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Casa de la Playa Beach Resort
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7,0 Velmi dobrá poloha
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  • Čistota 6,6
  • Vybavení 7,4
  • Poloha 7,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,1
  • Služby 7,1
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,7
  • Občerstvení 5,8
  • Čistota 6,9
  • Vybavení 9,1
  • Poloha 6,9
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 5,8
  • Služby 7,6
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,6
  • Občerstvení 5,8
Skóre hodnocení
na základě 3 hodnocení
  • Čistota 4,7
  • Vybavení 2,0
  • Poloha 6,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 5,0
  • Služby 4,7
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 5,3
  • Občerstvení 5,0
Skóre hodnocení
na základě 2 hodnocení
  • Čistota 4,0
  • Vybavení 4,0
  • Poloha 6,0
  • Služby 5,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 5,0
Skóre hodnocení
na základě 1 hodnocení
  • Čistota 6,0
  • Poloha 10,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,0
  • Služby 4,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,0
  • Občerstvení 2,0
Velmi dobré
na základě 4 hodnocení
  • Čistota 8,0
  • Poloha 7,5
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 7,5
  • Služby 8,5
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 9,0
  • Občerstvení 7,0
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  • Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
  • Domek od strony plaży - z wentylatorem
  • Dom Native typu Gallery
  • Zahradní bungalov s větrákem
  • Cliffside Villa with Air Conditioning
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Brian – Velká Británie
Rodina s malými dětmi
Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
Zůstal 4 nocí v únor 2017
Beautiful setting but very remote ”
We stayed four nights at Casa De La Playa. It has a beautiful beachfront setting ,and nice gardens . The room overlooked the sea ,and we could go to sleep and wake to the sound of the waves. The room was a decent size , wifi was patchy in room but better in reception. The staff like you to pre order your dinner an hour before arriving at the restaurant , which was a first for me , but no big deal.The big negative for me , was the location . The hotel is a good 10 minute walk uphill to the main road to wait for the occasional trike or multi cab to come past . There are no shops anywhere near , and we found only one other small restaurant further along the beach . The nearest town is around 20 mins ride away. Hiring a scooter ,is a must if you would like to enjoy the beach and solitude on offer, but for us it was just too far away from everywhere .
Hodnoceno 27 února 2017
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Jess – Velká Británie
Zahradní bungalov s větrákem
Zůstal 2 nocí v prosinec 2016
An enjoyable stay”
Lovely food, pretty good location right next to Larena Port, so when myself and my boyfriend didn't arrive until 12pm, it was easy to get to. James and his team made our stay, he is a ray of sunshine that makes you feel right at home. Also cheap motorbike hire for 350 pesos for the day!
Hodnoceno 08 prosince 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
ofir – Izrael
Domek od strony plaży - z wentylatorem
Zůstal 3 nocí v říjen 2016
great and pleasent place”
We were here for 6 nights and enjoyed every second. The beach is beautiful and you also have your own private riff
Hodnoceno 21 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
charisma – Filipíny
Rodina s malými dětmi
Domek od strony plaży - z wentylatorem
Zůstal jednu noc v červen 2016
Location is the only pros! The rest is awful”
I was researching for a beachfront cottage and found this. Location is the things good on this resort! Beach is dirty, full of seaweeds and rubbish. Room is very old, dirty and smelly, and linen stink! I was not expecting much but this resort was just way too undergraded!
Hodnoceno 07 června 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Coleen – Filipíny
Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
Zůstal jednu noc v leden 2016
Extermely private - awesome beachfront”
Our room had an amazing view of the sea and we were almost alone except for 2 more guests we hardly saw. It's completely secluded and very private; good for honeymooners. Love love the beachfront! Food is ok not a lot of choices and served after 30 mins or so - the usual laidback Filipino way (Hey, you are on vacation afterall!) Went to the restaurant an hour after they closed but the chef accommodated us and made us yummy sandwiches! :) More Caucasians than Filipinos. Staff speaks good English. Highly recommended! Will be back soon.
Hodnoceno 22 března 2016
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Diana – Belgie
Zahradní bungalov s větrákem
Zůstal 4 nocí v březen 2015
don't book it ”
they make a very good chocolate pancake although a pricy one
We had booked for 4 nights but checked out after 1 night only .I think this needs no further explanation . The price of the rooms is at least the double for what they are worth
Hodnoceno 24 března 2015
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Lyle – Austrálie
Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
Zůstal 3 nocí v leden 2015
Great staff and a nice position ... ”
Staff always helpful, the beach house had a lovely view ... The drinks were great !
It was pleasant ... The weather wasn't kind to us but we still enjoyed our stay ... Some of the food was very average ! Should have eaten more of their local dishes I guess ...
Hodnoceno 06 února 2015
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Christian – Švédsko
Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
Zůstal 5 nocí v leden 2015
Has potential”
beach front cottage, fridge, ok wifi
First of all, note that this property is located in the quiet north eastern part of the island, far from the best beaches and most other resorts in south west. Being on the northern side also means that you don't get that much sun. If you are looking for a quiet hideaway, this could be of interest for you but if I where you I would go for one of the neighbouring resorts instead. We stayed in a beach front air con room which definitely had some pros: it was a quite cosy room with a big veranda where we enjoyed our own breakfast (the one they serve is quite expensive, and more about the restaurant later) and sundowners while watching the sunset. And it was clean enough. But the room as well as the whole resort needs a facelift. The bed linen and towels were old and the pressure in shower and tap extremely low. We were also surprised that some of the cheaper garden cottages had wifi access while the more expensive beach rooms did not. Regarding wifi, the neighbouring resort had at least as good connection as the Casa. In the reception/restaurant they have a lot of different info on the island and services provided, however most of it is from the 90s/00s making you wonder if it's accurate or relevant at all. Some surely isn't. They also advertise that they rent snorkelling gear, but what they had was a bucket of old, broken and dried stuff, we tried to pick the best but goggles and snorkels were leaking. We tried the restaurant a few times but were generally disappointed. First of all, all dishes (yes all it seems, even salads!) takes 1-2 hours to prepare since they "make everything fresh". But honestly, I've been to loads of restaurants using fresh ingredients and usually don't have to wait more than 30 min. This only shows that they don't know how to run a restaurant. We were also surprised by the dishes they offer. They specialise in vegeterian cuisine, but many dishes were more or less only potatoes. But the fresh mango juice was great!
Hodnoceno 28 ledna 2015
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
robert – Kanada
Pokoj u pláže s klimatizací
Zůstal 2 nocí v prosinec 2014
Poor beach ”
Nothing really
no water in room, poor lighting, noisy air
Hodnoceno 16 prosince 2014
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Rainer – Německo
Dom Native typu Gallery
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2014
A Nightmare. Don't go there and dont waste ur time.
Hodnoceno 13 prosince 2014
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |


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