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Royal Mirage Beach Resort

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Aluseks: 23 arvustust
Royal Mirage Beach Resort
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Luksustuba (Superior Room)
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  • 65 m²
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Standardtuba (Standard Room)
  • Vaade: Linn
  • 48 m²
  • 1 suur voodi
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Standardne luksustuba (standard deluxe)
  • Vaade: Aed
  • 22 m²
  • 2 Üheinimesevoodid või 1 ka...
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  • 16 km
  • Dabolim lennujaam (GOI)
  • 16 km
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  • 13 km
  • Vasco Da Gama vaksal
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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 3,3
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  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 4,5
  • Teenus 3,5
  • Vastavus hinnale 3,3
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 3,3
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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 3,3
  • Teenused 2,0
  • Asukoht 5,6
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 6,0
  • Teenus 2,9
  • Vastavus hinnale 2,9
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 3,6
  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 6,0
  • Teenused 2,0
  • Asukoht 7,0
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 10,0
  • Teenus 9,0
  • Vastavus hinnale 5,0
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 4,0
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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 2,8
  • Teenused 2,0
  • Asukoht 4,8
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 3,0
  • Teenus 3,2
  • Vastavus hinnale 3,6
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 2,5
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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 5,0
  • Asukoht 4,0
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 5,0
  • Teenus 5,0
  • Vastavus hinnale 6,0
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 4,0
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  • Hotelli seisukord/puhtus 2,0
  • Teenused 2,0
  • Asukoht 3,6
  • Toa mugavus ja kvaliteet 2,5
  • Teenus 2,0
  • Vastavus hinnale 2,0
  • Toitlustus ja söögikohad 3,0
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  • Luksustuba

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Raija alates Soome
Viibis 27 ööd jaanuar 2013
good location but ascetic decorated rooms”
with an open mind to all for Travellers
Initial difficulties all work, we got an apartment that we had ordered. The staff was very friendly and helpful.. special thanks to the cleaners who came to clean up whenever we wanted. The apartment is furnished in a very ascetic, but found all the essentials, including hot water in the shower and the air conditioning was playing. Good location.Backyard cleanliness should invest a little more, otherwise the common areas were clean. Warm greetings from the staff you enjoyed with throughout the month.
Arvustatud 11 veebruar 2013
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Thiyagu alates Malaisia
Viibis ühe ööjuuni 2017
not clean at all..heater not working..somemore expensive..only the staff at reception is friendly and willing to help me on train and other help.
Arvustatud 16 juuni 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Aparna alates India
Perekond väikeste lastega
Viibis 2 ööd aprill 2017
Worst service. improper response. Total Cheating”
Worst service. improper response. Total Cheating.
Arvustatud 02 mai 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Gabriel alates Prantsusmaa
Viibis 4 ööd jaanuar 2017
Hi, I'm a frequent travel and I HAD NEVER HAD SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE. We booked 3 rooms for 4 nights, everything was confirmed and paid before arrival. When we arrived there, the receptionist said there is no booking at my name. I asked to double-check the name, booking ID, etc. He said it wasn't his problem and I should call Agoda on a Friday night at 9PM on my roaming.... After 10 minutes, he finally admitted that I have a booking but that it has been cancelled days ago. I was surprised because I didn't received any notification from Agoda before arrival and when I checked at that moment in my Agoda account, the bookings were stil confirmed. So I asked for the cancellation confirmation, he finally showed me the email after another 15 minutes of negotiation. The email was sent less than 24h before the arrival so of course, Agoda didn't get time to proceed it. I asked a printing of this email. Of course, he refused as he was rude and aggressive since the beginning. He then offered us to RENT another apartment which was shocking compared to the fact that we already PAID for this hotel. The guys at the reception were not trying at all to find a solution. The receptionist even stopped talking to us to play snooker instead of solving the problem. After more than 1 hour of rough discussions, we decided to leave without any proof that our booking was cancelled and had to find another hotel which was complicated because it was a long weekend in India. Luckily, the following days, I raised a complain to Agoda which totally understood the case and refund us the booking and the different of the hotel that we had to book. SO DON'T EVER GO TO HIS HOSTEL, even if it's still your last option
Arvustatud 22 märts 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
subhadeep alates India
Viibis 3 ööd detsember 2016
Third class hotel, never ever go there”
Ours was 5.5k a day, bt the service we got doesn't even worth 2.5k..Staffs r horrible, Damm dirty place...NVR ever I wl go there
Arvustatud 14 märts 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
C alates India
Viibis 3 ööd veebruar 2017
it is waste of ur money and nice holiday trip will get spoiled if u opt this resort”
No staff, no clean room, no room service, reception staff very rough, not even cared to ask anything even at the time of check in or check out as it was online booked, very very bad and poor cleanliness, not hygienic , not even cared to clean the room for three days of our stay, no heater, no water.... Pls don't waste ur money by booking this resort. Very very bad.
Arvustatud 01 märts 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
ROHIT alates India
Viibis 2 ööd detsember 2016
Please remove this hotel from your list. It is not matching with Agoda's standards at all. No cleanl”
Copy paste all above.
Arvustatud 06 jaanuar 2017
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |
Alfred alates India
Standardne luksustuba
Viibis ühe öödetsember 2016
pathetic hospitality... AC was not working.. unfriendly staff.. ”
bias attention to foreigners eho
Arvustatud 13 detsember 2016
Üks reisija leidis, et see arvustus oli kasulik. Kas ka sulle? |
James alates Suurbritannia
Standardne luksustuba
Viibis 14 ööd veebruar 2016
The worst hotel I have ever stated in ”
I have been to goa 14 times stopped in some good hotels some not so good but this was the pits. Pool was never cleaned no one could go in . we ad 4 rooms we not one ad a TV that worked. Some ac worked on and of .all rooms were fillfhey 2 block ad no water that ad to move rooms yet again .I would not go back there for free . please don't send any poor sole there . or send a rep to look .
Arvustatud 11 märts 2016
Üks reisija leidis, et see arvustus oli kasulik. Kas ka sulle? |
Fae alates Suurbritannia
Standardne luksustuba
Viibis 2 ööd jaanuar 2016
disgusting hotel”
checking out after just arriving there
this is the most disgusting and delapedated hotel i have ever whitnessed. full of ants, no running water or flush and the building was in a severly derelict state will loose tiles, no lights up stair cases, dirty conditions and damp walls!
Arvustatud 11 jaanuar 2016
Kas see arvustus oli kasulik? |

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Royal Mirage Beach Resort
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