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White Sands Paradise Beach Resort
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Executive Lounge
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8,8 Velmi dobrá poloha
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White Sands Paradise Beach Resort

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Nabídka pokojů
Pokoj typu standard deluxe s klimatizací (Standard Deluxe Air Conditioning Room)
  • Výhled: Zahrada
  • 20 m²/215 ft²
  • 1 dvoulůžko
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Chata Deluxe Beachfront (Deluxe Beachfront Chalet)
  • Výhled: Oceán
  • 28 m²/301 ft²
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Pokoj Deluxe u pláže (Deluxe Beachfront)
  • sprcha
  • balkon/terasa
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  • sprcha
  • balkon/terasa
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Dvojlůžkový pokoj Standard s větrákem (Standard Double Room with Fan)
  • 16 m²/172 ft²
  • sprcha
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Máte dotaz pro White Sands Paradise Beach Resort?

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Hodnocení Agoda (41)
Vybrat typ cestovatele
Pohodlí a kvalita pokoje8,3
Poměr cena/kvalita8,8
Poskytnuto ověřenými hosty Agoda
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Michael – Spojené státy americké
Pokoj typu standard deluxe s klimatizací
2 noci/í, říjen 2017
Isolated and Decent Place but rude Management
The place was nice enough. Isolated tranquil environment with a nice oceanside view. Food was decent, Filipino food was great, Sinigang I can highly recommend. The hot water went from cold to hot and nothing in between, this was a negative, hopefully they can get this fixed. The place would have been fine if it wasn't for the manager. An older English or Australian guy I am not sure. He was probably the most rudely sarcastic hotelier I have ever encountered. I found myself trying to avoid interacting with him. His negative energy definitely put a damper on my vacation and is the reason I would not stay there again nor recommend the place. Also there was hard rock music playing incessantly that ruined the atmosphere of the nice calm beach. No cell coverage unless you walk 200 meters and even then it is not very good.
Hodnoceno 10 října 2017
Sometimes we need to be direct with people when they forget to say please and thank you, we actually don't care what is your status in life, when you are here, be respectful and you will be respected. Your behavior in the restaurant have to be stopped when other guests are coming, this is a public restaurant and if other guests are coming you need to be told to get to your bedroom, if this upsets you, SO BE IT.
Odpověď z 29 října 2017
White Sands Paradise Beach Resort
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Sriram – Thajsko
3 noci/í, červenec 2017
NOT A Paradise
We stayed at White Sands for three days and three nights. After the first day we wanted to leave. The common spaces in White Sands were dirty and poorly kept. The food took a long time to prepare and was bland and tasteless. There was no fresh water in the rooms; instead there was an old water bottle filled with room temperature water. When we asked for a unopened fresh bottle of water, the owner told us that they could only fill water from a jug. Less than a mile down you can buy fresh cool sealed bottled water, but we were never provided that, as paying guests. I felt that the bottles they provided were dirty and there was no way to attest to their level of sanitation before being reused. We often left the resort to buy fresh water which should have been provided by the hotel. Everything closed early or it felt like no one was working. We went to get a beer at 8pm one evening and the bar was closed, even though signs said it was open until 12pm. You can guess how this would be an issue when your hotel is miles away from anything else. It often felt like the staff was on vacation and not us. Our little room was falling apart. There were many holes and crannies that needed repair but have been neglected. Because of this, our room was filled with lizards and roaches, ants and flying bugs. We're fine cohabitating with some outside creatures, but this was excessive. It was uncomfortable to sleep at night because I woke up a few times with ants biting me and many lizards hanging over our bed. One even fell and almost hit my head. After that it was very hard to relax. If the room was better insulated, it could keep more of the creatures out and more of the cool air from the AC in. The room we stayed in was marketed well but in reality is falling apart and disgusting. Again, it felt like the hotel staff was on vacation instead of us. We came back from a full day of adventures and the room hadn't been cleaned. We had to ask for someone to clean the room and give
Hodnoceno 09 července 2017
When this guest arrived he complained that we were too far away from GL and our other guests were too old, so I suggested he cancel his booking and transfer to GL he refused, sriram was a young rude Indian man in his 20s with his partner, both were vegetarians. Later when sriram came into our restaurant we were very busy, he said he DEMANDED service instantly and DEMANDED a private chef to cook all his vegetarian meals, and to use new and unused untensils that had not cooked other foods, this I said was not possible, but our staff can prepare vegetarian foods for them e.g. Fresh fish etc,, he snapped back,,we don't eat fish,,only vegetables, boiled vegetables only,, this caused amusing comments from our Australian guests , sriram was a rude and arrogant person who after his 3 nights stay DEMANDED a refund for his food and drinks, this was refused, then sriram said, if he's not refunded he threatened us by saying he would write a bad review, after paying his bill he was TOLD TO LEAVE,
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White Sands Paradise Beach Resort
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Josh – Kanada
Samostatný cestovatel
Pokoj typu standard deluxe s klimatizací
2 noci/í, únor 2017
nice getaway for a few days
Peaceful location not really near anything else unless you have wheels. WiFi was iffy to nonexistent but it's in the middle of nowhere so that's expected. If you're just looking for a few days on a beach, buying food from the hotel then it's great.
