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Room comfort and quality4.2
Value for money5.1
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Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Queen Room with Private Bathroom
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Joshua from United States
Solo traveler
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 3 nights in October 2013
Cheap place to stay. Virtually no luxury. Noisey”
Close to BART. Easy check in and out. Cheap
The place was fine. It was a cheap bed to sleep in. Thats about it. I got a room off the front of the building, had nice windows to open up and let in some cool air since there was no AC, and all of the wonderful sounds of the Tenderloin came in with it. That is, loud drunks and crack heads yelling all night and car windows being smashed. But hey, it's a cheap place to stay
Reviewed October 10, 2013
KOOPONG from Thailand
Solo traveler
Stayed 1 night in September 2013
This is very bad. This should not call hotel.”
This is the worse experience in San Francisco. Except this hotel everything will be fine.
Reviewed October 01, 2013
Matteo from Italy
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in August 2013
2 min from Market St., but in the drugs area....”
Position (at day)
The owner´s English is very poor, but we came along. The position is good if you don´t plan to go out at night. Otherwise DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU´RE AFRAID OF BEING SURROUNDED BY DRUG ADDICTS ALL OVER THE STREET!!! Because that´s basically it...the hostel is in the Drug Ghetto. When I arrived there I felt like in a movie: there was a guy on amphetamines bagging for money in return of postcards and gum, some freaked out women screaming to the wall on the other side of the street, creepy people that could barely walk all around the place and around 6 police cars stopped nearby the hostel in the 12 hours I spent there! (and I was awake for only 4). I looked for a safe private parking because I really didn´t feel like leaving my car on the street. AND AVOID THE CAR PARK BY THE HOSTEL. I first got there and I only found a 13 year old guy asking for 30$ per night...when I asked him where the manager was he said he didn´t know...I drove away. Basically, for 5-10$ more you can get way better places to stay. And I would totally recommend to spend those few more bucks.
Reviewed August 17, 2013
Maurice from New Zealand
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 2 nights in December 2012
This Hotel is a flop house”
Apart from the mouse droppings the sheets seemed clean
We were greeted by winos and homeless at the door then having to drag our bags up a long stairway. The smell was unreal, the bathroom window was broken out so you could look at the place next door. If you were in your 20s and high on something this place would be great. We walked out and as we booked there was no refund. We were misled by some optimistic reviews. This is a cheap flop house for people who don't care in a dodgy neighbourhood.
Reviewed December 27, 2012
Laura from United States
Solo traveler
Stayed 2 nights in November 2012
Not bad hostel, bad area”
warm rooms
The hostel stay was pleasant over all. I was in a single room. It had a mirror and sink and the bathrooms and shower were just a few doors down. The hostel itself was just fine for 35 dollars a night. The surround area however was sketchy and I would suggest having a friend with you, or taking a taxi directly to the door.
Reviewed November 16, 2012
Very good
brad from United States
Solo traveler
Stayed 2 nights in October 2012
Good Price”
Good Location
Good for the price and in a central/convenient location. Be a bit aware of your surroundings (bums/beggars) at night.
Reviewed October 16, 2012
weera from Thailand
Solo traveler
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in July 2012
small room not very clean”
not very far from Powel Bart
not easy to go up 2 floor if you have big luggage not in the good area not clean, unsafe location
Reviewed August 02, 2012
Oscar from Spain
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in June 2017
No Recomendable”
Habíamos leído que había Homeless por la zona, pero ni mucho menos nos imaginábamos aquéllo. La zona llega a dar miedo incluso, y para nada recomendaría caminar por ahí de noche. La habitación estaba bien, aunque se veían pelos por algunas partes debido a la falta de limpieza y el suelo estaba pegajoso. La relación calidad-precio no creo que sea la más adecuada. Además, el personal es indio y NO habla inglés.
Reviewed June 16, 2017
Carmen from Spain
Stayed 1 night in October 2012
Youth hostel”
Centro financiers
Al ver la zone done estaba situado rodeado de salas de streaptease decidimos que buscariamos otro alojamiento ya que nos apetecia relax y no tanto ruido como el que se genera en esos entornos, a parte de pasear tranquilos por las calles de la ciudad.
Reviewed October 10, 2012
Perrine from France
Solo traveler
Stayed 3 nights in October 2013
Le quartier craint vraiment...”
Pas trop cher, bonne sécurité compte tenu du quartier, grande chambre
L'hotel est un peu crasseux, mais surtout le quartier, le Tenderloin, est vraiment, vraiment à éviter. Je dirai même dangereux passée une certaine heure la nuit.
Reviewed October 17, 2013
andreas from Germany
Stayed 4 nights in August 2013
miserabel und assotiales umfeld”
schnelles check-in und out
Zimmer direkt neben dusche und wc, wenn diese benutzt wurden dachte man, man wäre live dabei. Sehr laut und keine Zimmerreinigung. Dreckige Bettwäsche und Handtücher. Gesamte Turkstreet gleicht einem Sammelplatz. Es ist nicht zu empfehlen das hostel allein zu verlassen.
