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Huba-Huba Bungalow
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8,2 Velmi dobrá poloha
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  • bar

  • zahrada

  • soukromá pláž

  • restaurace

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Nabídka pokojů
Bungalov (2 dospělí) (Bungalow (2 Adults))
  • Výhled: Moře
  • 10 m²
  • 1 dvoulůžko
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Rodinný bungalov (Family Bungalow)
  • Výhled: Moře
  • 20 m²
  • 2 jednolůžka a 1 dvoulůžko
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Jednolůžko ve smíšeném společném pokoji (Single Bed in Mixed Dormitory Room)
  • 13 m²
  • 1 palanda
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1 Person in 7-Bed Dormitory - Mixed
  • Výhled: Moře
  • 30 m²
  • 1 palanda
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  • Čistota 6,5
  • Vybavení 6,1
  • Poloha 8,2
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,1
  • Služby 8,2
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,1
  • Čistota 8,0
  • Vybavení 6,0
  • Poloha 6,0
  • Služby 8,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 8,0
  • Čistota 6,5
  • Vybavení 6,3
  • Poloha 8,4
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,3
  • Služby 8,5
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,1
  • Čistota 7,0
  • Vybavení 6,0
  • Poloha 7,9
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,5
  • Služby 8,2
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,7
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  • Čistota 4,0
  • Poloha 8,0
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 4,0
  • Služby 6,0
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 4,0
  • Čistota 6,0
  • Vybavení 5,0
  • Poloha 7,6
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 4,7
  • Služby 6,8
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,0
  • Čistota 5,8
  • Vybavení 6,0
  • Poloha 8,5
  • Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje 6,0
  • Služby 7,4
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 6,8
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Typ pokoje
  • Bungalov (2 dospělí)
  • Rodinný bungalov

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Tuna – Vietnam
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal jednu noc v srpen 2017
Huba Huba đáng để trải nghiệm”
Huba-Huba is a great hostel that offers many type of staying like bungalows, tents, doms... I love their food and decoration concept. I was really enjoy the nature of jungle, wild of the beach. This place is absolutely peaceful and quite that bring you closely to the nature, the origin environment that urban life never had. I will come back. A small disadvantage is the path leading to Huba-Huba. There is only one way walking for about 45 minutes, no boats or other vehicals. In rainy season, it is really a little bit danger for you to do trekking through the forest.
Hodnoceno 14 srpna 2017
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Thùy – Vietnam
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal jednu noc v leden 2017
We had to walk 45 minutes to there. It's exciting but only suitable for active people. There was a problem that I had forgotten my passport when we checked out, and could not walk back 45 minutes again. So I must hire someone to get back. T_T
Hodnoceno 12 dubna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Thi – Vietnam
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal jednu noc v březen 2017
Best place to hide away ”
After trekking 1hr from Saracen Bay to Sunset Beach, Huba Huba welcome us with the best beach ever, quiet place, into the wild. Please consider if you go with children.
Hodnoceno 05 dubna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Andrew – Kanada
Rodinný bungalov
Zůstal 4 nocí v březen 2017
Chill Cambodian paradise”
We stayed on the beach for 4 nights (bungalow 2). If you can handle a rustic place that is simple and quiet this is for you. It is a little paradise, gorgeous water and a very laid back vibe. No fans in the rooms so it can be hot at night. Not for everyone, but completely amazing if you just want to disconnect and do nothing.
Hodnoceno 03 dubna 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Kieu – Vietnam
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal jednu noc v leden 2017
Beautiful and epic bungalow”
Book it ahead of time and enjoy how the nature treat you!
Hodnoceno 06 února 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Bertrand – Belgie
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal jednu noc v říjen 2016
The beach is very quiet as it is only accessible by a 30 min walk through the forest (during rainy season only, it seems the beach is accessible by boat during the dry season). The bar and restaurant area is really nice and owners are very friendly. Food selection is quite big for such a remote beach and the food is of good quality and tasteful. OK, now for some weaker points. The beach is dirty, not so dirty that it prevents you from enjoying a swim or a sunbath but it's definitely noticeable. I think the few guesthouses on the beach should pool their resources to clean that up daily, I understand it is a big task as the trash probably comes back all the time because of the tide and waves but it would turn this beach into an amazing place. Regarding the hotel, the shower room needed improvement but that was definitely ongoing, another one was being built next to the existing one and it seemed promising.
Hodnoceno 29 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Nai – Tchaj-wan
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal 2 nocí v duben 2016
Overpriced and foreign staff are a little stuck up”
After an hour walk through the rainforest (which some may enjoy), we arrived to find absolutely no water for the entire stay. The accommodations are basically wood boxes and the floor boards don't even line up properly so I dropped a few things through under the bungalow. The staff forbid you to bring food or drinks from the outside, apparently because mice and other rodents will come in and eat them, but this shouldn't be an issue if the rooms weren't so poorly constructed. It felt to me like a money grab for Europeans looking for an "authentic jungle experience". The property is very nice, but the rooms are super expensive for what they are, lack of water, and overall attitude of the wait staff (who are not locals and just backpackers who are working under the table) really put me off. After purchasing 15 bottles of water so I could wash my face, brush my teeth and rinse off my body, you would think they would deduct some of them for free since they failed to invest properly in a water pump. The neighboring properties had water at the time so we had to take a shower and use the toilet in the bathroom of the place next door (which we ate at the whole time and is generally better than this place). What bothered me most was the total lack of concern about the water issue. I understand it was dry season, I understand it's an island, but don't tell me there's no water when the neighbors have it, then proceed to charge me since I have to purchase water from you. Bad service. Saying "sorry there's no water" and handing me 2 free bottles would have left me with a better impression, but instead the whole experience to me felt fake and like a money grab.
Hodnoceno 15 října 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Hang – Vietnam
Rodinný bungalov
Zůstal jednu noc v červen 2016
Not good facilities”
The beach was wild and empty as we expect. But the restroom is unclean, and water is not enough for group of 4 to wash after beach time. Bed and pillow are also in the same problem... Food is good and surrounding is beautiful.
Hodnoceno 26 září 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Johette – Jihoafrická republika
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal 3 nocí v srpen 2016
Island vibes!”
We had an absolute blast here. It is nice and remote, and even though it was fully booked when we stayed here, it didn't feel like it at all. The limited electricity and no wifi didn't bother us at all, as we used the time to chill in the bar/restaurant, lie on the beach, read, eat and relax. The food was surprisingly good, and the portions were quite big, so the slightly higher prices were definitely justified. The staff was just amazing and looked after our every need. It was so worth the 35/40 minute hike through the forest to get to an almost empty beach and the perfect place to connect with nature and completely switch off from the world.
Hodnoceno 22 srpna 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |
Kim – Velká Británie
Bungalov (2 dospělí)
Zůstal 2 nocí v červen 2016
Lovely stay ”
Staff were fantastic and the location was great. Big hole at the entrance to the toilet though and some issues with getting showers. We stuck to the times on the signs on the toilet doors for showering but found that water wasn't always available and the guesthouse only had us staying for most of the nights. Still had the sea though!
Hodnoceno 30 června 2016
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné? |

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Huba-Huba Bungalow
|Velmi dobré 7,3


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