La Estrella Beach Resort
La Estrella Beach Resort
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Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře - lůžko La Estrella Beach Resort
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře - lůžko
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Vstupní hala La Estrella Beach Resort
Vstupní hala
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pláž La Estrella Beach Resort
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Pohled zvenku La Estrella Beach Resort
Pohled zvenku
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Zobrazit všech 27 fotografií La Estrella Beach Resort
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Rodinný 3 (Family 3)
Rodinný 3 (Family 3)
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Dům (House)
Dům (House)
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Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře (Double Sea View)
Dvoulůžkový pokoj s manželskou postelí s výhledem na moře (Double Sea View)
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La Estrella Beach Resort – podrobnější informace

La Estrella Beach Resort – podrobnější informace

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Richard – Spojené státy americké
Samostatný cestovatel
6 noci/í, listopad 2015
Great place for divers”
Location, location, location
This is one of the 3 dive resorts on Cabilao island. We were there for 5 days to dive and had a great time. We were the only guests at the resort and the only divers so we had the dive boat to ourselves. We did 3 dives a day and were completely satisfied. The diving is very good. If you are at Panglao island it is worth a visit to Cabilao. If staying at the resort, all surface intervals are done at the resort since the dive sites are less than 5 minutes away. There are more classy places to stay on the island but this was an excellent choice for us.
Hodnoceno 22 listopadu 2015
Jan – Nizozemsko
Rodina s malými dětmi
5 noci/í, duben 2015
Not suitable for families with young children”
Only suitable for divers and snorkelers
As non diving spouse and kids there was really nothing to do. It was very hot, so fans were barely sufficient. As travelling with kids, it would be nice to offer some simple snacks or at least refer to the shop at the neighbouring hotel. Food was nice but quite expensive for the quality. Diving school was nice and kind enough to offer us to come along for snorkelling while husband went diving. Staff was very kind and helpful especially since we forgot our passports in the hotel's central safety box (which we discovered in Cebu). Perfect spot for divers and people who are fine with simple housing, but too simple for family staying behind.
Hodnoceno 20 dubna 2015
Vedran – Chorvatsko
Samostatný cestovatel
2 noci/í, listopad 2014
A nice beach retreat”
Staff, price, good snorkelling
This was a nice beach retreat after running across Bohol for few days. Cottage was clean and nice. Wifi working. Just there were problems with electricity. It went on and off. The resort has its own generator and it was on in the evenings but you would never know when they would switch it off. One day I was told it would be at 11pm - it was off at 09:30. The other day they said at 10:00, it went off at 09:15. I would recommend to advise correct time to the guests so that they can arrange things needed to be done. Beach around here is not so nice. It is full of seaweed and it is pitty that this resort and the one nextdoor don't team up and try to clean it like I saw it at other places. But good thing is snorkelling. Just short walk across the shallow water and you have so many beautiful fish and corals. One of the best snorkelling I had in the Philippines! Food is good priced and tasty. Loved it! Staff eager to help. And Estrella, the owner, is like mamma taking care about you. Would stay here again.
Hodnoceno 09 prosince 2014
vicki – Velká Británie
2 noci/í, květen 2014
Relaxing and great for diving.”
Located right on the beach, has a friendly dive centre and friendly staff.
Hodnoceno 07 května 2014
Hoai – Německo
Rodina se staršími dětmi
4 noci/í, únor 2013
Great place for divers”
The intact water world around the island, also the house reef.
We spent nearly a week at the hotel and enjoyed very much the clear water, the corals and the fish. Rooms are simply furnished. Bathrooms are a bit too small and not very comfortable.
Hodnoceno 26 února 2013
GLADYS – Filipíny
4 noci/í, leden 2013
Beautiful resort, but the food is tasteless!!!”
The location
The beach is horrible, but the location is beautiful and very relaxing, the staff are only ok... and the food is simply tasteless most of it anyway, but the diving is amazing. The dive guide are very good.
Hodnoceno 04 února 2013
Clare – Velká Británie
8 noci/í, prosinec 2012
Rustic and simple”
Tranquil location
Huge disadvantage about this resort is lack of electricity in absence of own generator. Bungalows small and shabby. Resort really needs overhaul. On arrival no food available for several hours and then only Philippino style buffet that had been pre-booked for a party - not so good for a couple of veggies!
Hodnoceno 07 ledna 2013
jorge – Německo
1 noc, duben 2015
Ungepflegt und unfreundlich ”
Kurz bzw. man könnte meinen wir sind geflüchtet ... Das Resort wirkt trostlos und hat überhaupt keinen Charakter und ist nicht weiter zu empfehlen. Wir sind in das Resort Polaris, das direkt nebenan ist gezogen.
Hodnoceno 11 dubna 2015
Adele – Čína
Rodina se staršími dětmi
3 noci/í, leden 2014
风景美丽, 潜水很不错, 花园和吊床
店主是德国老太,就叫Estrella, 所以客人一般是德国人,大家说英文没问题。 客人来这里主要是潜水,酒店本身有潜店,可以给优惠。 酒店傍边就是不错的潜点(wall dive),珊瑚世界甚为壮观,很值得一去,我们没能看到豆丁海马,有点遗憾。 食物偏德国口味,个人觉得不是很好吃,住上3天恰好了。 花园不错,夜晚看到很多萤火虫,蚊子不少。 从Alona海滩过去,可以到城里后搭jeepee过去,才50p一个人,挺方便。 如果要从这里前往Cebu的话,星期二有渡船出岛直接去cebu,120p一个人,我们恰好是星期二离岛,就省了很多麻烦,直接去了Cebu。
Hodnoceno 01 července 2014
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