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Capitalin kansainvälinen lentokenttä & messukeskus — lisätiedot

Northeast of Beijing’s bustling central districts, the Airport and New International Exhibition Center are passed by virtually everyone who enters the city, even if they don’t stay here. Aside from its obvious role as a leading transport hub, this area also has clout as a leading venue for trade shows and seminars, and much of the modern accommodation near Airport and New International Exhibition Center is used by conference attendees.

Beijing Capital International Airport is a little more than 30kms northeast of the city center. A decade of expansion grew the airport from one to three terminals in time for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. More than 65 million passengers pass through every year, making this one of the top three busiest airports in the world. An excellent range of comfortable hotels at the airport are on hand for business travelers, short-term visitors and any others who prefer to sleep as close to the airport as possible.

There are several ways to connect from the airport to the city center. The Airport Expressway connects to the northeast corner of the 2nd ring road in about 30 minutes, and it’s used by airport shuttles, taxis and private cars. Newer toll roads have opened recently, offering direct connections to other districts in Beijing. The Beijing Subway operates an Airport Express Line with 20-minute service to the city center.

On the way to city center is the New International Exhibition Center, a leading venue for international trade shows and conferences. It’s busy throughout the year, and hotels near the International Exhibition Center fill up with traveling professionals whenever a major seminar is in session.

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