Reviewed August 10, 2013
alessio from Italy
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in September 2013
Brutta zona e brutto hotel, poco economico”
wifi gratis, non lontano da union square e stop
Reviewed September 26, 2013
Yanashita from Japan
Solo traveler
Stayed 2 nights in September 2015
Reviewed September 12, 2015
Saekeun from South Korea
Solo traveler
Stayed 2 nights in September 2013
場所はPowell station 近くで便利、部屋もきれい、トイレシャワーは共同だがきれい
2泊3日で予約したが初日は遅く到着し、滞在できず。 2日目の朝行くと周りにホームレスがたくさんいて怖かった。 夜行かず正解だと思った。 街中にあるのに怖いと思った。 行ってみると鉄格子のような門があり入り方が分からなかった。電話をしたところ横にボタンがあるから押せとのこと。 再度行き門の右側にあるボタンを押すとウィーンと鍵が開くような音。しかしドアを引いてみるが開かない、、、 何度もボタンを押しているとオーナーらしき人がおりてきてすでに怒りの表情!OOOを連呼しながら部屋案内。 なぜお金を払ってこんな対応を受けなければならないのか、、、 しかも安いわけでもない。 しかしWifi繋がらずでがっか り。 2日目。 夜ホテルに戻る。 昨日の記憶がありボタンを1度だけ押す。 また鍵が開くような音。しかし引いてもドアは開かない。 今度はもうボタンを押さずに待つ。 すると昨日よりさらに怒り心頭のオーナー登場! またもやOO と侮辱語を連呼。つたない英語でドアが開かなかったと言うが[I can't understand Chinese]の一言で一蹴される。 他にもいろいろ言われたが長くなるのでここまで。 結局力強くドアを引けば開いたのだと思うが誰がホテルのドアを力一杯引くと思うだろうか、、、 当たり前だが2度と泊まりたくない、、、 それよりお金を返してほしいくらい。
Reviewed October 01, 2013
Shohei from Japan
Solo traveler
Stayed 1 night in June 2012
謎の臭いで部屋が満ちています。慣れれば構わないのですが、慣れるまでが大変です。 まぁ値段故、仕方ないといったところでしょうか。 宿の周りの治安はあまり良くないです。夜、1人であるくのは怖いかなー。
Reviewed June 28, 2012
Very good
wachira from Thailand
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 2 nights in September 2017
เจ้าของเป็นอินเดีย กลิ่นก็จะส้มๆหน่อย เหนื่อยตรงยกกระเป๋าขึ้นชั้น2เองเพื่อเช็คอิน ห้องพักให้ความรู้สึกอึดอัด ไม่โปร่งโล่ง เลือกห้องพักแบบเตียงควีน ในห้องจะมีแค่อ่างล้างหน้า แต่ในห้องมีไมโครเวฟ พัดลม ตู้เย็น ทีวีให้ ไม่แนะนำเพราะต้องยกกระเป๋าเอง ไม่มีลิฟท์
Reviewed September 20, 2017
Chantira from Thailand
Solo traveler
Stayed 4 nights in June 2012
ทำเลสะดวก ห้องพักขนาดเล็ก”
เดินทางสะดวกใกล้แหล่งท่องเที่ยว มี free wifi
ห้องพักมีกลิ่นบุหรี่ ใช้ห้องน้ำรวม ห้องพักมีแต่อ่างล้างหน้า บริเวณโรงแรมมี homeless คนเดินไปมาเป็นจำนวนมาก
Reviewed July 13, 2012
YINGYI from Taiwan
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 3 nights in August 2012
位置離鬧區很近,但卻是黑人區內, 無論早晚幾乎附近都有好幾群黑人聚集+許多流浪漢, 雖然無法就此判定不安全(這趟美國行遇到的好人都是黑人,但也有遇到不肖司機也是黑人),但光走回旅館這段路程,真的蠻可怕的! 旅館鐵門深鎖,從外觀很難判定旅館位置 須自行按鈴後,把門從內推入在往外拉,鈴聲便會停止即可進入 第一次按鈴時,在深夜鈴聲大響,若沒開門是不會停止鈴聲的 此時,是一名路過的黑人告訴我如何解決的(但相對的安全性好像也沒有?誰都可以開門闖入旅館) 入門後,須要爬一串長梯後,才會看到櫃台 房間極度簡易,有暖氣,是雅房,衛浴設備是分開的 廁所非常小間,洗澡處還算大間,都有對外窗 基本上,除非真的跟我一樣很窮,不然極度不建議住這邊 畢竟安全還是最重要的(尤其後來我有朋友也到美國卻被毆打搶劫)
Reviewed November 20, 2012
Hyojeong from South Korea
Solo traveler
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in October 2017
정말 최악! ”
벽에 핀 곰팡이, 이불에는 보풀, 담배 불에 그을려서 구멍이 나있습니다. 또한 방음은 전혀 되지 않고, 하루종일 아랍계로 보이는 주인장 아기가 웁니다. 참다참다 12시가 지나도 아기가 소리지르고 계속 울길래 조용히 해달라고 요청했으나 전혀 소리가 줄어들지 않았습니다. 배드버그 물릴까봐 잘때도 전전긍긍하면서 꽁꽁 싸매고 잤네요. 근처 노숙자들도 많아 밤에 이동하기 매우 힘듭니다. 여기 절대 묵지 마세요. 샤워실 커튼에도 곰팡이가 너무 많아 씻는 내내 찝찝했네요.
Reviewed October 11, 2017
Ayca from Turkey
Queen Bed with Shared Bathroom
Stayed 2 nights in July 2015
bad location”
everything is bad
Reviewed July 21, 2015
Hsiang from Taiwan
Solo traveler
Queen Room with Private Bathroom
Stayed 1 night in June 2017
Check in 櫃檯窗口在樓上,旅社沒有電梯! 所在位置雖然離BART不算太遠,但基本還有一段距離! 周邊環境...其實挺髒的! 房間本身也還好...
Reviewed June 27, 2017