenhof located there. Built during medieval times, the Alstadt is definitely the place to go when looking for beautifully restored medieval monuments, heritage homes, and cathedrals.

Zurich is home to many major museums and art galleries, one of them being the Swiss National Museum or Landesmuseum Zurich. This is one of the most important museums in Europe, and the most important one in Switzerland as the biggest repository of Swiss culture and history.

The quays of Zurich are a central attraction within the city center, featuring lovely promenades that pass through gardens along the stunning Lake Zurich. There are many hotels, including luxury accommodations, which are dotted along the shores of Lake Zurich. Of course, the best view of the city can be had from atop Grossmunster Church, an ancient and beautiful church that has been the symbol of this country’s extensive history for centuries.

Of course, there’s a lot more to see and do in Zurich and the best way to discover what else this city has to offer in terms of attractions, landmarks, and hotels is by exploring the interactive map on this page.