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Egg House Busan Haeundae Guesthouse
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8,0 Velmi dobrá poloha
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  • 450 m - Haeundae Beach

  • Wi-Fi zdarma ve všech pokojích

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Vzdálenost od důležitých míst

  • Letiště poblíž
    • 20 km
    • Mezinár. letiště Gimhae (PUS) - Busan
    • 53 km
    • Letiště Ulsan (USN) - Ulsan
  • Autobusová a vlaková nádraží
    • 200 m
    • Haeundae Subway Station
    • 750 m
    • Jung-dong Subway Station
  • Nemocnice a kliniky
    • 1,5 km
    • Kim & Jeong Haeundae Hospital
  • Lékárny
    • 3,5 km
    • Uli Pharmacy
  • Večerka
    • 2,8 km
    • Buy the way
  • Bankomat
    • 1,6 km
    • ATM

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Vybrat typ cestovatele
  • Čistota 6,2
  • Vybavení 5,5
  • Poloha 8,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 7,8
  • Služby 6,4
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,9
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na základě 4 hodnocení
  • Čistota 4,0
  • Vybavení 2,7
  • Poloha 7,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 10,0
  • Služby 4,5
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 5,0
na základě 9 hodnocení
  • Čistota 6,0
  • Vybavení 5,0
  • Poloha 8,4
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 7,2
  • Služby 6,2
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,1
  • Čistota 6,4
  • Vybavení 5,8
  • Poloha 7,9
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 7,5
  • Služby 6,5
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,2
na základě 7 hodnocení
  • Čistota 6,0
  • Vybavení 4,4
  • Poloha 7,7
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 9,0
  • Služby 5,4
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,9
  • Čistota 6,3
  • Vybavení 5,8
  • Poloha 8,1
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 8,0
  • Služby 6,7
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,9
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  • English
  • 한국어
  • 繁體中文 (台灣)
  • 简体中文
  • ภาษาไทย
  • 繁體中文 (香港)
  • Русский
  • Français
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Typ pokoje
  • Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
  • Třílůžkový pokoj
  • Rodinný pokoj
  • Group Room with Shared Bathroom
  • Apartmá Floor
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diane – Filipíny
Apartmá Floor
Zůstal jednu noc v leden 2017
Excellent location”
This is suitable for backpackers. Walking distance to the traditional market and Haeundae Beach.
Hodnoceno 13 února 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Celine – Francie
Služební cestovatel
Apartmá Floor
Zůstal 3 nocí v listopad 2016
Good location but very poor service”
This hotel has a good location. But it is impossible to find if you don't know. The taxi driver didn't even know where to go. You see nobody, the keys are just on a desk with your name, and that's it. It wasn't clearly explained that it is a hostel, so I wasn't expecting that. Everything is dirty: dust everywhere in the room, the sheets and towels are old and you are not sure of their cleanliness. The showers and sinks are dirty, and rusty... Not a good experience, I don't recommend.
Hodnoceno 03 ledna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Hjh – Sultanát Brunej
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 3 nocí v prosinec 2016
Needs to improve”
No logo or signage to mark the place. No staff. No room heater (we were there in winter & I come from a country that has only one season throughout the year), thus we slept with hotpacks and our wintercoats on at night. Sinks were clogged. Shower gels and Shampoo were nearly empty even on the first night we arrived there. Shower heater does not work at all. We wanted to get some drinking water at the pantry, but the water tank is just empty! No brochures on recommended places to visit in Busan available at all.
Hodnoceno 19 prosince 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Amy – Spojené státy americké
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 2 nocí v listopad 2016
Does anybody even run this place?”
As an Egg house, I really expected a good level of amenities, cleanliness, and good location. They only good part is the location part. Everything else was just went downhill. First off, there were no comforters on the beds in our room. I ended up going to another unoccupied room to take their comforters. Shampoo, body wash, hand soaps were all nearly empty. It seemed like the house had not been staffed for several weeks as bathrooms were filthy. There was no toilet paper rolls in the holders. Thank goodness I brought my own towel because there were none available. There is a washer for you to use, but when we tried to use it, it was filled with wet towels from who-knows-when. There was also a giant pile of damp towels stacked against the washer about 4 feet high. I emailed the host around 10pm regarding the towels, comforter, and bathrooms, and they replied the next morning with "If you can go to the convenience store, you can buy the towel and we will reimburse you" uh yeah, reimburse when? Cause I see no one there. Regarding the toilets, the were two that were blocked with ...homogeneous goop and the smell in the common area got so bad my eyes started to sting when brushing my teeth. The host responded with "you can use toilet no. 3/4/5 another one as much as you want" the area with the blocked toilets. That's very considerate of them to not send someone. Room 6 doesn't lock, and neither does the front door so it was very unsafe to keep our stuff there. Outlets are super low wattage, took the whole day and night just to charge a 5000 mah battery pack. The windows are also non insulted, so there's a pretty cold draft coming in during the middle of November. We finally figured out the heater. It's the black one on the wall that starts with the letter "P" the remote is the little square one, press red butting to turn on and the top right button for heat. As each day passed, these issues continued to compound and I am glad I only stayed for tw
Hodnoceno 03 prosince 2016
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Martin – Francie
Služební cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 3 nocí v listopad 2016
Very, very dirty place, ugly
Hodnoceno 28 listopadu 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Abigail – Spojené státy americké
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 2 nocí v listopad 2016
Tiny room but adequate. Toilet area smelled. ”
Terrific location.
Hodnoceno 10 listopadu 2016
Jeden cestovatel považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte? |
Rou – Malajsie
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 3 nocí v říjen 2016
Different logo and no staff”
The GH logo is different. There is no staff in the counter and the main door unable to lock.
Hodnoceno 07 listopadu 2016
Jeden cestovatel považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte? |
Kenneth – Malajsie
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s oddělenými postelemi
Zůstal 3 nocí v duben 2016
Comfort Stay”
The Guesthouse is situated on the second floor of a commercial building. Overall was comfortable but do mention which room you want to stay in or they will just randomly choose one for you.
Hodnoceno 31 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Joseph – Filipíny
Rodina se staršími dětmi
Třílůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v říjen 2016
Nobody is in the front desk the entire stay..
Hodnoceno 24 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Christyn – Spojené státy americké
Třílůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 2 nocí v říjen 2016
Wouldn't stay here again”
Our room wasn't cleaned well when we got there. We sat on the floor and there was dirt everywhere. There were mosquitoes in our room too, so my friend was bit a couple of times. We also saw a roach near the sinks. It wasn't the cleanest and the staff wasn't really there. We saw them once. My friend, who went with me on this trip, said it wasn't like this when she stayed here a few years ago.
Hodnoceno 18 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |


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