Hodnoceno 12 února 2017
4 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Robyn – Austrálie
7 noci/í, září 2016
Morob Australia
Our hosts, Al, Cec & Alex were exceptional, a lot of 5 star hotels could learn from their customer service. We stayed 7 nights in the beachfront accommodation. The food was delicious, individually cooked to your liking and the beer was cold. Unfortunately the Pool Room was being renovated and Big Mo could not challenge Angle Al to a game. We definitely arrived as guests and left as friends.
Hodnoceno 03 října 2016
5 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Christian – Rakousko
5 noci/í, duben 2016
The name says it all: white sands & paradise!
This location is amazing! A beautiful and peaceful white beach, clear water and nothing else than this small resort around. We’ve booked the Beachfront Chalet, so we could see the ocean directly from our bed. So close we’ve could almost jump into it from our veranda. Just a couple of palm trees in the view good for mounting a hammock. So nice, so refreshing. so relaxing! The resorts own Bollox Bar is a cool place to hang out, meet nice people and play pool. You could enjoy great food there – from local Philippine cuisine to fresh fish to the best burgers on the whole island. And of course they serve refreshing drinks like e.g fresh coconuts or cold beers (local brands , as well as brands from all over the world) And last but not least, the owners Alan & Cecilia are most friendly & supportive. The help you with everything you need e.g. renting a motorbike, getting local tourist information or a taxi ride from the airport. We definitely loved our stay at the White Sands Paradise Beach resort!
Hodnoceno 08 května 2016
4 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Martin – Německo
Rodina se staršími dětmi
5 noci/í, únor 2016
Good choice
the owner / beautful location / cool for fans of good beer, billiard and rock music
Hodnoceno 03 března 2016
3 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Ramon – Spojené státy americké
Samostatný cestovatel
Pokoj typu standard deluxe s klimatizací
Zůstal jednu noc v únor 2016
Best to relax in a small resort
Friendly, food andvarea
I had a pleasant stayed, the foods are great, the owner so friendly n play card with their son, I highly recommended the quality of their services
Hodnoceno 21 února 2016
5 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Geoffrey – Austrálie
Samostatný cestovatel
3 noci/í, leden 2016
Siargao baybay 2016
Location right on the beach, Food was very good & good price, The Famous Bollox Bar
I had a very good stay there, the owners Allen & Cesile make you feel right at home & have a great sense of humor.I would recommend this resort for value for money,rest & relaxation,if you like being treated as one of the family & will definitely stay there next time i come down to Siargao Island
Hodnoceno 12 ledna 2016
4 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
MATTHEW – Spojené státy americké
5 noci/í, říjen 2015
The quiet side of paradise
Clean, quiet, safe
Nice. Don't expect good Internet or cell phone coverage on this part of the island. Both are spotty at best. Cecilia and Allen do offer some western food items like hamburgers that are real and people seem to enjoy them.
Hodnoceno 19 října 2015
5 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
Jennie – Austrálie
4 noci/í, červenec 2015
Absolutely amazing place to stay
Alan and Cecilia, beautiful people though Alan is a crunt,,absolutely beautiful place and wonderful and fun hospitality
I can only say I wish I had stayed there longer, the snorkelling was very special, the food beautiful and prepared by beautiful people and the company delightful - full of fun and mischief. Overall I give it a 10/10
Hodnoceno 30 července 2015
3 cestovatelů považuje toto hodnocení za užitečné. Souhlasíte?|
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