Hide Yala

Hide Yala

Kirinda,Sithulpauwa Road, yala, Γιαλα Τισαμαχαραμα, Ιάλα, Σρι Λάνκα, 90329
- Προβολή στον χάρτη
 Hide Yala
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  • Λιμάνι Ψαρέματος Κιρίντα5,11 km
  • Παραλία Κιρίντα5,38 km
  • Ναός Κιρίντα5,7 km
  • Πόλη Τίσσα5,75 km
  • Τίσσα Νταγκόμπα5,75 km
  • Λίμνη Τίσσα5,75 km
  • Σταθμός Λεωφορείων Tissamaharama6,17 km
  • Yala National Park Information Centre6,88 km
  • Γιατάλα Γουεχέρα7,6 km
  • Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο7,66 km
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    Κοντινό αεροδρόμιοΑεροδρόμιο Weerawila (WRZ)
    Απόσταση από αεροδρόμιο11,8χλμ.
    Επιλογή δωματίου
    Κρεβάτι σε Μεικτό Κοιτώνα 8 Ατόμων (Bed in 8-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room)
    Κρεβάτι σε Μεικτό Κοιτώνα 8 Ατόμων (Bed in 8-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room)
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    • Κοινόχρηστο μπάνιο
    • 1 μονό κρεβάτι
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    Ruby Δίκλινο (Ruby Double)
    Ruby Δίκλινο (Ruby Double)
    • Μέγεθος δωματίου: 30 μ²/323...
    • Θέα: Φύση
    • 1 super king size κρεβάτι
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    Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για το Hide Yala


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    kasun από Σρι Λάνκα
    Οικογένεια με μικρά παιδιά
    Έμεινε ένα βράδυ τον Αύγουστος 2018
    Excellent place for a reasonable price”
    I visited Yala Hide on 07.08.2018 with my wife and 2 kids of 4 years and 2.5 years. It is a family owned property run by a professional and the care taker and the staff is extremely supportive. It is situated about 7kms from Tissa town on situlpawwa road. The room is huge as well as the bed. The room is well furnished and AC and hot water is there. Bathroom is large and clean and soap and towels are available. They have a nice relaxing area along with a huge garden. Food is not available at the property but you can get it prepared if you provide the goods in the way you need and I must say their food is delicious. I found only 2 disadvantages 1. The room is bit dusty may be due to dry, sunny environment and it is felt more over the cut cement floor than the tile floor. 2. If there was a Television in the room it will be easier to occupy children even for a short time Anyway I wish all the success Yala Hide and hope to visit again.
    Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 11 Αυγούστου 2018
    Asith από Σρι Λάνκα
    Ένα άτομο
    Έμεινε ένα βράδυ τον Ιούλιος 2016
    Great place to relax and enjoy the wild.”
    My one day stay was a relaxing stop over at Hide Yala. Really enjoyed the birds around the property. Place looked quite new, very clean and well maintained. The caretaker and cook ‘kumara ‘was very attentive and made sure I was well fed and comfortable. It’s an excellent place to spend a few lazy days. The Park was only a few minutes away, and my safari ride was arranged by the owner of the place on my request. I visited a few beautiful ancient temples close to the property …Though I occupied a chalet, I felt the dormitory accommodation would have been more interesting …………..
    Η κριτική γράφτηκε στις 17 Ιουλίου 2016
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    Hide Yala
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