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Hoyohoy Villas
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Willa Regular (Regular Villa)
  • Výhled: Zahrada
  • 14 m²
  • 1 jednolůžko a 1 dvoulůžko ...
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Vila Kanaway (Kanaway Villa)
  • Výhled: Oceán (částečný výh...
  • 16 m²
  • 1 dvoulůžko velikosti „Quee...
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Vila u pláže (Beachfront Villa)
  • Výhled: Pláž
  • 16 m²
  • 1 dvoulůžko velikosti „Quee...
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Casitas Pokoj (Casitas Room)
  • Výhled: Zahrada
  • 12 m²
  • 1 dvoulůžko velikosti „Quee...
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  • 84 km
  • Letiště Ormoc (OMC)
  • 96 km
  • Mezinár. letiště Mactan-Cebu (CEB)
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  • 8 km
  • Bantayan District Hospital

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Hodnocení Agoda (82)


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Velmi dobré
  • Čistota 8,4
  • Vybavení 6,5
  • Poloha 8,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 8,3
  • Služby 7,9
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,6
  • Občerstvení 7,3
Velmi dobré
  • Čistota 8,5
  • Vybavení 6,7
  • Poloha 7,9
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 8,1
  • Služby 8,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,5
  • Občerstvení 7,3
Velmi dobré
  • Čistota 8,6
  • Vybavení 4,7
  • Poloha 6,6
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 9,5
  • Služby 7,7
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,3
  • Občerstvení 7,0
Velmi dobré
  • Čistota 8,0
  • Vybavení 7,0
  • Poloha 8,8
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 8,3
  • Služby 7,5
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 8,0
  • Občerstvení 7,3
Velmi dobré
  • Čistota 7,0
  • Poloha 8,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 7,0
  • Služby 8,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,0
  • Občerstvení 7,0
  • Čistota 8,4
  • Vybavení 7,3
  • Poloha 8,7
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 8,8
  • Služby 8,2
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 8,7
  • Občerstvení 7,5
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  • 繁體中文 (香港)
  • Русский
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Typ pokoje
  • Vila Kanaway
  • Willa Regular
  • Vila u pláže
  • Casitas Pokoj

