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AMADEUS am Kurfürstendamm
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Δίκλινο ή Twin Δωμάτιο - Μπάνιο
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Εσωτερική όψη
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Εσωτερική όψη
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Δείτε 65 φωτογραφίες
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Δείτε 65 φωτογραφίες
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Τρίκλινο Δωμάτιο (Triple Room)
  • 35 μ²/377 ft²
  • ντουζιέρα
  • 3 μονά κρεβάτια ή 2 μονά κρ...
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Μονόκλινο Δωμάτιο (Single Room)
  • 25 μ²/269 ft²
  • ντουζιέρα
  • 1 μονό κρεβάτι ή 1 διπλό κρ...
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Τετράκλινο Δωμάτιο (Quadruple Room)
  • 45 μ²/484 ft²
  • ντουζιέρα
  • 4 μονά κρεβάτια
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Δίκλινο ή Twin Δωμάτιο (Double or Twin Room)
  • 25 μ²/269 ft²
  • 1 king size κρεβάτι ή 2 μον...
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Διαμ. Με 2 δωμ. (6 εν.) (Two-Bedroom Apartment (6 Adults))
  • 49 μ²/527 ft²
  • ντουζιέρα
  • 4 μονά κρεβάτια και 1 king ...
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Michelle από Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο
Ένα άτομο
Δίκλινο ή Twin Δωμάτιο
Έμεινε 7 βράδια τον Σεπτέμβριος 2017
Great hotel all round!”
I've seen quite a few negative reviews for this hotel and I really can't understand why! It was clean and comfortable. The room I had was very reasonably priced anyway, but especially so considering how spacious it was. The staff were very friendly and the location was great! It's just a few minutes walk from Kurfürstendamm (probably the most exclusive shopping street in the city) and equally close to S and U bahn stations. I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Berlin :)
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 07 Οκτωβρίου 2017
Mioritza από Καναδάς
Ένα άτομο
Δίκλινο ή Twin Δωμάτιο
Έμεινε 3 βράδια τον Σεπτέμβριος 2017
Πολύ καλό”
I would recommend this hotel to others only if a telephone would be installed in the rooms. Lack of communication from the room to the outside is a health and safety issue. Not everybody is carrying a cell phone! I also suggest the locks to the rooms be replaced with more modern models, so that the keys will be easy to insert and retrieve
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 05 Οκτωβρίου 2017
Peter από Αυστραλία
Έμεινε 4 βράδια τον Νοέμβριος 2015
Close to everything”
Staff, location, clean
At 1st we thought the reception on top floor, ok so we are all diffrent. The hotel was close to top shops, rail to airport, bus to other airport, hop on hop off tours and a range of coffee and eating shops, even little supermarket down the road. They could do with a decent TV and some English channels and maybe coffee and tea making facilities for the room as you have to get dressed to get a coffee in the morning.
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 06 Νοεμβρίου 2015
Jennie από Γερμανία
Οικογένεια με μικρά παιδιά
Έμεινε ένα βράδυ τον Οκτώβριος 2015
I thought I was staying in an hourly hotel ”
Very spacious room
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 19 Οκτωβρίου 2015
Bhupinderjeet από Μαλαισία
Έμεινε 3 βράδια τον Ιούλιος 2015
Conveniently located but......”
