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Nice Motel
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7,1 Velmi dobrá poloha
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  • 150 m od veřejné dopravy

  • klimatizace

  • kuřácká část

  • výtah

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Nabídka pokojů
Dvoulůžkový pokoj (Double)
  • Výhled: Město
  • 17 m²/183 ft²
  • 1 dvoulůžko
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Hodnocení Agoda (16)
Vybrat typ cestovatele
Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje5,1
Poměr cena/kvalita6,1
Poskytnuto ověřenými hosty Agoda
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Michael – Spojené státy americké
Služební cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 6 nocí v květen 2014
Very poor
None, none none
This was terrible hotel. When I got there, they were not sure how I got the booking through Agoda. They spoke zero English. The room was dirty and dusty. I had to clean it just so it was bearable. Nobody came to clean the room. They never changed towels or bed sheets. No internet.
Hodnoceno 02 června 2014
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Grant – Spojené státy americké
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2012
not exactly what I expected
good price
I didn't read the reviews until later, but it makes sense. This place is a love hotel. I did think the walls were a little thin as I could her the joyous screams from next room. The room was adequate, nothing really great, but a good deal for the price. If you're looking for a cheap place to stay that is really close to the train line, this is it. The women up in the front don't seem to speak english, but they were able to call up the manager who helped me check in.
Hodnoceno 18 prosince 2012
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Anazette – Spojené státy americké
Samostatný cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v duben 2012
Great location with spacious rooms
Short walk from subway, spacious room
This motel is less than a 5 minute walk from the subway. The room was very spacious and clean enough minus a few smudges on the walls. It was just for one night, so if you need a place to rest your head, this motel is perfect.
Hodnoceno 26 září 2012
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choirun – Indonésie
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 3 nocí v únor 2012
nice motel
nice imple motel with quite complete facility. nice bed, small kiychen , washing machine, felt like home. good price and good location. close to public facility
Hodnoceno 27 února 2012
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Fanghe – Kanada
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 4 nocí v prosinec 2011
Convenient location but smelled like fish
convenient location
The hotel was located really close to a major subway station, so it was convenient. The room also seemed to be recently renovated, so it was actually quite nice-looking in an avant garde kind of way, as well as pretty clean for a low-starred motel. Also it had a heated blanket, so it wasn't cold at night even though the temperatures in Seoul were freezing at the time. However, that's where the pros end. The room occasionally smelled like that Korean-fish sauce/fresh seafood at odd times of the day, and lasted quite a long time during the whole day - I think the motel was located next to/above a restaurant or something - and it was a really unpleasant smell to cope with, especially early in the morning. Also, there was no elevator, and we were on the fifth floor, so lugging our luggage up and down the stairs was a major hassle. Additionally, the staff spoke no English at all, and they had to get us someone over the phone (who said he was the manager, but I never saw him at the hotel even once) in order to provide us service. It took awhile to get the room heated as well, which was an essential thing given the freezing temperatures, and I had to speak to the non-English staff again in broken English/Korean/Mandarin to try to get the heater on, and it took great difficulty/a long time to get that sorted out. Finally - and I found this hilarious - a local friend of mine visited me at the hotel and told me it was actually a "love hotel". If you happen to look up above the bed, there was a reflective mirror-like screen, for um..."love hotel" purposes I guess. I figured that's also why the hallways were not lighted - it was for greater privacy and discretion. I found that part of the whole experience hilarious, given that this was not advertised as part of the "hotel package", and this was a seemingly "legit" hotel advertised on Agoda. All in all though, decent enough place given the cheap price.
Hodnoceno 18 ledna 2012
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Liang – Čína
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 3 nocí v prosinec 2011
Just like it's name, Nice
Convenient location, friendly staff
The hotel is conveniently located, just about 3 minutes walk from guru subway station, and guru is just about 20 minutes from Myong-dong...every convient to visit the city center...Hotel staff are very friendly and helpful,who even help me to bring the luggage to the airport bus stop, which is also not far from the hotel...hotel room is big with all necessary facility...
Hodnoceno 05 ledna 2012
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Ying – Kanada
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2011
Horrible Experience at the Nice Hotel in Seoul
To start my stay off, the reception was extremely unprofessional. Two elder lady were behind a tiny window where, if you tilt your head, you would see their cooking utensil and vegetables. I was not able to communicate with these ladies in English at all and I do not speak much Korean. It took nearly half an hour before I was able to get my key to the room. Now I thought the problems done and over with and everything will be find from then on. Unfortunately, within the first 15mins of being in the room, I found at least 4 insects (seems to be cockroach and not sure what the other ones are called). Ofc, I sprayed the whole room with the bug spray that I found in the room. I understand that this is a relatively good price in comparison to the other places in Seoul but I've been to other hotels/motels around the same range of cost and never had an experience like this. I can really say that I will never be going back to this motel for sure.
Hodnoceno 05 ledna 2012
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Remo – Německo
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal 2 nocí v prosinec 2011
horror trip !!
Unzumutbare Zustaende! Das Zimmer hat gestunken, war verschimmelt,am Bettkopf, das Zimmer machte den Eindruck als ob es nie geputzt wird. Das Personal war unfreundlich und wusste nich das wir gebucht hatten. Am ende konnten Sie uns noch nicht mal ein Taxi rufen sonder setzten stad desse einer Frau 1 Meter neben mir eine Infusion!! Das Schlimmste Hotel was ich je gesehen habe. Ich kann jeden nur warnen!!!
Hodnoceno 17 ledna 2012
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Chun – Hong Kong
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v říjen 2014
Hodnoceno 13 října 2014
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yanggi – Jižní Korea
Služební cestovatel
Dvoulůžkový pokoj
Zůstal jednu noc v červen 2014
Hodnoceno 02 července 2014
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Nice Motel
|Hodnocení 5,5
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