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Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is a sprawling, four-terminal facility that dominates the district. It handles in excess of 25 million passengers on a yearly basis, making it one of the most important transport hubs in all of South Asia. Even international passengers who aren’t visiting Mumbai often stay a night in one of the hotels near the airport.

The domestic airport used to be independent of Mumbai international, and it was called ‘Santa Cruz Airport’. It has now been incorporated into Terminal 1 of the larger international facility. Terminal 1 receives an enormous amount of domestic traffic, and the route between Mumbai and Delhi is one of the world’s top-ten busiest domestic routes.

There are few tourist attractions in the area, but there is an important hospital. Nanavati Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that caters to affluent locals and medical tourists. Otherwise, most visitors booking accommodation near the airport are business travelers and tourists.

Almost all of the local hotels capitalize on their proximity to the airport. These include well-known international brands offering five-star ambience and a spare-no-expense attitude. It’s also possible to find budget accommodation, especially in conjunction with the domestic terminal. Visitors can find both a budget hotel and a luxury option on airport grounds, but most hotels are immediately west and north of the runways.

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