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The Chirag Desert Camp
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Zobrazit všech 17 fotografií
Zobrazit všech 17 fotografií
Zobrazit všech 17 fotografií
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Stan typu Deluxe (Deluxe Tent)
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  • 17 m²/183 ft²
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Stan (Tent)
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  • 15 m²/161 ft²
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Letiště Jodhpur (JDH)
256,7 km
Letiště Nalchik (NAL)
293,7 km
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Stan typu Deluxe
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Sravanthi – Indie
1 noc, prosinec 2016
What you see is NOT what you get”
When you make your booking from Agoda and choose the option of the regular tent, the picture you see is of a Swiss tent. You wonder why the pricing is different from the deluxe tent but as no explanation is provided you let it go. You also go ahead and book the tent because you trust Agoda and believe that the pictures reflect the reality. Which is why it was a rude shock we got when we reached this camp to spend our New Year's Eve. What we had paid for apparently (which was marketed as a regular tent) was a 'mobile tent'. It is the tent which is used for camping purposes where two people can just about squeeze in. It is the tent which needs to be zipped up to prevent air from coming in. Nothing really against these tents. But when a picture shows you a nice luxurious, well lit tent with a real bed and instead you have to squeeze yourself into this tent with a thin mattress and a blanket, the difference is to stark (both in price and quality) to ignore. There were two toilets for the entire 'mobile tent' lot. That is two toilets for around 50 odd people. Best part? No water in the toilets. How did it smell? Go figure! We reached the camp at around two in the afternoon and were informed that the kitchen would not be able to provide us lunch as they were all prepping for dinner. It would have been alright IF we were informed about this beforehand when we had called the previous day. After a little bit of playing good cop and bad cop with the property owner Alladin Khan, he did arrange for lunch for free. Ideally we shouldn't have to struggle that much for food. The free lunch was the only pro of this entire experience. The camp experience is inclusive of dinner, breakfast and a camel safari. There is a catch with respect to the camel safari however. You have to have your own vehicle to take you to the camel safari for sunset. Else you are at the mercy of the camp. The only other option is to take the jeep safari at an extra cost even if you really don't want to
Hodnoceno 04 ledna 2017
Lalit – Indie
Stan typu Deluxe
1 noc, prosinec 2013
May be tried once!!!”
Breakfast, Ambience
My package included: One camel ride (for couple) from camel point to Sunset point, Evening snacks & Tea (drinks were not in package)in front of traditional song and dance, Dinner and Morning breakfast. It is good, if you have your own vehicle because it will be quite expansive to hire a taxi for to and fro journey (40 KM x 2) and to reach and get back from camel point (2 x 1 KM). If you don't have your own vehicle then you better call the hotel owner in advance to pick up and drop (with some fixed amount). Now about camp and activities: At sunset point, the view was nice, but there were some thousand people and it was difficult to find space to relax (if you want a good feel of desert then better to visit it in afternoon or in some lean period of year) The biggest disappointment was the traditional dance. I went there to witness some nice Rajasthani traditional dance and music. Though music was OK, but dance by three girls was not that good, as they were not looking professionally trained. Also it was an open area with no heating arrangement, so it was quite difficult to sit there in that chilling night. Drinks were also there on paid basis. After some time everybody was waiting for Dinner, which was though light but not that good. Tent was quite nice, but could be better if some heating arrangement was provided. Morning breakfast was tasty and we liked it. Overall (for couples) i feel if you have own vehicle then book a hotel in City, come here at around 4:00 pm, enjoy camel ride and get back after enjoying dance/Music and taking dinner. However if you come in group (family or friends) then you can enjoy it better here at camps.
Hodnoceno 10 ledna 2014
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