Castello Khaoyai
Castello Khaoyai
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Εσωτερική όψη Castello Khaoyai
Εσωτερική όψη
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Εσωτερική όψη Castello Khaoyai
Εσωτερική όψη
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Μπαλκόνι/βεράντα Castello Khaoyai
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Είσοδος Castello Khaoyai
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ΣΤΟΝ ΧΑΡΤΗ Castello Khaoyai
Δείτε 27 φωτογραφίες Castello Khaoyai
Δείτε 27 φωτογραφίες
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Agoda Homes

Castello Khaoyai

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Agoda Homes
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  • Ολόκληρο σπίτι/διαμέρισμα
  • 10 Επισκέπτες
  • 5 Υπνοδωμάτια
  • 6 Μπάνια
  • 65 μ²/700 ft²
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Castello Khaoyai is an inspiration place to fulfill your unique vacation lifestyle with fabulous decoration and amazing sceneric view from balcony and surrounded by exceptional neighborhood area Wonderful pearly grey villa on top of the hill with 5 unique decoration bedrooms + 6 Shower rooms , Cozy Tuscan decoration Living room, Beautiful dining room with fully equipped pantry and 10 seats dining table, Relax with great view on roof top balcony, BBQ space is well prepared at the backyard garden in rustic loft style. Enjoy splendid view of big mountains and best view of khaoyai district Swimming pool is 1 min walk from villa

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Κανόνες σπιτιού

• Car parking available free of charge • Turn off lights, air conditioning, and electrical appliances when you are not using them. • Lock the door and close the windows when leaving the property. • Be careful when using cooking appliances, heaters, or other fire hazards. • Treat the property like your own home. • Additional charges may apply for any loss or damages. • Guests of all ages are welcome.

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Check-out έως: 15:00
ΦιλοξενείCastello Khaoyai
Εγγραφή: Οκτώβριος 2017
Pong Ta Long, Ταϊλάνδη