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City Guest House
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Tubade valik
peretuba (2 kahekohalist tuba) (Family Room (2 Double Beds))
  • Vaade: Vaade puudub
  • 14 m²
  • 2 Kaheinimesevoodid
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Kahe eraldi voodiga tuba (Twin)
  • Vaade: Vaade puudub
  • 8 m²
  • 2 Üheinimesevoodid
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Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba (Double)
  • Vaade: Vaade puudub
  • 7 m²
  • 1 kaheinimesevoodi
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Üheinimese, soodne (Single Economy)
  • Vaade: Vaade puudub
  • 5 m²
  • 1 üheinimesevoodi
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Vahemaad ja olulised teemad

lähedalasuvad lennujaamad
  • 25 km
  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
  • 53 km
  • Shenzheni rahvusvaheline lennujaam (SZX)
  • 100 m
  • Tsim Sha Tsui MTR
  • 200 m
  • East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
haiglad ja kliinikud
  • 1,5 km
  • Queen Elizabeth haigla
  • 150 m
  • CRCare
  • 200 m
  • 7 Eleven
  • 100 m
  • ATM

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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,5
  • Teenused 4,0
  • Asukoht 8,1
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 6,0
  • Teenus 6,0
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,4
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,7
  • Teenused 4,8
  • Asukoht 8,1
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 5,3
  • Teenus 6,1
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,2
Arvustuste tulemus
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,1
  • Teenused 3,6
  • Asukoht 8,3
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 5,5
  • Teenus 6,1
  • Vastavus hinnale 5,5
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,5
  • Teenused 4,1
  • Asukoht 8,2
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 6,3
  • Teenus 5,9
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,6
Arvustuste tulemus
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,2
  • Teenused 3,5
  • Asukoht 7,7
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 5,6
  • Teenus 5,6
  • Vastavus hinnale 5,9
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,6
  • Teenused 3,7
  • Asukoht 8,1
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 5,9
  • Teenus 5,7
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,6
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,8
  • Teenused 4,4
  • Asukoht 8,0
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 6,6
  • Teenus 6,5
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,7
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Toa tüüp
  • Üheinimese, soodne
  • Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
  • Kahe eraldi voodiga tuba
  • peretuba (2 kahekohalist tuba)

Kuvatud 294 kontrollitud arvustust
  • puhasta kõik

SUNGIL alates Lõuna-Korea
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis 3 ööd detsember 2016
Arvustatud 26 august 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Gábor alates Ungari
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis 4 ööd august 2017
Low value, good location”
One positive feature that should be mentioned regarding this place is the great location. The metro station is really close. But! The whole building is full of pushy indians and arabians. It is very crowded and dirty. The room we got was so small that we could only enter the room if one of us waited outside until the other climbed on the bed. The air-con didn't work at all. After one night my gf had spots on her leg probably due to bed bugs.
Arvustatud 09 august 2017
Üks reisija leidis, et see arvustus oli kasulik. Kas ka sulle? |
Rebecca alates Filipiinid
Perekond suurte lastega
peretuba (2 kahekohalist tuba)
Viibis 3 ööd juuli 2017
Very dirty”
Even though it is cheap, it is not worth your money. The sheets seemed like they weren't changed, it had dirt and diagusting stains and it smells a lot outside the room and the family room was like the size of a comfort room. And the comfort room was very dirty. We had an uncomfortable experience here like we never wanted to go back to the room after a long day of walking around Hong Kong even if we were so tired already. Everything about it was just so wrong. Never gonna stay in this place again.
Arvustatud 27 juuli 2017
Üks reisija leidis, et see arvustus oli kasulik. Kas ka sulle? |
Lindsay alates Uus-Meremaa
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis ühe ööjuuni 2017
Small and Disgusting”
VERY SMALL room, Bed linen not cleaned. Had blood stains on the sheets an the blanket stunk of cigarette. We booked the Double an we struggled to fit in. So left the next day.
Arvustatud 27 juuni 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
WEN-FENG alates Saksamaa
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis 2 ööd juuni 2017
Dirtiest hostel I have ever been”
The staff was quite friendly and the location is very good! But when we arrived at our room we just couldn't believe our eyes, the bathroom was so dirty and really not usable if you don't want to get an infection right away. There was litterally brown slime and mold in the toilet and the sink. You couldn't even flush all of it away. When we told the staff about our bathroom, they sent someone to clean it, she was very friendly and kind. But unfortunately it got even worse, she used the brush to clean the brown slime in the toilet first, then just took the same brush to clean the toilet seat and also the walls and everything else - which was just disgusting. The mattress was lopsided, we had a double bed, so one person always slid to the other, we couldn't sleep like that. Another problem was, that they didn't provide us any adapter to use the outlet. When we asked the staff, they told us that they don't have any anymore, so we bought one in the first floor of the building for 10 HK$. To put it in a nutshell, I wouldn't reccomend this hostel.
Arvustatud 12 juuni 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Mark alates Ameerika Ühendriigid
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis ühe öömai 2017
Great location and price ”
Staff is wonderful, TV only Chinese :(
Arvustatud 30 mai 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
David alates Guam
Kahe eraldi voodiga tuba
Viibis ühe öömai 2017
Review of City Guest House”
City Guest House, Paris Guest House, and Singh Guest House are all owned by the same company. I reserved a room at City Guest House, but was given a room in Singh Guest House. The room was small and there are not a lot of room to store luggage. The bathroom/shower combo room is so tiny that you can't shower without bumping into the toilet, sink, wall, or the door. The photos shown are from when the rooms are in close to new condition. The room lights are very dim and the bathroom door leaks. Be prepare to have a wet floor in the room.
Arvustatud 30 mai 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Seng alates Malaisia
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis ühe ööaprill 2017
Cannot make it.. ”
All Indian around the building, dirty and noisy. But the staff at counter is friendly and helpful.
Arvustatud 19 aprill 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Amit alates India
Kaheinimesevoodiga tuba
Viibis 5 ööd november 2016
Worst staff to experience with, lift waiting time is killer”
The worst staff ever seen, rude, arrogant and absolutely unfriendly. Go to this hotel only if you don't have any self- respect left. Else you can find many more places within the same location who treat guests as " guests".
Arvustatud 15 aprill 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
LEONARD alates Filipiinid
peretuba (2 kahekohalist tuba)
Viibis ühe ööaprill 2017
Nice location for backpackers”
This hotel is cheap but the quality of service is not that good
Arvustatud 13 aprill 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |

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City Guest House
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