Kayak Inn Tibiao
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Bambusová chatrč (Bamboo Hut)
  • Výhled: Zahrada
  • 12 m²/129 ft²
  • 2 jednolůžka a 1 dvoulůžko ...
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Hodnocení Agoda (19)
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Na základě 19 hodnocení
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Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje6,0
Poměr cena/kvalita7,4
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Eunice – Filipíny
Rodina s malými dětmi
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, říjen 2017
Velmi dobré”
There was no proper coordination. We arrived at the property and staffs told us there is no more slot for us. I told that can't be because we booked it through Agoda. The staffs explained they were not able to receive any notification from the main office as they do not have signal. Well I understand, that was the reason I came back to this place because it is really a place to relax, no cell signal and no tv, it is really a place to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. Good thing staffs were able to do something about the issue and we had a wonderful time staying in the property. My daughter enjoyed the Kawa bath and the river. Staffs are very polite and accomodating.
Hodnoceno 02 listopadu 2017
Kristina – Filipíny
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, červen 2017
If you want to be completely disconnected from the outside world”
The overnight stay here is not recommended - a day trip is good - but to actually stay here overnight, that’s something I won’t do again. The staff were friendly - but because they’re a family, everything is being charged - food, transportation, and water. The kawa is the only attraction here.
Hodnoceno 24 října 2017
Matthias – Nizozemsko
Samostatný cestovatel
Bambusová chatrč
2 noci/í, květen 2017
Awesome experience at wonderful location with friendly helpfull staff”
A few hour Kawa bath is a must do!
Hodnoceno 07 května 2017
Dana – Filipíny
Rodina se staršími dětmi
Bambusová chatrč
2 noci/í, únor 2017
Great place to stay with lots of fun activities”
Enjoy the provincial life at Tibiao in this place. No network signal but you can do many fun activities during the day like white water kayaking, trekking to Bugtong bato Falls, zip line and spending lazy afties in their worl famous Kawa bath! Over all, my stay in this place is all worth the looong travel!!
Hodnoceno 11 února 2017
Decerel – Filipíny
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, prosinec 2016
Kayak Inn encourages its visitors to appreciate nature and time with family and or friends.”
Serene, eco friendly, perfect place to unplug. Staff is friendly and always ready to help you. Just make sure to bring food and all other neccesities you may need. No frills. Purely basic and lovely place to recharge
Hodnoceno 06 prosince 2016
Frauline – Filipíny
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, listopad 2016
Kawa Experience”
We stop over kayak inn to cut the long trip from iloilo to boracay. Totally worth it! and it is better to book directly with Ate Sheila and Kuya Edwin ;)
Hodnoceno 30 listopadu 2016
marvin – Filipíny
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, říjen 2016
Nature Escapade”
Good place to enjoy nature as this place has no signal.
Hodnoceno 08 října 2016
ricky – Spojené státy americké
Bambusová chatrč
2 noci/í, červenec 2016
Watch out for the lady giving the bill”
The staff is absolutely amazing and the place is great. The manager there likes to tack on a bunch of random fees that are never mentioned. Also, the prices will be different than what you agree on with the other staff. You will have to bring in the other staff and also ask to talk to the owners before you will get the fair price. Was quite a pain. The rest of the staff is amazing though, not sure how the owners put someone so dishonest in charge. If you want the kawa experience without the hassle, there are many other accomadations in the area with the same offering.
Hodnoceno 08 července 2016
Eunis – Filipíny
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, květen 2016
Good Vacation Spot”
The people who run the place were very nice and they were also very attentive to our needs.
Hodnoceno 22 června 2016
wemellyn – Filipíny
Rodina se staršími dětmi
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, únor 2016
Short vacation”
Nice place beside the river
Hodnoceno 02 března 2016
Rowan – Velká Británie
Samostatný cestovatel
Bambusová chatrč
1 noc, únor 2016
Beware hidden costs and tips ”
Tranquility. Away from the crowds. Basic living.
Kayak Inn is a basic place to stay. It has bamboo huts and very basic bathroom/toilet with a bucket for a shower. In the garden there are a number of recycled metal hot tubs which Look good. I was there only one night. The mama who manages it was welcoming but didn't ask my name. Her daughters saw me to my room and brought me a mosquito net and set it up too. This should really be a permanent fixture in the rooms not a special request as its near the river. I didn't go kayaking as there isn't a guide. There's a man who runs along the river bank Instead. I did however decide to go to the waterfall. The mama said her 15 yr daughter would go with me. I didn't need anyone to go with me but she looked keen and I thought she wanted to practice her English so I said ok. In Tuno village I had to pay P50. Not a large amount but a surprise I wasn't told about. Then I was told that I would have to pay another 150 for a guide from the village. I offered to pay for the guide if he would only leave me alone and let me follow the easy and well worn track but he insisted on coming. So now I had to walk through lovely landscape looking at a man in a bright orange t shirt and a 15 yr old girl neither of whom I actually wanted or needed. The waterfall was unremarkable and on the way back I persuaded the man to leave me and go back to the village but I couldn't shake the girl off. She kept waiting for me around every corner and wouldn't go home. That Spoilt the whole for me. The mama cooked me nice dinner and when it came to pay the price was very reasonable. However as I was leaving she asked me whether I had tipped her daughter for taking me to the waterfall. That left a nasty taste and it seems they are pleasant to you only if its financially beneficial to them. It's a family who manages this place and at time there can be anything up to 12 kids hanging around. Probably wouldnt
Hodnoceno 12 února 2016
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