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Koh Kong Island Resort

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Koh Kong Island Resort
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8,6 Velmi dobrá poloha
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  • soukromá pláž

  • bar

  • zahrada

  • rybaření

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Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře (Double Sea View)
  • Výhled: Pláž
  • 32 m²/344 ft²
  • 1 dvoulůžko velikosti „King...
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  • Výhled: Pláž
  • 18 m²/194 ft²
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Máte dotaz pro Koh Kong Island Resort?

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Hodnocení Agoda (17)Hodnocení Booking.com (13)
Vybrat typ cestovatele
Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje6,2
Poměr cena/kvalita6,2
Poskytnuto ověřenými hosty Agoda
Filtrování hodnocení
Typ pokoje
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Rodinný pokoj
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Zobrazeno 17 hodnocení
Lance – Nový Zéland
Rodina s malými dětmi
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 2 nocí v prosinec 2013
Nice place food a bit over priced
Quite, beautiful, staff
Hodnoceno 02 ledna 2014
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jose – Portugalsko
Rodina s malými dětmi
Rodinný pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2013
island resort, friendly staff beautiful scenery
location, staff, scenery
Located on koh kong island, station 7, there is a good place to rest, the resort is siple but confortable
Hodnoceno 30 prosince 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Frances – Velká Británie
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 4 nocí v říjen 2013
Extremely disappointing - avoid
We did not like anything about the hotel. The island itself was pretty, but there is nothing to do, so the hotel has to be nice. And it is not.
all the issues we experienced. These included: - unsafe transport to and from the island (our return boat broke down three times, then we hit a storm. The boat was very small, and no life jackets) - completely unprepared for our arrival; staff on the island were not aware we were coming and didn't know what our booking was - everything dirty, bathrooms particularly. And the mosquito net was unusable because it smelled so disgusting. - rooms not taken care of, e.g AC unit had been removed and a hole left in the wall. The fans were broken, locks didn't work - 90% of the menu unavailable, with nowhere else to eat on the island. We ate tomato salad for every meal until we left - only offered 3 hours of electricity (for the cost this service should be included) - no management staff on the island so unable to address any issues. Because of is, we didn't feel anything was going to be done about our issues and left after one night, when we had booked for 4. The manager, who we met on the mainland, told us that during low season, they can't find staff to stay on the island, so it's hard to keep things cared for.
Hodnoceno 02 listopadu 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Gabrielle – Austrálie
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 2 nocí v květen 2013
Remote Paradise
Location, Natural surroundings, food
Koh Kong Island Resort was great. The island is very untouched so the remoteness of the island makes it more beautiful. The journey there from Phnom Penh is a long one, including a bus and a boat ride but the boat ride from Koh Kong really wasn't too bad. The food and drinks at the hotel were great, occasionally some items were limited as the island didn't have foods. This wasn't so much of a problem but often there was a delay in between ordering and finding out something wasn't available. The views were great and there were so few others on the island it was near paradise
Hodnoceno 13 května 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Wayne – Spojené státy americké
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 5 nocí v duben 2013
Beautiful setting but poorly managed
1. Beautiful and quiet location on the beach 2. Good food 3. Friendly staff
The resort is remotely located on a beautiful calm beach. Our bungalow (#1) was located close to the water and gave us great views and privacy. The food was quite good. The staff was friendly and tried to be helpful. Visitors need to be aware that to get to the resort requires at least a 90 minute ride in a small, and I mean small, boat over open water. If the weather should turn bad this is a significant factor to consider. We had the unfortunate experience of having a return boat trip where the driver got lost and hung our boat up multiple times in shallow water. Eventually, the pull rope broke on the motor and we were literally adrift in the sea. To top it off the driver did not speak English and he did not carry a cell phone. We eventually got pulled to shore by another small boat. At the outset of this return trip we were informed that the resort did not have any life jackets for us. Our request for a refund of the $55 we spent for the return trip was denied by the manager of the resort. Overall, the resort was poorly managed. It was never clear who was in charge. Another negative is that garbage is piled up at the perimeter of the resort. During a one hour walk from the resort we encountered trash along the entire coastline.
Hodnoceno 24 dubna 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Siegfried – Německo
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 8 nocí v duben 2013
nice island
right on the beach, quiet, diving
can say it is fine, and relax as we prefer the quiet place after our city mood.
Hodnoceno 22 dubna 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Louise – Nový Zéland
Zůstal 2 nocí v duben 2013
A good escape
close to ocean, friendly staff, isolated from everything
Hodnoceno 20 dubna 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
paul – Velká Británie
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře
Zůstal 3 nocí v únor 2013
Great location but a lot of work to be done
Chilling on the beach and relaxing
If u want to chill out and relax this "should" be the place to go!! Unfortunately they have only been open a couple of months and its still a work in progress. As its the only place on the island so u have no choices with eating and drinking the restaraunt there should be the place u chose even if u had a choice, but everyday there was a problem with food not being cooked or just not turning up!!!! The local staff are very friendly but are not yet anywhere near up to scratch. I just hope with time this will improve for there sake, as for the rest of it the bungalow we had was lovely and 4 yards from the sea. No hot water yet though so cold showers only!! We did have a good time exploring the small parts of the jungle u can get to via a trak and swimming in the crystal clear water and sunbathing. The place is perfect for that, but the amount they charge a night and the cost of the food and drink this place should be much much better. I would like to wish Julian and his team all the best for the future and genuinely hope they make it work because it could and should be a place u will never forget. But it's not there yet.
Hodnoceno 28 února 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Stephanie – Německo
Rodinný pokoj
Zůstal 3 nocí v únor 2013
Awesome lonley Island
Felt like a big Family in the Resort
i would always recommed the resort on this lovely island. great staff, great host, quiet and deserted. clean bungalows. awesome food and best mixed coctails! not mainstream at all. the best was no internet, no tv so you really can relax and leave the trouble behind you. we went snorkeling and played volleyball with the suff when they had time! it was a lot of fun.
Hodnoceno 17 února 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
MORGAN – Velká Británie
Zůstal 3 nocí v leden 2013
An amazing fiind! Very peaceful
A lovely and simple resort - barely open a month and as a result, very quiet! Lovely staff and a tropical paradise! There was a 24 hour period when the beach was ours alone!
Hodnoceno 20 ledna 2013
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Koh Kong Island Resort
|Dobré 6,7
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