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Update on COVID-19 from Agoda

Update on COVID-19 from Agoda

With the evolving global impact of COVID-19, we understand you may have concerns regarding your travel plans and may wish to cancel or postpone your booking. We are working closely with our property partners to secure free cancellation where possible, in order to provide you the best options. If you need to make changes to your booking, or just want to check if your booking is eligible for free cancellation, the fastest way is to access the "My bookings" section on the Agoda website or app (instructions below).

For those who have recently made contact with our customer support team, thank you for your understanding and patience if our response takes longer than usual. Due to the much higher than usual volume, we are currently prioritizing support to those bookings that are within the next 2 weeks.

If your travel period is more than 2 weeks away, we recommend checking back closer to the check-in date before making any changes or cancellations, as conditions change rapidly, including availability of free cancellation.

To access the “My bookings” self-service option:

  • Using the app: Log in to the Agoda App --> click on Bookings icon at bottom --> select the booking that you would like to cancel --> check the “booking conditions” section.

  • Using our website: Go to Agoda website and log-in --> select "My bookings" --> select "Edit booking" on the booking you would like to cancel --> check the “booking conditions” section.

  • If your booking is eligible for free cancellation, you will see the message: "This booking may be affected by a current emergency or developing situation. Due to these exceptional circumstances, Agoda will waive all fees on cancellation for your affected booking." You may then proceed to cancel through this self-service option without contacting customer service.


    Please know that we are doing everything we can to protect your travel plans, and minimize the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

    On behalf of the entire team at Agoda, thank you again for booking your travel with us.

    Your Friends at Agoda