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Ticao Island Resort
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8,3 Velmi dobrá poloha
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Na základě 51 hodnoceníCo si myslí hosté
93 % hodnotících by zařízení doporučilo.
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Nabídka pokojů
Chata u pláže (Beach Front Cottage)
  • Výhled: Pláž
  • 25 m²/269 ft²
  • 2 dvoulůžka
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Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna (Budget Room - Shared Bathroom)
  • Výhled: Zahrada
  • 9 m²/97 ft²
  • 2 jednolůžka
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Hodnocení Agoda (51)
Vybrat typ cestovatele
Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje8,1
Poměr cena/kvalita8,5
Poskytnuto ověřenými hosty Agoda
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Typ pokoje
Chata u pláže
Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna
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Zobrazeno 40 hodnocení
JINKY – Filipíny
Samostatný cestovatel
Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna
Zůstal jednu noc v prosinec 2017
Silent Sanctuary
I had a great time during my stay. Though, the typhoon was forecasted to hit Samar and other nearby provinces except Masbate, but I guess since its facing Samar so it has been affected too. Its hard to get to the resort, the road heading to the resort was damaged. I had to get off the habal-habal numerous times. Good thing, I was able to arrive safe and sound. And, I got a spacious room all for myself but not the restroom. It turns out to be shared with other guy guests leaving some stains which in fact, they have their own designated male restroom. On the other hand, I wasn't able to swim; the water is yellowish like in the river. Some garbage flashed all over the shore. So, I decided to just do kayaking. I was able to feel how quaint life is in this resort. Its all worth-it after all. Their staff are courteous. You really feel like you're home away. I'll definitely go back not during typhoon season and will try diving next time.
Hodnoceno 25 prosince 2017
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Isobella – Austrálie
Samostatný cestovatel
Chata u pláže
3 noci/í, listopad 2017
I had a fantastic time at Ticao Island resort. The diving was unbelievable. I did alot of reading and relaxing. The food was delicious and all the staff lovely. I hope to go back one day!
Hodnoceno 29 listopadu 2017
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Harry – Filipíny
Samostatný cestovatel
Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna
Zůstal jednu noc v červenec 2017
Great Resort
The resort is great. Friendly and accommodating staff. There's free kayak and horseback riding. Downside is the location. It's going to be a bumpy (and muddy if it rained) ride going in and out of the resort.
Hodnoceno 20 července 2017
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Sandra – Austrálie
Chata u pláže
4 noci/í, květen 2017
Tropical Getaway
We had a terrific 4 night stay at Ticao. The island is very peaceful, staff super helpful and friendly, great food and excellent diving at the nearby Manta bowl. Cabins are all right on the beach, facing the sea, with horses and dogs roaming about freely. A great place to get away from it all.
Hodnoceno 30 května 2017
Jeden cestovatel považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
adam – Austrálie
Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna
Zůstal jednu noc v květen 2017
beautiful resort in an amazing place
We stayed 3 nights at Ticao island resort, its been the highlight of our holiday, food was really good, place was nice and relaxing. We dived and saw mantas, whale shark and TREASURE SHARK!!!! At night we did karaoke with the dive master and instructor who are so lovely! We had such a good time with the dive crew! Thanks a lot, we hope to come back next holidays. Adam and Maya
Hodnoceno 11 května 2017
Jeden cestovatel považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Jacob – Austrálie
Chata u pláže
2 noci/í, prosinec 2016
We had a great time at Tico. If you are looking to go best option is to get to Donsol by Cab, Bus or whatever and get a boat to Tico island Resort. Staff were great, food was delicious.
Hodnoceno 04 května 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Jennifer – Austrálie
Chata u pláže
2 noci/í, duben 2017
Cute, peaceful place
It was a hike to get there from Legazpi airport but the hotel had organised transfers and they were quite organised. The food is all inclusive in your stay and the food was of a very good standard and there was more than ample to eat at each meal. The rooms are quite basic and two out of the three rooms we had did not have flushing toilets. There was also very limited mobile service and wifi but this is due to the remoteness of the location and in fact it was quite good to be off the grid for awhile. The staff were very friendly and went out of their way to help us with anything we needed. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place with easy access to the whale sharks and other great diving locations then this is the place to come. We also went on a three hour trek on motorbikes around the island and went to the waterfalls which was so lovely.
