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O hotelu Wada International Hostel


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Přístup k internetu

  • Wi-Fi na veřejných místech
  • Wi-Fi zdarma ve všech pokojích


  • parkoviště
  • přeprava do hotelu / na letiště
  • půjčovna kol

Aktivity, relax

  • okružní jízdy

Strava, pití a občerstvení

  • bar
  • kavárna
  • lednička
  • pokojová služba
  • restaurace
  • zařízení na přípravu kávy/čaje

Služby a vymoženosti

  • kuřácká část
  • obchod(y)
  • prádelna
  • recepce
  • trezor

Pro děti

  • rodinný pokoj


  • domácí zvířata povolena

Personál hovoří těmito jazyky:

  • mandarínská čínština
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Užitečné informace

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Hodnocení Agoda (36)
Booking.com Reviews (172)

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  • Čistota 6,2
  • Vybavení 5,2
  • Poloha 7,7
  • Pokojový komfort/standard 6,6
  • Služby 7,2
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,7
  • Jídlo/stolování 6,1
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Velmi dobré

na základě 172 hodnocení
  • Čistota 6,8
  • Vybavení 6,4
  • Poloha 7,8
  • Pokojový komfort/standard 6,7
  • Služby 7,6
  • Poměr cena/kvalita 7,0
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Thanet od Thajsko
Samostatný cestovatel
Standard s manželskou postelí velikosti Queen
Zůstal 6 nocí v prosinec 2015
Price, Transportation and Nearby restaurants.
I stayed there with my sister for almost a week. I felt quite good when I was there, the room was clean and quite comfortable. The hostel is quite close to the subway, just 5 to 10 minutes walk and next to the hostel is a shoping centre that has restaurants and many shops.So, it is very convenience for traveling, shoping and survicing there.However, It was quite a little bit lound at night, but not more than mid night. So, if you are young you will be fine ^_^. The recptionist, she, cannot speak English, but the hostel also had another staff who can speak English. It might take a little bit of time to wait for staff. So for overall, I enjoyed when I was there and I think this hostel is a good option for traveling in Beijing
Hodnoceno 29 prosince 2015


yanjin od Čína
Standard s manželskou postelí velikosti Queen
Zůstal 2 nocí v duben 2015
Are terrible
Check-in process is very complex, the eaves tiles ordered the results into a pea when calling to confirm a top, I said, I don't call and the key is I live peas she also does not matter, then say good big bed room? After went to actually say no, give me to arrange the hotel next door, the first night just let it be, I also compromise, said to be the second night can come back, so I left her room on the second day morning check-in peas north, at nine o 'clock in the morning say more haven't packed my room, let it be, check the front desk we went to play, come back at 9 o 'clock at night and said the room tidy up not to come out, suit! Give us find a hotel, no air conditioning no window, return trip! Also , true enough, also said that they give us the difference, then figure out is that we lose yourself! Don't fall for it, especially couple couple, really terrible!
Hodnoceno 08 dubna 2015


JINSEONG od Jižní Korea
Samostatný cestovatel
Zůstal jednu noc v leden 2015
it was nice
frendly steff , cheap price , good people
It was littlebit hard to find But i love their people and mood I hope to visit again
Hodnoceno 09 ledna 2015


Jutamanee od Thajsko
Samostatný cestovatel
1 postel v 6lůžkovém společném pokoji (ženském)
Zůstal 3 nocí v srpen 2014
Only good thing in this hostel is close to subway
Good location, bad sevice and dirty bathroom
I went to hostel at 7 am, but I can't check-in in this time because they are waiting young staff to check the details of my booking and then I am waiting for them about 1 Hr. When I check-in they aren't found my booking from Agoda so this part I wait them around 10 min. After I checked-in already and go to my room this room is not clean and had someone on my bed so I can't sleep. The bathroom and toilet doesn't have in the room and share with everyone in your floor so sometime is dirty and smell.
Hodnoceno 18 srpna 2014


Lei od Singapur
Samostatný cestovatel
Standard s manželskou postelí velikosti Queen
Zůstal jednu noc v březen 2014
Special feeling for the old Beijing style rooms
Old beijing style, price, young people
The reception is awful, but the rest part is quite nice.
Hodnoceno 10 května 2014