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Zobrazeno 78 hodnocení
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Wryffens – Filipíny
Rodina s malými dětmi
Vila Kanaway
Zůstal jednu noc v duben 2017
Definitely not coming back!”
The place is calm and quite however the swimming pool is really not usable. It's more of like a fish pond without the fishes yet with plenty of leaves falling off from the trees. I don't think they ever clean it up. There is also no lifeguard on duty so perhaps the pool is just for decoration. Supposedly it was only me, my husband and our baby who were checking in at the resort but when we entered our room and saw that there was a king bed and a queen bed, we let my father and our nanny stay in with us since we could all fit in. We got them another room at another resort initially but we cancelled it since the villa could accommodate us all but turned out that we were charged for 2 more persons at 1200/head. In their leaflets the room says maximum of 4 persons but unknowinlgy the room rate is only good for two. When we talked to the manager about the confusion, he was not helpful at all. Definitely not professional in dealing w/ his customer's concerns. I was also told by my cousin that food service takes a lot of time so my husband and I preordered our breakfast the night before w/ clear instructions to serve it at 6:30-7am however we still got our food at 7:34am. Though it's delicious we were not able to enjoy it as much as we'd like to since we were already fed up w/ waiting and anxious of the delay since we were trying to catch the morning ferry back to Cebu. When I asked the staff where our food was and what happened why the late service, they just keep telling us it's on its way and they have already made a follow-up- no clear answers at all. But in all fairness to the chef, he made our breakfast complimentary because of the hassle caused. Aside from the good location (5 mins or less walk from the port of Sta Fe) and clean and spacious rooms, there isn't much about this place that's worth coming back to. So, I'm definitely not coming back! I'd rather try the other newer and well-maintained resorts.
Hodnoceno 02 května 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Ma – Filipíny
Willa Regular
Zůstal 2 nocí v duben 2017
Awesome Staff! ”
They have a bunch of awesome staff however the beach is small and too near the port.
Hodnoceno 26 dubna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Werner – Švýcarsko
Samostatný cestovatel
Willa Regular
Zůstal 6 nocí v únor 2017
quite nice but too expensive and too far from village”
breakfast: very simple and too much expensive (the staff asked me what kind of tea i would like - i said earl grey tea or any other black tea - then the staff replied "sorry sir, we only have camomille tea ..." !) haha - why that question from staff when they only have one sort of tea ... ?? swimming pool: nice but small and filter does not work properly - lot of small flies and other things were swimming on the surface . it is a relaxing place and very quiet but to far expensive what this resort is giving to guests .
Hodnoceno 22 února 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Domingo – Filipíny
Vila u pláže
Zůstal 6 nocí v leden 2017
Location to close to Ferry
Hodnoceno 22 ledna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Lindsay – Spojené státy americké
Vila u pláže
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2016
Very nice”
Great value. Beautiful villas and grounds.
Hodnoceno 30 prosince 2016
Jeden cestovatel považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte? |
Petr – Česká republika
Vila u pláže
Zůstal 2 nocí v listopad 2016
Not good quality & price. ”
Close port and not nice beach. Never more we moved to other resort.
Hodnoceno 26 listopadu 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Jannice – Hong Kong
Vila u pláže
Zůstal 2 nocí v srpen 2016
That was the second time we stayed at that resort. We choose that resort for its exclusivity and quietness. For the 2 nights that we stayed we couldn't sleep well because of the karaoke next door. They said there is an ordinance that karaoke's are only until 12midnight which was not followed even when the resort guard went next door and told them about the noise. All in all in our entire stay we had to endure the noisy karaoke day and night. Breakfast definitely is lousy. When we checked out we were told to pay Usd 30 each for 2 towels thay "we" stained. We've travelled all over europe and asia and other countries in the world, never have we been charged for "staining" a stupid towel. The towel was not even new it was already turning gray instead of white. We told the staff that we want to take the towels since we are paying Usd 30 for each but they said it is only for the cleaning fee. We were running out of time coz we had to catch the 11:30am ferry so we just paid for the miraculous stained towel. We are never going back to that resort and never recommending it to any of our friends. Heads up to anybody who wishes to stay there, bring your own towel!
Hodnoceno 06 září 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Mourid – Německo
Vila u pláže
Zůstal 4 nocí v červenec 2016
Nice location, terrible service”
We have spent 4 nights at this resort and have been greeted with a closed gate at arrival after a 10 hours trip ! The luggage carriers from the pier tried to scam us and sell us another hotel room saying the resort we booked would only open its gates next morning. It took us almost one hour waiting in front of closed hotel gates at a dark road before the receptionist picked up the phone finally and let us in- unbelievable ! Don't go to Bantayan island ! Go to Bohol instead! It's not worth the effort and the people are all very cheeky trying to rip you off whenever they can. The resort is nice tho but the service is incredibly slow and the beach is dirty. If you come here, make sure you walk up to the nicer beach areas (10-15 min walk) the beache there is wonderful. Overall , the island is very beautiful but beware of getting scammed by its inhabitants
Hodnoceno 18 července 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Mark – Velká Británie
Vila Kanaway
Zůstal 2 nocí v červen 2016
Disaster ”
Sadly the description placed by other reviewers (which inticed me go there) was in my opinion inaccurate. With the exception of the internal decoration, layout and condition of our room furniture, our cottage was well below standard. In summary, the main points of concern are as follows; 1. Very dated internal fittings to the bathroom including the white goods and the overall condition of the bathroom in terms of decorative order 2. When we arrived there was no dining facilities available as the chef was employed elsewhere 3. The soft landscaping of the complex was poorly tended and sparce 4. The condition of the cottages was dated and lacked any effort in basic preventative maintenance and re decoration 5. The main staff member who was in charge could not speak english and appeared to be deaf in both ears 6. Our toilet did not work 7. The hot water heater did not work and was not fixable 8. The 80,s tv and cable box constantly broke and required intervention 9. The doors and windows fitted poorly and allowed insects into our room 10. Aircon was to small to effectively cool the room 11. The resort is within 100m of the port terminal 12. The beach was dirty and littered with debris We were offered alternative accomodation in order to allow us to use the shower and toilet but we declined as it was worse than our exicting room, however in order to be able to use the toilet and shower, we had no choice but to switch rooms when we needed to use these facilities whilst maintaining our existing room. Overall, the accommodation was very dated and lacked any inward investment or maintenance, oh and the internet was usless and not as described in the accommodation summary. The price of the accommodation was over priced and the star value in my opinion should be limited to one star. I would not recommend staying here under any circumstances.
Hodnoceno 02 července 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Sunshine – Filipíny
Rodina s malými dětmi
Vila Kanaway
Zůstal 2 nocí v květen 2016
Hodnoceno 25 května 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |

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Hoyohoy Villas
|Velmi dobré 7,9


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