Hodnoceno 23 dubna 2017
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chen – Tchaj-wan
Samostatný cestovatel
Chata u pláže
2 noci/í, prosinec 2016
Amazing place to get disconnected to the world and connect to the nature
It's my reschedule trip to Ticao Island. I supposed to come during last Chris time, however because of the weather issue, the manager Jessica kindly told me do not come and they will keep the room for me to let me re-schedule in any time during 2017. This is not something normal resort will do. I was impressed back then. Traveling here without private pick-up I can foresee very difficult. I was lucky enough got a on-ride pick up however later today I'm going to experience the legend public transportation. My suggestion is come here as a group, try to get the private transportation package. It's too pricy for a solo traveler. It's definitely not cheap here, especially if u are alone, however traveling alone is always more pricy. The resort actually was nice to tell me to come in certain times so that I can join other dive group to share the cost, however, my schedule is not allowed me to do so. Before came, they explained me clearly about the diving package. Average to say, if I want to take a boat out alone, it will cost me around 3,000 php / dive without gears. I was hesitated in it because it's unusual expensive. Eventually I did it. Guess because of also unusual staff, well trained, super friendly and helpful so I decide to give it a try. Lucky me, 1 day diving with 3 dives. At San Miguel point I saw black butter fish, Flounder, Green frog fish (hope I was not wrong). At Manta-Bow spot, it's amazing. First one I saw the babe whaleshark, it's was so closed. 2nd one, 5 mantaeays + a big whaleshark who was swimming in top of us. And it came to a monomer that I don't know where to keep my eyes on: right or left or top 😇🙃. I knew it sounds incredible but even the dive master and instructor said it has to be super lucky can see both in one dive and I only dive one day. The rest activities are also very nice, I tried the horse riding (not really, they don't let me really ride it), motorbike trip to the waterfall (okay, waterfall is nothing amazing, riding
Hodnoceno 27 února 2017
Zdá se vám toto hodnocení užitečné?|
Kayla – Spojené státy americké
Budget pokoj - Společná koupelna
2 noci/í, únor 2017
Waste of time energy and money
We came here to dive at manta point and stay for a relaxing couple of. days. First of all the location is so far from anything, to get to it you have to take a motorcycle taxi 30 minutes away from any town/restaurants. The "taxis" in themselves were quite expensive. They wanted 600 for my boyfriend and i. Once there, you're completely stuck on this hotel. Room clean and agreeable but for 1,000 it came with no bathroom. (Shared down the hall). Now, to the diving.. when we checked in we were told that it was 1550 for each dive (only if we did 2 dives at last, and also formed a group of 4.. otherwise it would cost more) which was a bit more than everywhere in philippines but still okay. We asked if the gears included and the lady said yes. Now after we chose all our gear that night they handed us a paper with additional cost for each rental item. The "package" for all gear could be "discounted" to 850. Meaning it would be 2400 for EACH dive (granted you had signed up for 2 dives with 4 people) we were so flustered. At the end, only 2 mantas were seen in 3 dives. Now to the food, only option is the resort which is over priced. Beach was not pretty and safety felt borderline. We came here to do a fun dive to manga point because it was a 10 minute Ute boat ride but in the end you might as well dive from dorsal which is an hour and a half away at the same price and better facilities (not to mention go see a whale shark the dorsal bay!
Hodnoceno 26 února 2017
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Karsten – Německo
Chata u pláže
2 noci/í, prosinec 2016
Overpriced bungalows on a dirty beach
After 45 minutes on a motorbike backseat on dirt roads we were very disappointed. The room was big but basic and the bathroom was run down. No lock was working properly. We had very strong winds and lots of rain from the seaside and tried to shelter behind plastic curtains on our terrace. The beach is full of rubbish. Plus factor: the restaurant is very good.
Hodnoceno 08 ledna 2017
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