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Moheli Laka Lodge
Nioumachoua,Nioumachoua - View on map
  1. Airport transfer
  2. Pets allowed
  3. Car park
  4. Shuttle service
  5. Private beach
  6. Game room
  7. Bicycles
  8. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!

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Moheli Vanilla Lodge
Nioumachoua,Nioumachoua - View on map
  1. Airport transfer
  2. Car park
  3. Shuttle service
  4. Free Wi-Fi in all rooms!
  5. Check-in/out [express]
  6. BBQ facilities
  7. Game room
  8. Coffee shop


1 review

Fast facts about Nioumachoua, Comoros

Accommodations2 properties
Popular hotelMoheli Vanilla Lodge
Popular areaNioumachoua
Nightly rates fromR1825

Where to stay in Nioumachoua

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular resorts in Nioumachoua?

A few of our most well-known places to stay in Nioumachoua are Moheli Laka Lodge.

What are the best places to stay in Nioumachoua for couples?

Properties in Nioumachoua that are popular among couples include Moheli Laka Lodge.

What are the best resorts in Nioumachoua for families?

Places to stay in Nioumachoua that are significantly scored by families include Moheli Laka Lodge.

What's the top neighborhood in Nioumachoua to stay in?

Most desirable local neighborhood amongst foreigners staying in Nioumachoua is Nioumachoua.

What are the recommended accommodations in Nioumachoua intended for lone tourists?

Resorts around Nioumachoua that are very highly rated by lone vacationers are Moheli Laka Lodge and Moheli Vanilla Lodge.

What are the preferred resorts located in Nioumachoua for group travelers?

Hotels located in Nioumachoua which are highly rated by group tourists are Moheli Laka Lodge and Moheli Vanilla Lodge.

What are the ideal hotels found in Nioumachoua with airport transfer?

Properties that has airport transfer located in Nioumachoua that are exceptionally rated include Moheli Laka Lodge, Moheli Laka Lodge and Moheli Laka Lodge.

What are the top rated places to stay found in Nioumachoua that have bars?

Hotels which have bars found in Nioumachoua which are highly rated include Moheli Laka Lodge, Moheli Laka Lodge and Moheli Laka Lodge.

What are the prime resorts around Nioumachoua that have a private beach?

Accommodations with a private beach located Nioumachoua which are very highly rated include Moheli Laka Lodge, Moheli Laka Lodge and Moheli Laka Lodge.

Where can I find rooms in Nioumachoua which has free cancellation policy?

Yes, you’ll find the majority of hotel rooms provide free cancellation rates, in which you will receive a full refund if you cancel prior to the deadline. Filter your search by free cancellation to find flexible hotel deals in Nioumachoua.

When should I make a trip to Nioumachoua?

Last year, Nioumachoua accrued its most visitors during the month of March. Nevertheless, make sure to consider other months during which there are less travelers, as the most popular attractions will be less jampacked.

Are foreign visitors allowed into Nioumachoua?

International tourists are partially allowed into Nioumachoua, according to our most up-to-date information. Due to changing restrictions, we recommend you take a look at here for further information.

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More about Nioumachoua

Discovering Nioumachoua: Fun Facts and Reasons to Visit

Nioumachoua is a small village located on the island of Moheli, one of the three main islands of the Union of the Comoros. Despite its size, Nioumachoua is a fascinating destination that offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. One of the fun facts about Nioumachoua is that it is home to the only marine park in the Comoros. The park covers an area of 400 hectares and is home to a variety of marine life, including dolphins, turtles, and colorful fish. Visitors can go on a boat tour to explore the park and even swim with the dolphins. Another reason to visit Nioumachoua is its rich cultural heritage. The village is home to several historic sites, including the ruins of the ancient capital of Moheli, which dates back to the 15th century. Visitors can also visit the Nioumachoua Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in the Comoros, and the Moheli Laka Lodge, a traditional Swahili-style house that has been converted into a museum.

