Brentwood Sanctuary
Standard Σκηνή Brentwood Sanctuary
Εξωτερική όψη Brentwood Sanctuary
Εξωτερική όψη Brentwood Sanctuary
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  • Οδός Camel's Back4,5 km
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    Brentwood Sanctuary

    The Binog Mountain Quail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kempty Rd,, Ram Gaon, Μουσορί, Ινδία, 248179 - ΣΤΟΝ ΧΑΡΤΗ
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    Σχέση ποιότητας-τιμής3,0
    Απόσταση από κέντρο12 km
    Αξιολόγηση τοποθεσίας8,0

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    Standard Σκηνή (Standard Tent)
    Standard Σκηνή (Standard Tent)
    • Μέγεθος δωματίου: 15 μ²/161...
    • Μπαλκόνι/βεράντα
    • 1 διπλό κρεβάτι
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    Standard Δωμάτιο (Standard Room)
    Standard Δωμάτιο (Standard Room)
    • Μέγεθος δωματίου: 23 μ²/248...
    • Θέα: Κήπος
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    Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για Brentwood Sanctuary





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    ANKUR από Ινδία
    Ομάδα ταξιδιωτών
    Standard Σκηνή
    Έμεινε 2 βράδια - Ιούνιος 2012

    Great staff but poor hotel condition ”

    Lots of adventure activities

    Hotel is located on Mussorie kempty Road (Approx 8-9 kms from Mussorie) but there is no sign board/adv for giving any direction to the tourists, so it is extremely difficult to reach there, unlevelled road of approx 2-3 kms creates more problem for first time visitor. Call hotel staff once you reach mussorie to understand the way. Though the location is beautiful, friendly staff & great service certainly makes you comfortable but poor part is hotel condition, cleanliness & food (both in terms of quality & quantity). Net net for me it was not a value for money and one can find better hotel at much cheaper rates in mussorie.

    Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 14 Ιουνίου 2012
    Venkateswaran από Ινδία
    Οικογένεια με μικρά παιδιά
    Έμεινε 2 βράδια - Μάιος 2012

    Low end poor quality backpackers hotel”

    Fantastic location for birdwatching

    We were 2 families with 4 children, booked 3 rooms for 2 days, based on the pictures, along with a tent for the kids. At the approach road itself we had misgivings - it was a small jeep track 2.5Km long with no signposts. Our tempo traveller barely scraped into the place. This hotel consists of a tiny building with just 6 rooms - 2 occupied by the owner and 4 guest rooms and many tents. There is no office,computer,phones or registration, staffed by labourers in rags The owner met us in the garden and denied that any booking had been received from Agoda at all - despite our presenting the papers. We argued with him for an hour before he finally admitted that he had made a mistake - and that while he had rooms for the 26th, for 27th he had booked a big school group. He offered to put us up in another hotel in main Mussoorie - as if he was doing us a favour - he said he was trying to help us because we were in trouble - after we had paid him! Having no option, we settled in. The rooms were spacious and a brave effort, but let down by suspect cleanliness of the linen and floor. We got all the bedsheets and pillow cases changed. There was no TV or phone. Bathrooms were big and basic, of average cleaniness. None of us felt like bathing there. The tents were numerous and occupied by a big noisy group of school boys. Tents are basic with folding cots, quilts where linen is reused and a very basic bathroom attached - our kids refused to sleep there fearing bedbugs - though we never saw any. So the tent went waste. The swimming pool is unusable - it is fed by a mountain stream and was full of foating detritus and unheated. Basically this hotel is meant to be a overnight camp for school kids staying in the tents and teachers in the 4 rooms. It is unsuitable for families.

    Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 01 Ιουνίου 2012
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    Brentwood Sanctuary
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