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Hotels in the area have Osaka’s many attractions on their doorsteps, including some of the city’s best eateries and most popular bars and clubs. In the east, there are dozens of upscale restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, where Osaka's young hipsters come to shop, eat, see and be seen. On Midosuji Street, there are two famous department stores, Daimaru and OPA. Walking south, visitors come to the Dotonbori-gawa canal and its famous nightlife district.

There are eateries on both sides of the waterway, but the south side, east of Midosuji, is the heart of the district and the home of Kuidaore, a local landmark restaurant serving both Japanese and Western food. A famous animatronic clown stands in front of the three-storey eatery. Another Osaka landmark, Kani Doraku is a crab restaurant with a giant mechanical crab on the front of the building that has become a symbol of the city.

The nearby Ebisubashi bridge is another prime photo opportunity for tourists, who pose to have their pictures taken in front of a neon-covered row of buildings. A new Ferris wheel adjoins the Don Quijote Dotonbori store, while the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade runs to the north and south from Ebisubashi and the Dotonbori-gawa canal.

South of Shinsaibashi, Namba is famous for its theaters and the fashionable boutiques and remarkable architecture of the Namba City and Namba Park shopping complexes. There are two kabuki theaters (Osaka Shochikuza Theater and Shin Kabukiza Theater) and traditional puppet plays are performed at the National Bunraku Theater. Namba Hatch, a popular concert venue, and Osaka City Air Terminal lie to the west of Namba Station.

Den Den Town is Osaka's electronics Mecca, with hundreds of shops selling everything from cameras to computers and anime DVDs. As the name implies, the nearby America Mura (American Village) sells imported goods from America and other western countries.

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