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Barangay Manoc-Manoc — lisätiedot

Barangay / Manoc-Manoc is the first part of Boracay that tourists see. It lies opposite the mainland on the southernmost end of this resort island. While Manoc-Manoc doesn't have the commercial appeal of White Beach, it does offer plenty of seclusion, a few highly affordable guesthouses and access to the best dive sites on Boracay.

Monoc-Manoc Beach is where most visitors end up. It can be reached from White Beach by taking the main road south and then east until it ends. The easternmost part has a pier that receives cargo shipments for local hotels, while the western portion is usually quiet and deserted. Hotels in Barangay / Manoc-Manoc Beach are excellent value, especially considering how secluded this area is in the evening.

Off Manoc-Manoc Beach is Crocodile Island, which is a common stop for scuba-diving groups. The seawall drops to 25 meters here. Crocodile Island is also popular for picnics and daytrips, and bancas (outrigger boats) can be chartered from Cagban Pier.

On the way to Boracay, tourists always connect through the little harbor town of Caticlan on the mainland, where Caticlan Airport is located. Bancas depart here on a regular basis, and they reach Cagban in just a few minutes. Most tourists continue on to the boat stations at White Sand Beach, but those who have booked one of the resorts near Manoc-Manoc Beach can disembark here and be done with the boat ride.

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