Getting to Nioumachoua: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Getting to Nioumachoua can be a bit of a challenge, but the journey is well worth it. The easiest way to get to Moheli is by flying from the capital city of Moroni to Moheli's main airport, which is located in the town of Fomboni. From there, visitors can take a taxi or a shared minibus to Nioumachoua. Another option is to take a ferry from the island of Grande Comore to Moheli. The ferry journey takes around six hours and can be quite rough, so it's not recommended for those who get seasick easily.

Unforgettable Experiences: Fun Things to Do in Nioumachoua

Despite its small size, Nioumachoua offers plenty of fun things to do for visitors. One of the most popular activities is hiking to the top of Mount Karthala, an active volcano that is the highest point in the Comoros. The hike takes around six hours round trip and offers stunning views of the island. Another must-see attraction in Nioumachoua is the Moheli Laka Lodge. This eco-lodge is located on a private beach and offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Comorian culture in a stunning natural setting. Visitors can go snorkeling, kayaking, or simply relax on the beach. For those interested in history and culture, a visit to the ancient capital of Moheli is a must. The ruins of the city are located just a short drive from Nioumachoua and offer a glimpse into the island's rich past.

Why Book Your Nioumachoua Hotel with

If you're planning a trip to Nioumachoua, booking your hotel with is the best way to ensure a hassle-free and affordable stay. offers a wide range of hotels in Nioumachoua, including the Moheli Vanilla Lodge and the Moheli Laka Lodge. Both of these hotels offer comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations in stunning natural settings. The Moheli Vanilla Lodge is located on a hillside overlooking the ocean and offers panoramic views of the island, while the Moheli Laka Lodge is located on a private beach and offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Comorian culture. By booking your hotel with, you can be sure that you're getting the best possible price for your stay in Nioumachoua. also offers 24/7 customer service, so you can rest assured that any issues or concerns will be promptly addressed.

The Best Time to Visit Nioumachoua: Tips and Recommendations

The best time to visit Nioumachoua is between May and October, when the weather is dry and sunny. During this time, visitors can enjoy hiking, swimming, and snorkeling in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It's also worth noting that Nioumachoua is a Muslim village, so visitors should dress modestly and respect local customs and traditions. Women should cover their heads and wear long sleeves and pants, while men should avoid wearing shorts in public.

Where to Stay and What to Eat in Nioumachoua

As mentioned earlier, the Moheli Vanilla Lodge and the Moheli Laka Lodge are two of the best places to stay in Nioumachoua. Both of these hotels offer comfortable accommodations in stunning natural settings and are located close to the village's main attractions. When it comes to food, Nioumachoua offers a variety of delicious local dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. One of the most popular dishes is pilao, a fragrant rice dish that is often served with meat or fish. Other local specialties include grilled seafood, coconut curry, and samosas.

Exploring Nioumachoua: Tips for Travelers

If you're planning a trip to Nioumachoua, here are a few tips to help make your visit as enjoyable as possible: - Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent, as the sun can be intense and mosquitoes can be a nuisance. - Respect local customs and traditions, especially when it comes to dress and behavior. - Bring cash, as credit cards are not widely accepted in Nioumachoua. - Learn a few basic phrases in French or Comorian to help you communicate with locals. - Be prepared for a slower pace of life and a more relaxed way of doing things, as this is part of the charm of Nioumachoua.

Traveling Around Nioumachoua: Your Comprehensive Guide

Nioumachoua is a small village, so it's easy to explore on foot. However, if you want to venture further afield, there are a few transportation options available. Taxis are the most common form of transportation in Nioumachoua and can be easily hailed on the street. However, be prepared to negotiate the fare, as there are no meters and prices can vary widely. Shared minibusses are another option for getting around Nioumachoua and are often cheaper than taxis. These minibusses can be crowded and uncomfortable, but they offer a unique opportunity to interact with locals and experience daily life in the village. Finally, if you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a bicycle or a scooter to explore Nioumachoua and the surrounding area at your own pace. Just be sure to wear a helmet and exercise caution, as the roads can be bumpy and unpredictable.