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Curiosidades sobre Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Alojamientos460 alojamientos
Hotel popularXihu Resort Hotel
Área popularSerendipity Beach
Tarifas por noche desde125Mex$
AeropuertoSihanouk International Airport
Principales atraccionesPlayas, Vida nocturna, Restaurantes

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Más sobre Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville has a long history of being a premier resort destination. It was once very popular by upscale travelers and celebrities, though that status was lost once Cambodia became embroiled in a civil war. Currently, the city is rebounding to its former glory as Cambodia’s favorite beach town.

Sihanoukville's beaches are nothing short of spectacular, with the white sands disappearing into the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The most popular beach in Sihanoukville is Sokha Beach, and accommodations in the area range from low-budget guesthouses to high-end resorts. Guesthouses on Sokha beach tend to fill up quickly during major vacation periods, in which case many head to rocky Paradise beach in the next bay. Further south is Ochheuteal Beach and at the very northern end of Sihanoukville is Independence Beach, and features vintage and iconic hotels that have remained from the town's former days of glory.

Along Serendipity and Sokha beaches, travelers' can enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Sihanoukville is accessed primarily by road, with many travelers making the journey by bus from Phnom Penh – a trip which takes about three-to-four hours by car.

There’s much more to see and learn about Sihanoukville, and the interactive map on this page is a great way to find out where the attractions and hotels can be found in this exciting city.