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Rasta House
Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
Standard Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο Rasta House
Standard Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
 Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
 Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
Είσοδος Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
ΣΤΟΝ ΧΑΡΤΗ Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες Rasta House
Δείτε 40 φωτογραφίες
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Επιλογές δωματίων
Standard Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο (Standard Double Room)
Standard Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο (Standard Double Room)
  • 50 μ²/538 ft²
  • Ντους
  • 1 super king size κρεβάτι
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Standard Δίκλινο Δωμάτιο
Έμεινε ένα βράδυ τον Μάρτιος 2018
it was okay, decent location and fun bar at night”
Decent place to stay and a fun night environment. The owner rubs me the wrong way a bit but he's friendly enough most the time just a little rude sometimes. The bungalows are a good size, clean, but the bed is pretty hard (though most places are like that so it's something to get used to) and it gets quite hot during the day because the rooms are exposed to the sun, and when the electricity cuts out from 7am-9:30am. I prefer the Smile Bungalows nextdoor, I think they work in conjunction with each other but the Smile Bungalows are more cool temperature wise, the owner Naht (I think that's how you spell her name) is a sweetheart and very accommodating. The bar at Rasta is quite fun though and the hammocks are a great place to relax. Even though I didn't love the owner, the other members of the staff were cool and nice - including his wife, very sweet woman.
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