close to both S Bahn and U Metro, clean and fairly large and close to food outlets
My requirement of closeness to public transport (S Bahn and U Metro) was met. Both were between 5 to 10 min walk. The hotel reception was located on the 7th floor and there was no lift! (A lift is being installed when I stayed there 8-11 Jly 2015). So the hassle of carrying the [heavy] (overseas) luggage bags up the 7 floors and on check out was a killer. Better one in your party go up and inquire which floor your room is before lugging all bags all the way to 7th floor. Though the room was large and the bed and pillows were OK and clean, the bathroom was relatively small but everything was functional. We found the neighbourhood safe. Plenty of food outlets near and in the U Metro station, incl a small supermarket. The staff was friendly and helpful eg for map and directions. The negatives were: 1)the lack of a lift (see above) and this can be quite tiring after a long day of walking in the streets of Berlin 2)no fresh towels the following 2 days (and that is OK) 3)no soap after the 1st night even after asking - response from receptionist: you need to get your own soap. If I was told up front its OK, but after returning late at night and walking up 6 floors, the hotel expected me to walk down 6 floors and find a convenience store that is very unlikely open to buy a cake of soap?? How much can soap cost for the hotel? and avoids such negative comments. 4) no reception from 11pm till 8am. So if you are arriving late by design or due to flight/ train delays, you are in trouble. Likewise if you have deposited cash for the key and are leaving before the staff arrives in the morning (a box is made available for key drop), again you are in trouble. 5) there is an erotic shop next door on the ground floor but we found it not a concern and there were no unnecessary people hanging around. 6) no tissue box or tea/ coffee facility
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 16 Ιουλίου 2015
Akio από Μαλαισία
Ένα άτομο
Έμεινε 2 βράδια τον Ιούνιος 2015
Never again”
Nothing,only reasobanle price
The elevator doen' operate,and got a room in the 7th floor. i am female traveller with a heavy lugguage. The hotel personal refused to assist. no pissibities to store bag,they also refused to accept. Stayed two night,they refused to give a new bath towel as they are saying that the rule of the hotel says: one one chage of the towels in two days,but they can not show me their rules in written form. Unpleased area:plenty erotic shops abd corresponding bars around
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 26 Ιουνίου 2015
Andreas από Νορβηγία
Ένα άτομο
Έμεινε 2 βράδια τον Μάρτιος 2015
Lots of noise outside, but ok value for money”
cleanliness, location and value for money
Got a good discount, so it was ok. However the noisy work outside my window in the morning made me regret not taking in at a hostel with single room instead. It is not much more than that. A little bit perhaps due to the bathroom.
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 31 Μαρτίου 2015
TSZ από Χονγκ Κονγκ
Ένα άτομο
Έμεινε 15 βράδια τον Ιανουάριος 2015
near S bahn, U bahn and route 109 bus to Tegel ”
good location, clean and spacious room
reception on top floor 0800 to 2300. like other european hotels, no slippers, toothbrushes... wifi is very weak
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 01 Φεβρουαρίου 2015
Don από Ιρλανδία
Οικογένεια με μεγάλα παιδιά
Έμεινε 2 βράδια τον Αύγουστος 2014
Good location for u bahn, that's about it!!”
100m from u bahn S7 to airport. Some restaurants nearby. No air con & loud traffic with open windows. There for 2 nights, room not cleaned. Left water in kitchen fridge but person with the key gone for the evenings. Very helpful girl on reception. Would not stay there again.
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 12 Αυγούστου 2014
CHOON από Μαλαισία
Οικογένεια με μεγάλα παιδιά
Έμεινε 2 βράδια τον Ιούλιος 2014
Bad experience in Berlin”
Nothing is good
On our first night we arrived in front of this hotel, we were feeling tired and sleepy due to our flight from Geneva delayed, we were so shocked to see that the hotel entrance door is closed and all lights have been switched off and we tried many times to press the door bell but no response. We waited outside the hotel till few room guests came out and we were asking about where is the receptionist area and we went up to the highest floor by stair which the lift is not working during midnight I believed. We came to know that the hotel reception will be closed at 11:00 pm. Due to that we have no other choice and worry about my family members who are so tired and sleepy and standing at the entrance of the hotel, I went around that area to search for another hotel and luckily there's rooms available for us to stay for a night. The next morning, we went back to the Hotel Amadeus am Kurfuerstendamm to enquire about this issue and the receptionist advised that this is the hotel policy and unable to refund for the 1 st night and requested us to contact back to Agoda. My advice for those guests are arriving late at night after 11:00 pm, they should plan ahead accordingly to look for another hotel nearby.
Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 02 Αυγούστου 2014
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