Nanik od Indonésie
Samostatný cestovatel
1 postel v 6lůžkovém společném pokoji (ženském)
Zůstal 2 nocí v říjen 2013
Niice hostel
The staffs are very friendly and helpful. It located near the subway and public transport, only 5 minutes from the subway station. There are a lot of local restaurants and shops near the hostel.
The room is nice and clean. It has a very quiet surrounding. Unfortunately they have to work harder for the bathroom,it is dirty and had bad smell.
Hodnoceno 13 října 2013


Francino od Filipíny
Samostatný cestovatel
Patrová postel
Zůstal 3 nocí v červen 2013
The hostel is accessible to public transport.
Affordable, nice and with friendly staff.
Absolutely comfortable stay and will surely recommend Wada Hostel to my relatives and friends.
Hodnoceno 20 června 2013


Denis od Rusko
Standard s manželskou postelí velikosti Queen
Zůstal 4 nocí v srpen 2016
На фото уютные номера с нормальной ванной и унитазом - по факту мини-клеточки, в туалете не развернуться: унитаз азиатский (дырка в полу), душ прям над ним, дверь открывается внутрь - не развернуться! Номер сильно подуставший. ТВ не ловил ни один канал. Одно порадовало - расположение! От метро (2 станции на выбор) - метров 500! Ну и аутентик хутунов конечно впечатлил! Но за те же деньги (200 ю в сутки) выбирайте что-нибудь поприличнее!!
Hodnoceno 05 září 2016


Robert od Nizozemsko
Samostatný cestovatel
Patrová postel
Zůstal 2 nocí v březen 2013
Als je geen eisen steld dan is het goed te doen.
Goedkoop bier, redelijke wifi en dichtbij metro
We sliepen in een kamer zonder ramen. Muffe geur en rotzooi van vorige gebruikers. Aan de bar was het aardig, alleen waren wij de enige 2 die niet Chinees waren. Ze willen je graag helpen al is het engels gebrekkig. Ik zou er niet weer naar toe gaan.
Hodnoceno 03 dubna 2013


Samostatný cestovatel
1 postel v 4 lůžkovém společném pokoji (ženském)
Zůstal jednu noc v červenec 2016
大家千萬不要再訂這家 Please do not make any bookings of this hostel for the sake of yourselves
我其實是一天都沒有待過在這裡。這簡直是黑店,明明在agoda上面訂了,然後去到之後跟我說沒有收到我的訂單,房間沒人了,要我去另外一家分店,然而這家並不是什麼分店,是他們跟另外一家簽訂的青旅。如果你說系統壞掉了收不到訂單,那你為什麼不暫時關閉你的預訂呢?然後去到另外一家所謂的分店,就發現上當了!新的旅舍跟我說,他要去原來那家旅舍要agoda訂單,然後他真的要到了訂單。Excuse me?我去的時候你跟我說沒有收到訂單,現在你卻給得出來訂單,這還不是騙人是什麼?!感覺是在這家店用廉價旅舍床位吸引人來預訂,然後最後又故意把你推去其他旅舍的感覺!而且我訂的是4人間,去到另外那家旅舍就剩下8人間了?憤怒,無良黑心商家,建議大家以後不要預訂這家旅舍。我一個人大半夜還要讓我走十幾分鐘去另外一家旅舍,萬一出了什麼事呢? I have not stayed in this hostel for even one night. It's the shittest hostel you can ever have. Firstly I arrived at 11pm and when I got there, they were like: sorry we were having a problem with Agoda and we could not get any booking informations from it. Okay, but i still had to find somewhere to sleep right? So they sent me to another hostel so called their "branch". It is far away like 15mins walk on street! It was in midnight and they even allowed their customer to walk on street alone in midnight!!! Secondly, I felt cheated. When I arrived at the "branch hostel", I found it was totally another hostel and not their "branch". And I was like okay, not bad. I checked in, claiming my staying for 6 nights. Then the worker told me that they could only host me for 1 night!?!!? What the hell?!? And then he was like: I am gonna ask the original hostel for my booking information on Agoda. Wait a sec, didn't they just tell me that they have a problem with getting booking information from the Agoda?!?! I waited and he, unbelievable did it. Obviously, we can conclude that they, the first hostel cheated me before and now tried to place me to another place. What the F?!?! Wadang Hostel is not the one worth trusting, DO REMEMBER! They cheat their customers and throw you away to somewhere else! The third thing is that, the new one Wadang threw me to, could only provide me with one night's stay! What the F?!?! Where could I stay for the next 5 days?!?! And the dorm they provided with is for 8 people not the same as the one I booked on Agoda at Wadang Hostel for 4!! Seriously how can Agoda keep a close eye on th
Hodnoceno 23 července 2016


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